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BVRP Connection Manager Pro 1.0 -  than it is with Connection Manager Pro. Automatically detects available networks ... creation and management of connection and security settings. Allows ... wireless networks with VPN connection support. Connection Manager Pro also enables use of ... (242/0) download

IQonn Lite - Connection Manager 3.02 -  very advanced Operator independent Connection Manager for Windows 2000, XP ... on modules. SMS (Text) Manager, Usage Manager, Roaming Manager, Phonebook Manager and the RSS News Feed Manager. IQonn Lite supports over ... (23/0) download
Connection Manager Lite 1.03 -  than it is with Connection Manager LITE. It automatically detects ... creation and management of connection settings. Allows laptop users ... or wireless network support. Connection Manager LITE also easily manages ... (579/0) download
Creative Manager Pro 7.5 -  Creative Manager Pro is the leading Ad ... from any location. Creative Manager Pro is the leading Ad ... reporting.<br<brCreative Manager Pro is a full-featured ... (30/0) download
Tournament Manager Pro / Turniermanager 3.1.2 -  The Tournament Manager Pro is a very openly ... detailed documentation. the Tournament manager makes a smooth carrying ... different disciplines.The tournament manager simply is very well ... (4/0) download
Portable Password Manager Pro 1.3 -  Password Manager Pro is an advanced application ... By using the "Manager Password Pro", it's ... (2/0) download
AnVir Task Manager Pro de 6.3.1 -  AnVir Task Manager Pro ist eine Komplettl+Asung, die ... Sie den Windows Task-Manager) * Beseitigen Sie Trojaner ... Sie den Windows Task-Manager) * Vollst+Andige Information + ... (11/0) download
Life Manager Pro Mac 5.2 -  Life Manager Pro is a unique implementation ... managing your life. Life Manager Pro is your digital personal ... things done. Using Life Manager Pro as your digital organizer ... (3/0) download

Chameleon Window Manager Pro -  Chameleon Window Manager Pro enables you to have ... opened windows. Chameleon Startup Manager accelerates Windows startup. Chameleon Task Manager is a replacement for Windows Task Manager with detailed information about ... windows. With Chameleon Window Manager you can automatically close ... (3/0) download
MuRD -  Using a connection manager you can arrange your remote desktop connection settings logically according to ... purposes. MuRD adds a connection manager and tabbed window interface ... ... (104/0) download
WiFi Hopper 1.2 -  Survey tool with a Connection Manager. Sporting a comprehensive arsenal ... network profiles and dedicated Connection Manager execution mode, WiFi Hopper ... (994/0) download
Financial Freedom Billing Manager PRO DELUXE v2.5 -  Financial Freedom Billing Manager PRO DELUXE is a powerful ... With Financial Freedom Billing Manager PRO DELUXE you can prepare ... (50/0) download
Envelope Printer Manager Pro 2.1 -  Envelope Printer Manager Pro 2.1 will print ... (2/0) download
Efficient Password Manager Pro 3.0 Build 315 -  Efficient Password Manager Pro will provide users with ... from! With Efficient Password Manager, you only need to ... (467/0) download
QuickRDP 1.1.2002 -  QuickRDP is a connection manager program for your remote ... (5/0) download
Availcheck Property Reservation Manager PRO 2.0 -  Availcheck Property Reservation Manager PRO is an easy to ... (21/0) download
Dell ControlPoint Connection Manager 1.4 -  The Dell ControlPoint (DCP) Connection Manager is part of a ... a Security and System Manager. The connection Manager application enables you to ... single utility. The DCP Connection Manager replaces multiple utilities that ... (7/0) download
Mobi Connection Manager 2.0 -  application called the MOBI Connection Manager with unique features! Using the MOBI Connection Manager, users will be exposed ... excitement! Using the MOBI Connection Manager, users can: - Connect to ... Check signal strength - Check connection upload and download speeds ... (5/0) download
Propalms Connection Manager 6.5 -  The Propalms TSE Connection Manager is a small footprint ... (2/0) download
BT Connection Manager 11.0 -  The BT Connection Manager is a software application ... or GPRS) or Ethernet connection depending on which is ... (15/0) download
Alltel Connection Manager 5.0 -  Alltel Connection Manager is required in order ... Windows 7 PC..Alltel Connection Manager supports Microsoft Windows XP ... (24/0) download
JT Connection Manager 3.3 -  JT Connection Manager is a weary easy ... easy to understand software.Connection Manager is simple on the ... (3/0) download
RD Connection Manager 3.3 -  RD Connection Manager is a free open ... computers and servers. RD Connection Manager delivers the most comprehensive remote connection solution allowing you to ... (2/0) download
Stable Manager Pro II 8.0 -  Stable Manager Pro II will keep your ... (0/0) download
Client Appointment Manager Pro Demo 6.0 -  Client Appointment Manager Pro Demo features : Schedule your ... (5/0) download