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Nucleus Kernel DBF Repair Software 5.01 -  Nucleus Kernel DBF is a advance easy ... for corrupt [.dbf] files. Software uses QFSCI technology ... repair corrupt or damaged dbf database files. It is one of the most widely used dbf database repair software by ... (18/0) download

Check and repair DBF -  Program Check and repair DBF is a professional tool ... restoration of the damaged DBF-files. Check and repair DBF can be used for cheking and reparation of files from the xBase programming ... of headings structure in DBF files as well as the ... (107/0) download
DBF Viewer 2000 6.85DBF files have been the standard ... can view and edit DBF databases. At the front of this race lies DBF Viewer 2000, an advanced ... access, edit, and optimize DBF databases. DBF Viewer 2000 has many ... (482/3) download
DBF Script 1.05.DBF Script is a powerful ... programs (scripts) to manage dbf files. It is useful for ... make something special with DBF files. In DBF Script you can create ... (5/0) download
eRepair DBF -  eRepair DBF is an affordable and ... recovering data from damaged DBF files. The software is designed ... Users simply select the DBF file that is damaged and then eRepair DBF uses a proprietary intelligent ... (2/0) download
Advanced DBF Repair 1.5 -  Advanced DBF Repair is a powerful tool to repair corrupt DBF files. It uses advanced technologies to scan the corrupt DBF files and recover your data ... fix all versions of DBF database, including dBASE III ... 2.Support to repair DBF files with memo or binary ... (135/0) download
DBF To SQL Converter Software 7.0 -  convert one or more DBF files into SQL files. The user chooses the ... (7/0) download
Excel XLS and XLSX To DBF Converter Software 7.0 -  one or more XLS files to DBF files. The user can specify a list of files or an entire folder ... III or dBase IV files, to remove CRLF in ... as the field names. DBF files are used in dBase ... (5/0) download

DBF To CSV Converter Software 7.0 -  convert one or more DBF files to CSV (comma separated values) files. The user chooses the ... (8/0) download
DBF to XLS (Excel) 1.51.04 -  The DBF to XLS (Excel) program ... you to convert your dbf files to XLS (Microsoft Excel ... understand some types of dbf files, it does not understand ... (220/0) download
DBF to XML 1.51.04 -  The DBF to XML program allows you to convert your dbf files to XML (Extensible Markup ... (36/0) download
DBF to DBF 2.35 -  The DBF to DBF program allows you to convert your dbf files from one format to ... (59/0) download
DBF to HTML 1.51.04 -  The DBF to HTML program allows you to convert your dbf files to HTML pages. It ... (30/0) download
DBF to MDB (Access) 1.51.04 -  The DBF to MDB (Access) program ... you to convert your dbf files to MDB (Microsoft Access ... is unable to open DBF files or damages them. Besides ... (119/0) download
DBF Recovery 1.50 -  these may damage your files and cause a loss ... need them. If your DBF files have been damaged or corrupted, standard DBF readers won't work. You ... may be in luck! DBF Recovery from HiBase Group ... (30/0) download
DBF to PDB 1.51.04DBF to PDB converter allows you to convert your dbf files to PDB format. PDB is standard PalmOS files (Palm Data Base). The ... (46/0) download
DBF to SQL 1.51.04 -  The DBF to SQL program allows you to convert your dbf files to SQL script. You ... (55/0) download
DBF to CSV 1.51.04 -  The DBF to CSV program allows you to convert your dbf files to csv (comma-separated ... (45/0) download
ASP MDB/DBF database converter 2.0 -  recordsets to MDB or DBF files. It enables direct binary ... export of MDB or DBF files from ASP pages with ... (69/0) download
StelsDBF - fast DBF JDBC driver (dBase, XBase, Visual FoxPro) 5.1 -  StelsDBF is a DBF JDBC type 4 driver ... other JDBC operations on DBF files (dBase III/ IV/ V ... to provide access to DBF files. It can be effectively ... (11/0) download
Caigen DBF JDBC Driver 4.2.203 -  Caigen DBF a DBF driver designed to enable ... perform SQL operations on DBF files (dBase III/ IV/ V ... (13/0) download
DBF data import for ORACLE 1.4 -  The Program DBF data import for ORACLE ... preparation for import of DBF-files of family of programming ... * Loading of a DBF file or a group of DBF files in one or in ... (11/1) download
DBF Commander Professional 2.4.1937DBF Commander Professional is a ... Windows to work with DBF files - dBase, FoxPro and other ... of common operations with DBF files, such as: - Easy and ... (4/0) download
True DBF Viewer 2.15DBF Viewer gives you full control over the DBF files, allowing to make necessary ... simultaneously work with multiple files, powerful filtering capabilities, sorting, creation of new DBF files, search and replace functions ... append information from external DBF and plain text files, list of favorite files and more. DBF Viewer fully supports viewing ... (1/0) download
DBF Reanimator 1.05.DBF Reanimator is a powerful ... allows you to repair dbf files. The process of recovery dbf files is absolutely easy. Just open a dbf file and then save it under another name. DBF Reanimator will re-create ... all records of the dbf file. DBF repair tool supports dBase III, dBase IV dbf files, and FoxPro, Visual FoxPro files as well. When a dbf file ... (4/0) download