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Set Desktop 2.0.1 -  Set your desktop picture with ease. Set Desktop lets you set your desktop picture/pattern with an easy ... (9/0) download

Desktop Earth 3D 3.0 -  Dynamic earth desktop picture. DesktopEarth 3D is a ... (75/0) download
Desktop Randomizer X 1.0.1 -  Radomize your desktop picture after each restart. Desktop Randomizer chooses a different desktop picture from a folder of ... (29/0) download
Desktop Carousel 2.0 -  Change desktop picture at timed intervals. Desktop Carousel can change or update your desktop picture at specified intervals. The cool thing about Desktop Carousel is that it ... (56/0) download
DesktopControl X 0.1 -  Set desktop picture by control-clicking on ... use it as a desktop image. Under MacOS X ... the System Prefs, click Desktop Pictures and then drag ... (22/0) download
Appearance Randomiser 1.3 -  Randomly sets theme & desktop picture. Appearance Randomiser randomly sets a theme, desktop picture (on up to 3 ... (33/0) download
DeskShade Plus 1.2 -  any movie as your desktop picture, and more. Tired of ... any movie as your desktop picture with choice of positioning ... cool feature: lock your desktop with DeskLock. Enable password ... (14/0) download
CoolBackground 2.3.2 -  Use screensaver as moving desktop picture. CoolBackground allows you to ... your preferences as a desktop picture. CoolBackground runs only on ... (41/0) download

U.S.A. Flag Desktop Picture -  Flag Desktop Picture (1024 x 768) is a close-up picture of the U.S ... (116/0) download
OSXplanet 0.6 -  Dynamic earth desktop picture. OSXplanet is a program ... C. It replaces your desktop with a picture of earth showing where ... (41/0) download
SwitchPic X 2.0.1 -  Rotate desktop picture at specific intervals. SwitchPic ... that handles changing the desktop picture in Mac OS X ... to randomly rotate the desktop picture at specified intervals. As ... (11/0) download
Batwing Desktop Picture -  Batwing is a 1024x768 desktop picture of a pair of ... (30/0) download
Mars Rising Desktop Picture -  Mars Rising Desktop Picture (1024 x 768) is a prototype desktop picture from the popular movie ... A preview of the desktop picture is shown below. (44/0) download
xBack 3.3 -  View screensavers as your desktop picture. xBack allows you to ... screen savers on your desktop while you work. Note ... (12/0) download
Reflection of Daylight X 1.0 -  Change desktop picture at timed intervals. Reflection ... the background of your desktop according to the time ... you'll have a sunny desktop at noon whereas in the evening your desktop will be full of ... (64/0) download
DeskPictRotator Pro 1.0.2 -  Randomize your desktop picture. DeskPictRotator Pro allows you ... be assigned as your desktop picture. The cool thing about ... interval to switch the desktop picture, instead of only have ... (17/0) download
Looking Glass for Mac OS 2.0 -  you to set your desktop picture to any webcam on ... internet. It refreshes the picture as often as you ... (2/0) download
Elegant Love Frame 2.0 -  a nice and useful desktop picture frame in which you ... to you on your desktop at all times. It' ... (2/0) download
Desktop Consoles 3 -  30 desktop patterns to 3D-ize your Macintosh. Desktop Consoles are the perfect companion to the Desktop Picture application in Mac OS ... to \\3D-ize\\ your desktop and render a virtual ... (23/0) download
Desktop Picture Frame 4.1 -  put them on the desktop as wallpaper, but you ... favorite images on the desktop while been able to ... framed photos on the desktop at the same time ... (5/0) download
Cuckoo Clock 3D Photo Screensaver 1.0 -  right on your Windows desktop. When you give your PC some rest, the desktop picture changes into a magic ... right on your Windows desktop. When you give your PC some rest, the desktop picture changes into a magic ... sing their song. The picture is different in the ... (23/0) download
Mandolux Halloween Desktop 2 -  Mandolux Halloween Desktop 2 is a 1024 x 768 desktop picture of a skull surrounded ... (32/0) download
SwapTop 1.9.2 -  Download random daily desktop pictures. SwapTop allows you ... automatically download a random desktop picture each day, to download a featured daily picture, and to search the ... (12/0) download
CCFinder 2014x -  may do with each picture. This means that you ... want to use the picture (commercially, if you want ... pictures to be your desktop picture. * CCFinder is very ... (0/0) download
Illusionist 1.01 -  Joke can: flip desktop, picture show, play audio and ... you want: to flip desktop, to show images, to ... (61/0) download