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Chris PC-Lock 3.15Chris PC-Lock is a useful Windows ... your laptop or desktop PC. It's really a pitty ... you can stay relax. Chris PC-Lock is doing this job for you. Chris PC-Lock has a lot of ... (100/0) download

XUS PC Lock Ultimate Edition 3.3.1961 -  XUS PC Lock is a powerful lock computer application. It offers ... way for you to lock your computer. Before using XUS PC Lock, you have to define your lock pattern. The next time you will see the lock screen, You trace your ... unlock the computer. XUS PC Lock can lock the whole computer. This ... (2/0) download
Aquarius Soft PC Lock Up Professional 3.2c 1.0 -  Aquarius Soft PC Lock Up Professional helps parents ... too long at the PC monitor. Aquarius Soft PC Lock Up Professional is a ... yet easy-to-use PC access control software that ... (11/0) download
Ez PC Lock 1.0.5 -  Ez PC Lock allows you to remotely control the PC access time of any ... the World. You can Lock, Restart, turn the power off on any PC. Automatic PC Power OFF, Lock Down or Reboot when ... clients secure and encryptedControls PC time even if a ... (59/0) download
Aquarius Soft PC Lock Up Professional 3.1.1 -  Aquarius Soft PC Lock Up Professional is an ... elegant and yet powerful PC access control and parental ... of your PCs, save PC power by shutting down your PC at night. Aquarius Soft PC Lock Up Professional helps parents ... (60/0) download
PC Lock Station 2009 1.0PC Lock Station is software that ... when you use a PC. It has application in ... (1/0) download
M PC Lock 1.1Lock your computer to make ... leave your computer. After lock you can leave your ... should enter password. M PC Lock Guide : To lock your computer you can ... (8/0) download
PC Lock 1.01 -  Always keep your PC secure! The PC is locked when your ... Download and install the PC Windows 10 app from Features - Lock screen when mobile is ... is in-range & PC key-press detected - Secure ... (75/1) download

DisCryptor BUSINESS 3.1.0 -  your children on family PC. You can forbid the ... out: - Anti-keylogger - Application lock - Data security key - Security ... usage - Filemonitoring - Staff monitoring - PC lock - Archive manager of common ... (15/0) download
Program Lock Pro 2.13Lock and unlock any program on your pc, including IE, Outlook, AOL ... more. You can even lock your control panel with ... it. Allows the entire PC to remain active and ... (252/0) download
Lock PC Professional 3.8.1Lock PC Professional - the secure way to lock your computer Lock PC Professionala„? is an easy ... and compact tool to lock your computer from unauthorized ... etc. and locks the PC screen. Nobody can access ... (2/0) download
LockItNow! 1.2 -  Let your mobile phone lock and unlock your PC. When LockItNow! detects that ... no longer by your PC it locks it, keeping ... When you return your PC is automatically unlocked, ready ... (89/0) download
LaCie PC Lock 1.7 -  With LaCie PC/Mac® Lock software, it's easy ... you already own. PC/Mac Lock allows you to log ... in your key, PC/Mac Lock will automatically log you ... (7/0) download
Eusing Maze Lock 3.1 -  able to help you lock your computer. However, few ... comparable to Eusing Maze Lock. Eusing Maze Lock uses a new technique ... which lets you to lock your pc with your customize maze. Eusing Maze Lock is a powerful tool designed to help you lock your computer with a ... (2/0) download
PC Bloodhound 1.1.11PC Bloodhound PC Surveillance Software - Monitor &\; record all PC activites of your Children ... including usernames &\; passwords. PC Bloodhound PC Surveillance Software - Monitor &\; record all PC activites of your Children ... usernames &\; passwords. Schedule PC lock-down times. Filter out ... (22/0) download
Vitainterface 2014 -  'smart' interface for ultimate PC security and private data protection. 9 levels of PC protection for your maximum ... for ultimate protection. System lock - lock your PC to prevent unauthorized access. Lock disk - prevent access to ... permanently. Antivirus - protect your PC from viruses and other ... (4/0) download
ActiveScreenLock 2.82 -  Introducing Active Screen Lock, the unique security application ... a second. Active Screen Lock operates as follows: first ... to kill Active Screen Lock window using Task Manager ... (119/0) download
ChrisTWEAK 2.50 -  the advantages of a Chris PC's registered user. (45/0) download
Anyplace Control 6.0 -  Complete evolution in remote PC access, support and desktop ... restart and shutdown remote pc, lock remote mouse and keyboard ... (550/0) download
Win Control 2004 -  With Win Control you can not only define the access rights each of your users should have, you can also protect the Windows Desktop from unauthorized manipulation. You can even define access privileges to system functionality for each user. Finally make an end to deleted or moved links, unlicensed copies of programs, unauthorized screensavers and most ... (41/0) download
Safetica BUSINESS 3.1.5 -  Your company is threatened from the insideAre you waiting for your employee to sell private corporate data to a rival company? Prevention is an effective way of fight against internal threats. Safetica is a unique tool which protects your company from security incidents. It ensures an overview of corporate data movements and staffa€™s activity. The ... (3/0) download
Easy Remote Access 1.5 -  keyboard to control that PC remotely. In other words ... can operate a remote PC just as if you ... and shutdown a remote PC, lock a remote mouse or ... (4/0) download
Lock My PC 4.6Lock My PC™ is an ... and compact tool to lock your computer from unauthorized ... doors and displays a lock screen. Nobody can access ... (390/0) download
Smart PC Locker Pro 1.1 -  Smart PC Locker is a lightweight ... powerful application designed to lock your computer and all ... move away from the PC safely. The program locks ... (2/0) download
Vinasoft Desktop Lock 2.0 -  Vinasoft desktop lock is best rated security PC desktop lock available (129/0) download