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Coal Extinction Calculator 1.0 Build 9434 -  Coal Extinction Calculator is a small java applet that can calculate how long coal will last in the USA given various assumed rates of growth in consumption. (6/0) download

Edison 1.1.3323.0 -  eye on the energy consumption and, in the same ... (1/0) download
KAR Energy Software PREMIUM 1 -  drastically reduces the power consumption of your computer, laptop ... ways: *By reducing the consumption of RAM *CPU cooling ... (6/0) download
S-Energy Manager 2.0 -  sidebar gadget displays energy consumption data from S-Energy ... (7/0) download
Witricity Power 1.0 -  to find the power consumption of various electrical devices ... charge, monthly charge, monthly consumption, and total usage charge ... (4/0) download
Local Cooling 1 -  optimize your PC's power consumption. Join the LocalCooling project ... your reduced PC power consumption - Give you full control ... (10/0) download
Consumption Tax Calculator 2.0Consumption Tax Calculator makes Consumption Tax calculations easy to ... use - Add or remove Consumption Tax from an amount - Easy reverse Consumption Tax calculations - Calculates live ... either add or remove Consumption Tax, and Consumption Tax Calculator will automatically ... (3/0) download
EZ Brightness Pro ( Reduce battery consumption, protect your eyes ) 1.1 -  to conserve your battery consumption as well. Tips to extend battery life (Battery consumption can be reduced by ... and to conserve battery consumption as well. - Light places ... (2/0) download

Easy Consumption calorie retrieval dictionary 1.0.1 -  leaves it to "Phlegm consumption calorie retrieval dictionary" at ... consumed is understood. The consumption calorie can be examined by three methods. The consumption calorie that exists in ... (17/0) download
Energy & Consumption 1.0.3 -  Log your consumption and keep an eye ... your costs. Energy & Consumption lets you take readings ... an eye on your consumption. E&C uses average values ... (1/0) download
Gas Manager, fuel consumption & cost calculator for vehicles 1.36 -  dashboard with your fuel consumption, your gas expenses and ... graphs or lists): - gas consumption - gas price - mileage per ... depending on the vehicles consumption. You will thus be ... (5/0) download
Simple Fuel Consumption Calculator 1.0 -  simple, no frills, fuel consumption calculator that does exactly ... what your resulting fuel consumption is. This will save ... in your head the consumption when you fill up ... (2/0) download
Water Consumption Roca 1.1 -  entretenimiento Calculation of water consumption and savings Roca devices ... (5/0) download
Durchschnittsverbrauch - average gasoline consumption 2.0 -  gas receipt - your average consumption is automatically calculated and ... (2/0) download
Readings ~ Water, Gas & Electricity Consumption Tracker for Flukso 1.0 -  electricity, water and gas consumption using the Flukso-device. Readings shows your consumption using a live tracker ... (1/0) download
ESBUnitConv Pro 9.2.0 -  Force, Energy, Power, Fuel Consumption, Flow, Torque, Angles, Time ... (103/0) download
ESBUnitConv - Freeware Unit Conversion 6.0.0 -  Force, Energy, Power, Fuel Consumption, Flow, Torque, Illumination, Luminous ... (60/0) download
ESBUnitConv Pro - Unit Conversion 9.0.3 -  Force, Energy, Power, Fuel Consumption, Flow, Torque, Angles, Time ... (25/0) download
Sm_InfoMoto 1.2 -  compendium about vehicle, its consumption, maintainance and about costs ... (21/0) download
Automotive Director 1.21 -  cost, fuel and oil consumption, amortization and personnel related ... (106/0) download
Dataconomy MeterReading Personal Edition 1.0 -  storage or meter oriented consumption data in structured form ... storage or meter oriented consumption data in structured form ... the other hand a consumption oriented statement could be ... (24/0) download
SmartMedium FOOD 2.25 -  Analyse your food consumption and gain insight into ... your weight and food consumption and get detailed graphs ... Food analyses your food consumption and helps you to ... (19/0) download
BMI, Weight and Calorie Calculator 2.0 -  well as the calorie consumption required to maintain their ... (47/0) download
CAVEa20 v1.3.3 -  of your stock and consumption. The program's calculation wizard ... (32/0) download
NetQin Mobile Guard 2.4 -  performance speed and power consumption become critical issues. NetQin ... removing junk, minimizing power consumption, blocking harmful sites and ... (160/0) download