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Digitas Calculator 1.0 -  Bit-Byte "Digitas" calculator - freeware 32 bit binary, hex and decimal calculator. You can easy view ... conversion results. Bit-Byte calculator executes the main arithmetic ... (5/0) download

Calcute 7.10.4 -  Compact yet Capable Tape Calculator. More advanced than standard ... it into a long calculator tape of any size ... (48/0) download
ESBCalc - Freeware Calculator 6.2.1 -  ESBCalc is a Freeware Windows Scientific Calculator with Infix Notation, Brackets ... (85/0) download
Holdem Radar Texas Hold em Calculator 1.03 -  is an award winning FREEWARE package for No Limit ... em Winning Strategy Expert Calculator. The software automatically analyzes ... sign up bonus offers FREEWARE - No Deposit is Needed ... (13/0) download
BitByte Calculator 1.00 -  The Digitas - freeware 32 bit binary, hex and decimal calculator. The Digitas handles the ... (11/0) download
Unit Converter and Price Calculator Tool unit converter and price calculator software is very powerful ... Features: * Easily downloadable freeware application. * Low requirement ... unit converter & price calculator tool very easily and ... (12/0) download
Checkbook Ease Freeware 1.0 -  Checkbook Ease Freeware is a free checking ... color backgrounds with matching calculator and calendar. The single ... (184/0) download
Interest(ing) Calculator 2.0 -  Interest(ing) Calculator is a freeware Loan Amortization Calculator. IC is verymuch useful ... (38/0) download

Real Life Mortgage Calculator 1.05 -  Real Life Mortgage Calculator is freeware you can add to ... than a simple mortgage calculator. Simple mortgage calculators just ... rates. Real Life Mortgage Calculator is freeware you can add to ... (4/0) download
Portable Kalkules -  is an universal scientific freeware calculator with an amount of ... (2/0) download
Match Calculator 1.0 -  Match Calculator is a freeware for freelance translators and ... fuzzy matches. Note: Match Calculator does not count text ... (1/0) download
FinitySoft BMI Calculator -  and sex and BMI Calculator will indicate if your ... (5/0) download
Daily Interest Calculator 3.1 -  method, Equivalent Interest Rate Calculator included for determining effective ... web based applications. Real freeware. No spyware, adware or ... (145/0) download
Advanced IP Address Calculator 1.1 -  The Advanced IP Address Calculator is a freeware Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP utility that ... the information entered, the Calculator generates a color-coded ... (521/0) download
MiniApps 5.06 -  Forty one freeware in one install: AlphaBook ... attribute control), BlockIt, Tape Calculator, 2 Calendars, Change Video ... XpConfig, Note Calendar, Cash Calculator, Font Viewer, multi account ... (22/0) download
Stock Profit Calculator 2.1 -  Stock Profit Calculator is the first equity calculator that lets your store ... for updates. The main calculator sections is freeware and never expires. Stock profit Calculator is much like the ... (207/0) download
Sm Calculator (Xmas)( wi V3.00xmas -  Sm Calculator,the calculator with style,includes music player! Fr !!FREEWARE!!Sm calculator v3.00 another software ... If you have a calculator on your desktop all ... (20/0) download
Febooti fileTweak Hash & CRC 3.0 -  & CRC is a freeware hash / CRC calculator. Compute hash fingerprint / ... (7/0) download
Pocket PC Freeware 1 -  Pocket PC freeware wallpaper. Freeware is a way to ... fit. A Windows Mobile Freeware is an application which ... are a number of freeware available on Internet that ... (2/0) download
Forex Fibonacci Levels 1.0 -  Fibonacci Levels is a Freeware offline Fibonacci levels calculator. Leonardo Fibonacci (1170 - 1250 ... the "Forex Fibonacci Levels" calculator you will easily find ... (1/0) download
XMCalc 3.2 -  Precision Floating-Point Matrix Calculator, C# Version XMCalc is a freeware calculator program with the following ... (1/0) download
CompCalc Beta 1.0 -  MHGS CompCalc is a Freeware calculator for Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008/7. It ... is a mathematical complex calculator with the following features ... (5/0) download
Pumping power calculator 1.0 -  Pumping power calculator is a smart, powerful ... of fluids. Pumping power calculator is also a freeware software with a very ... (3/0) download
HoldemRadar 1.0 -  is an award winning FREEWARE No Limit Texas Hold'em Winning Strategy Calculator. It automatically analyzes your ... (3/0) download
MB Nicotine Dependency Calculator 1.15 -  MB Nicotine Dependency Calculator helps you know your ... her. MB Nicotine Dependency Calculator is a very useful ... details. This is a freeware and the best part ... (2/0) download