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Fachwerk3D 0.41 -  engineers who analyse and design reinforced concrete structures. It intends to ... (28/0) download

RC Beam 1.8.1 -  or iPod touch to design reinforced concrete beams for moment, shear ... and iPod touch. RC Beam is an application for ... and students interested in reinforced concrete design (normal weight concrete). Features: - Flexure Design: Calculates the required tension ... (17/0) download
SY-Pilecap 2.3 -  It is to design reinforced concrete pile cap (in rectangular ... (25/0) download
IDEA Reinforced Concrete Section 2.1 -  RCS program (Reinforced Concrete Section) and its particular ... serve civil engineers to design and check reinforced concrete sections. IDEA RCS is ... overcome increased demands on design and analysis related to ... (31/0) download
Panoplia Preprocessor 3.50 -  system intended for the design and analysis of earthquake resistant reinforced concrete buildings, called PANOPLIA. Using ... (4/0) download
RC Design 1.5.2 -  or iPod touch to design and analyze reinforced concrete columns, slabs, and corbels. RC Design is a tool for ... as students, for designing reinforced concrete members. This purchase include ... and circular short columns design and analysis. - Two-way shear design: Calculates the required amount ... (4/0) download
Monomakh-SAPR 4.5 -  intended for analysis and design of monolithic reinforced concrete structures and structures with ... includes several modules: BUILDING, BEAM, COLUMN, FOOTING, REWALL, SLAB ... (9/0) download
AMSES Plate 1.0 -  FEM analysis and design of reinforced concrete slabs according to Eurocode ... During the analysis, the design is performed as well. FEM analysis and design of reinforced concrete slabs according to Eurocode ... are calculated, principal moments, design moments and reinforcement areas ... (387/0) download

QuickFooting 2.0Design and check reinforced concrete footings under a single ... (30/0) download
spWall 3.6 -  spWall is for design and analysis of reinforced concrete walls, tilt-up walls ... (1/0) download
FRP Lamella 3.0 -  FRP Lamella is a design program for flexural and shear enhancement of reinforced concrete structures using S&P FRP (fibre reinforced polymer) material.The program ... pre-stressed RC (reinfoced concrete) sections for RC sections ... (16/0) download
LEAP RC-PIER 10.0 -  and LRFD analysis and design of reinforced concrete bridge substructures and foundations ... PIER allows users to design multi-column and hammerhead ... be included in the design. Analysis results are presented ... (6/0) download
pcaColumn 4.1 -  PcaColumn is for the design and investigation of reinforced concrete sections subject to axial ... investigation of irregularly shaped, reinforced concrete column sections that may ... (15/0) download
spBeam 3.5 -  widely used for analysis, design, and investigation of beams ... one-way slabs in reinforced concrete floor systems. spBeam features ... effects in the shear design and investigation allowing engineers ... (16/0) download
DTColumn 2.1 -  quickly and easily calculates reinforced concrete column interaction diagrams. It ... allow you to save beam models to disk or ... (7/0) download
WinRECOL 5.0 -  designs or checks a reinforced concrete column. The program has ... one of the following design specifications: - CLFD = Caltrans Bridge Design Specification LFD, September 2004 ... ALFD = AASHTO Bridge Design Specification LFD, Sixteenth, Edition ... (14/0) download
QuickConcreteWall 2.0 -  QuickConcreteWall specializes in reinforced concrete shear walls and is ... tool for detailing a concrete wall subject to in ... instantaneously as you tweak design parameters and view the ... (25/0) download
CadetRC Demo 2.5 -  Computer aided detailing of Reinforced Concrete made easy) consists of ... s length) Includes various concrete design routines to BS8110 Bending ... (20/0) download
AutoPadds 2.5 -  into a full-featured reinforced concrete detailing system. AutoPadds offers ... ... (14/0) download
A-Beam+ HD 1.0.1Design the RC beam as easy as using ... units with more other design codes and another feature (Torsion, T-Beam ...) will be added regularly ... (51/0) download
Construction Lite 4.2 -  analyzing and sizing simple reinforced concrete and metal structures. Comprehensive ... more). ** Metallic and Reinforced Concrete Analysis and Sizing ** ... in both metal and reinforced concrete versions. "Construction" provides tools ... (2/0) download
VecTor2 - FormWorks 3.5 -  Analysis of Two-Dimensional Reinforced Concrete Membrane Structures. Includes documentation ... (10/0) download
HIPERPAV III - 3.2 -  age behavior of jointed concrete pavements, continuously reinforced concrete pavements, and bonded concrete overlays. Main features: - Simple ... (10/0) download
Response-2000 1.0 -  and ductility of a reinforced concrete cross-section subjected to ... (6/0) download
TWallDesign 1.1 -  the external stability of reinforced concrete cantilever walls (sliding, overturning ... (7/0) download