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CodonCode Aligner Sequence Assembler 3.7.1 -  user-friendly software for DNA sequence assembly, alignment, contig editing, and mutation detection. In addition to ... processing and scripts - Sensitive mutation analysis with unique tools ... phylogenetics, evolution research, biogeography, mutation detection, and other biomedical ... (5/0) download

Biology Expert : Genetics & Cell Biology Quiz 1.1 -  Genetics Microbial Genetics DNA Replication Translation and Regulation ... Recombination and Gene Transfer DNA Sequencing, Mutation and Repair Transcription 2 ... (4/0) download
DNA BASER Sequence Assembler 2.60 -  for updated info: homepage DNA Baser Assembler is easy ... for simple and batch DNA sequence assembly, DNA sequence analysis, contig editing, metadata integration and mutation detection. It also offers ... user-friendly interface makes DNA Baser the best choice for DNA contig assembly. For more details, see the DNA BASER Features page. Why is DNA ... (3/0) download
DNA BASER - affordable contig assembly -  use aligner software for DNA sequence contig assembly, contig editing, and mutation detection for Windows. It ... (26/0) download
Dead People Nightmare 1.0 -  experiment was going on DNA improvisation to create Superhuman ... wrong and the infectious mutation started turning people into ... (4/0) download
Genetic Counseling Aids 1.0.1 -  FISH for aneuploidy and deletion syndromes, prenatal diagnosis (amniocentesis, CVS, PUBS), DNA probe analysis and other ... (2/0) download
CLC DNA Workbench for Mac OS 5.1 -  functional demo of CLC DNA Workbench provides a wide range of advanced DNA sequence analyses, and is ... analyses are:- Assembly of DNA sequencing data- Graphically and ... cloning- Fully integrated 1D DNA Gel Simulator- Automatic SNP ... (6/0) download
DNA Counter 1.1 -  between nucleotides in a DNA sequence. You don't need ... software by Heracle BioSoft: DNA Baser is an affordable alternative for assembly of DNA sequences and generation of ... bases, including insertion and deletion, is possible. The settings ... (5/0) download

BioSeqAnalyzer 1.0 -  software tool for analyzing DNA and protein sequences. Its ... be performed on both DNA and protein sequences. BioSeqAnalyzer ... (31/0) download
Bio2MIDI 2.1 -  the text of a DNA or protein sequence to ... sequences as 4-note DNA bases, or as 20 ... pitch translation of the DNA and protein sequences. For ... (53/0) download
3D DNA ScreenSaver 1.0 -  3D DNA Screesaver is a cool ... "correct scientific 3D DNA model representation"\; to give ... this 3D Screensaver. 3D DNA Screesaver is a cool ... (15/0) download
Shred-X Secure File Deletion v1.0 -  Shred-X Secure File Deletion is a complete file deletion and data shredding utility ... X achieves a secure deletion of your sensitive data ... tails, to achieve complete deletion. You can also run ... (47/0) download
Prevent Deletion 1.0 -  Prevent the deletion of certain files/folders on ... you can prevent the deletion of certain files/folders on ... (26/0) download
ProtectStar Data Shredder 2.0 -  of solutions for secure deletion of sensitive data. This ... designed with the data deletion needs of both business ... hands. The ProtectStar Secure Deletion Algorithm, which was specially ... (35/0) download
ProtectStar Data Shredder 2.0 -  of solutions for secure deletion of sensitive data. This ... designed with the data deletion needs of both business ... hands. The ProtectStar Secure Deletion Algorithm, which was specially ... (0/0) download
DNA Game 3.0DNA free game is one ... Mumbo Jumbo etc. Download DNA free game and play ... (30/0) download
iMethy 1.0.2 -  to use genome-wide DNA methylation analysis and visualization ... unravel the complexities of DNA methylation in the epigenetic ... (5/0) download
SSalign New -  SSalign was developed due to a need to look at all possible stem-loop structures that a large number of DNA/RNA sequences could form. Aligning each sequence with its reverse using available programs proved not fast enough and quite problematic as extensive post-processing of the results was required to remove redundant and find (and clean) "impossible" ... (1/0) download
JMotifFinder 0.1 -  graphical utility to find DNA Motifs such as Primers ... (3/0) download
Primer Design 1.3 -  in order to design DNA primers for mutagenesis in ... (14/0) download
CLC Main Workbench 6.5 Build 65005 -  all features from CLC DNA Workbench, CLC RNA Workbench ... ... (26/0) download
TB antibiotic resistance mapper New -  order to find out mutation sites. Now you can ... (3/0) download
ProtectStar Data Shredder 3 Professional -  that allows for secure deletion of data from hard ... edition offers eleven secure deletion methods that certified by ... (1/0) download
DataRemoval -  DataRemoval provides irretrievable deletion of files and directories ... the most reliable algorithms deletion (wiping) of files. Can ... (9/0) download
ReverseComplement 1.8 -  and reverse complement of DNA and RNA sequences. (3/0) download