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AnalogX CallerID 1.2 -  AnalogX CallerID can use any Unimodem/V ... (32/0) download

WhoCalls 1.7.1 -  modem to detect the CallerID of a calling party ... (56/0) download
Active CallerID 2.2.0 -  Active CallerID is a powerful full ... identify who's calling. Active CallerID has its own built ... few weeks ago? Active CallerID Call List will log ... (203/0) download
CallerID Monitor 2.0CallerID Monitor is a powerful ... device. Identify callers using CallerID Monitor before you answer ... calling. You can use CallerID Monitor while you're online ... (70/0) download
ISDN CallerID v1.2 -  ISDN CallerID is an application that ... an ISDN line. The CallerID lets you add names ... (32/0) download
WhoCalls Caller ID detection 2.1.2 -  modem to detect the CallerID of a calling party ... (2/0) download
ID CallerID 1.7 -  ID CallerID searches *your Contacts list* ... (2/0) download
VirtualCID v0.91 beta -  to view and save callerID information from your callerID enabled modem on your ... have to buy a callerID box to take advantage of your callerID service. You still require callerID service from your local ... (37/0) download

Mac CallerID 1.3.9 -  Mac CallerID is a shareware application ... (23/0) download
Who Calls 2.1.2 -  modem to detect the CallerID of a calling party ... (2/0) download
CallerIDBlock 1.00 -  for which phone numbers CallerID (your phone number) is ... since the standard phone CallerID feature is limited to ... rather restrictive options: No CallerID, CallerID for contacts only, and CallerID for all. Lets face ... (8/0) download
Number Guru - Reverse Phone & Caller Lookup 1.1.6 -  baddest, and most handsome callerID and reverse phone service ... Simply download the NumberGuru callerID and reverse phone app ... (2/0) download
Callture 1.1 -  with your business phone callerid. It works with Callture ... (5/0) download
Sing A Ring! Singing Musical Ringtones by AutoRingtone 14.0 -  Create custom Talking CallerID Ringtones using TEXT-TO ... (0/0) download
CallerID Box 1.1.0 -  Built with Sunny Beach's CallerID ActiveX Control. An elegantly ... ... (51/0) download
Site Sounds 2.0 -  It's like callerid for your Homepage! Site ... (21/0) download
PhoneTray Free 1.39 -  requires a modem with CallerID support and CallerID service from your phone ... (21/0) download
Caller ID phone number into any software 06.0G products ! No ... (11/0) download
Blitz Caller ID Display 6.0.32 -  selected EXT line; Blitz CallerID Display works with: Blitz ... "Any number" for parameters CallerID, DID and CO is ... (5/0) download
Big CallerID 1.1 -  Big CallerID is a localized application ... will show a huge CallerID with the language you ... (3/0) download
Audio Caller ID 2.0 -  Audio Caller ID keeps you in control of all your incoming phone calls. Audio Caller ID is very easy to use. It will announce a caller's name over your computer speakers, email you when specified calls are received, and even block calls you choose. Audio Caller ID uses the latest text to speech engines, so you will always be able to hear who is calling. (533/0) download
CallClerk 3.4.9 -  CallClerk is an easy to use program that lets you know who is calling on the phone in more ways then you may have thought possible. When a call arrives it can immediately notify you by e-mail attaching the message or fax that was left. CallClerk can also update a web page giving you access to your directory, calls, messages and faxes from virtually ... (46/0) download
TapiRex 1.5 -  TapiRex shows a contact for an incoming phone-call with image, name and company. Microsoft Outlook is supported as source for the addresses as well as any other ODBC-database (like Access, mySQL, SQL-Server, ...). The program can even show incoming calls on any telephone plugged to any computer in your network (client-server). Any developer can extend ... (79/0) download
VendAbility 7.00.03CallerID facility allows contact records ... (21/0) download
Asterisk Outlook Dialer 1.08 -  to be dialed, the callerID etc. It comes with ... (174/0) download