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WebPage Size Calculator 1.0 -  Web Page Size Calculator is a Web page size and download speed calculator ... it to calculate the size of your web pages ... (53/0) download

A-PDF Size Splitter 1.5 -  A-PDF Size Splitter is an intuitively ... in terms of the size of the split files ... pdf files. A-PDF Size Splitter is perfect when you have a file size limit imposed by your ... (285/0) download
View Folder Size 5.00 -  View Folder Size is the latest version ... total file and folder size directly in Windows Explorer ... speed performance, real-time size information, and flexible customization ... (60/0) download
View Folder Size Pro 5.00 -  View Folder Size Pro is the next ... total file or folder size. It enables real-time ... and correction when the size reaches a defined limit ... (27/0) download
PDF Page Size Split Batch 1.03 -  PDF Page Size Split is an Acrobat ... pdf pages on page size, so for example you ... of A4, PDF Page Size Split will split the ... (62/0) download
Folder Size - check directory size 1.1 -  Folder Size is a program that ... a short scan Folder Size will show you: 1. The size of all folders as ... And also their total size and the number of ... (96/0) download
GIF File Size Reduce Software 7.0 -  Compress the file size of one or many ... (116/0) download
A-PDF Page Size Split 2.6 -  A-PDF Page Size Split is a simple ... files based on page size. For example, there is ... A3, A-PDF Page Size Split will split the ... (159/0) download

Image Size Reducer Pro 1.3.1 -  Image Size Reducer Pro is an ... (8/0) download
TIFF File Size Reduce Software 7.0 -  to compress the file size of one or more ... in batch.TIFF File Size Reduce Software will enable ... photos and reduce their size in seconds. for WindowsAll (8/0) download
Primitive File Size Chart 1.54 -  The Primitive File Size Chart application wsa designed ... regular users, Primitive File Size Chart will be useful ... (1/0) download
Disk Size Explorer 1.5 -  Disk Size Explorer is a advanced ... space, directory and folder size usage analysis software. It ... include file and folder size, free space, drive type, compressed size, file system, graphical charts ... (1/0) download
MB Body Frame Size 1.15 -  MB Body Frame Size Software can be an ... your actual body frame size. It is unknown to ... your health, the frame size needs to be determined. MB Free Body Frame Size Software provides accurate body ... (3/0) download
j2me Calcola taglie (clothing size) 1.3 -  Calculate size clothing and accessories It ... to use. Fit the size head, life, neck and ... and you get the size calculated. For shoes, just ... (11/0) download
Camera Sensor Size Comparison 1.0 -  The size of the , play a ... ability increases as sensor size increases. The depth of ... depends on the sensor size. With this tool you ... (6/0) download
Screen Size Calculator 1.0 -  Screen Size Calculator is a simple ... Phone etc.) and Diagonal Size. Calculate calculates Width and ... Area based on Diagonal Size and Resolution Calculate Pixel ... (11/0) download
Reduced PST File Size 2.2 -  for reduce PST file size. This software is gives ... speed cause of large size PST files. In this ... you need to reduce size of your PST files ... (3/0) download
PST Size Trim Tool 2.2 -  files, which grow in size gradually. In this case ... which is best PST size trim tool. This PST size trim tool can easily ... PST files into small size file which can easily ... (5/0) download
Directory Size Calculator 1.08 -  Directory Size Calculator is a smart ... recursively calculating the total size of directories. Directory Size Calculator is designed to ... recursively calculates the total size of all directories and ... (1/0) download
Decrease PST File Size 2.2 -  but due to fix size limitation of PST file ... work under the PST size limitation. Anyhow size limit of PST file ... easily decrease PST file size into multiple small sizes ... (8/0) download
Upgrade PST Size 2.2 -  Huge size Outlook PST files might ... this issues upgrade PSR size into multiple small size PST files is one ... smaller by using PST size upgrade software. This software ... (7/0) download
Change PST Size 2.2 -  solution to change PST size into various small size PST files. This software change PST size with three advance options such as change PST size by date, change PST size by year and change PST size by size. PCVITA Split Magic software easily change PST size with entire Outlook PST ... etc. This compress PST size tool easy support the ... (5/0) download
Reduce PST Size 2.2 -  can make over the size limit of an Outlook ... this case reduce PST size is best option which ... easily reduce large PST size into numerous small size PST file which can ... (1/0) download
Shrink PST Size 2.2 -  Outlook go over the size limit of an PST ... this situation Shrink PST size tool is advance solution ... shrink large Outlook PST size into various small size PST file. Software easily ... (2/0) download
Compress PST Size 2.2 -  How to compress PST size- Now a day's Many ... how to compress PST size issue, at this circumstance ... an excellent solution PST size compression tool i.e. which easily compress PST size into small size PST file. Software compress ... (8/0) download