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Web-O-Rama 7.9 -  program provided as a donationware alternative to overpriced shareware ... (2/0) download

Power Plan Assistant 3.0a 1.0 -  & 8 is a donationware application: it's totally free ... (3/0) download
Bingo Caller 1.22 -  Bingo caller is a donationware bingo calling software package ... (32/0) download
EventScript 1.0 -  FileMaker plugin triggers scripts. EventScript is a small and clean plugin built natively for FileMaker Pro version 7 and better. It is distributed totally free of charge as a 'donationware' with complete functionalities and without any restrictions. EventScript can be used to spontaneously trigger FileMaker scripts from any calculation dialog boxes. (40/0) download
Mighty MIDI 1.0 -  OS X and is donationware. I don't expect anything ... (21/0) download
Pairs for Mac OS 2.1.3 -  Universal Binary, and is donationware. - Fixed a bug which ... (4/0) download
Random Photo Screensaver 2.5 -  Download this freeware screensaver and simply add your own digital photos. The setup screen puts you in control of all the features. All features have a default setting so it is easy to get started with. Simply select the folder on your computer with your images and enjoy. If you want more control, the features are all selectable. Automatically change ... (24/0) download
Instant Boss 1.0.2 -  Instant Boss is donationware. If you like it ... (47/0) download

Font Insight X 1.0 -  Font Insight is DonationWare, very similar to shareware ... $9.95, however with DonationWare 100% of the net ... (33/0) download
Virex 7 Scripts 1.06 -  These scripts are donationware. (27/0) download
TM Error Logger for Mac OS 1.06 -  This is Donationware. If you find it ... (0/0) download
XP-Antispy 3.98 -  XP-AntiSpy claims that users of Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 are at risk from catching a nasty virus with the program's built-in updates. This download aims to let users make the decisions about what gets added and what gets turned away at the door, but is best used by experienced users. XP-AntiSpy is a little utility that lets you ... (3/0) download
Creative-C++ - Development Environment! 6.15 -  Creative-C++ is a Great Looking, Excellent Working, Amazing C/C++ Programming Compiler and Integrated Development Environment (IDE) For The Microsoft Windows Operating Systems... It Uses The Famous MingW32 Compiler as the basis of its Compilation System. It can also import Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 Projects and Compile Your Games, Software and Applications. (9/0) download
PULPceiver iTV 0.2 -  PULPceiver iTV is distributed as donationware. (0/0) download
Total Autorunner 1.3 -  Total Autorunner is a donationware developed by members and ... (0/0) download
X'nBeep 1.1 -  site puts it a DonationWare, and to legally use ... (11/0) download
ksTransLog 1.0 -  This is donationware. (0/0) download
Forever Yours Autobiography Maker Lite 2.2 -  Your book, your life, your memories. You are the author. Give the gift that lasts forever. Publish your autobiography with the help of Forever Yours. When someone is thinking of you and feel the need to reminisce all they have to do is open your book of memories... Your autobiography. Forever Yours is a complete LIFE-AND-TIMES. Each question carefully ... (5/0) download
DiaBetter 1.0 -  DiaBetter was written for diabetics. Diabetes is a serious disease. As a type 1 diabetic, and have been for 29 years, I have experienced many problems. My diabetes seemed to be uncontrollable regardless of what I did. For the last year I have had the insulin pump and I am doing much better. When I was diagnosed with diabetes I was told all about sugar ... (2/0) download
Forever Yours Autobiography Maker Pro 2.1 -  Your life story told in your words. You are the author. With the pro version you have a full feature word processor with text formatting capabilities and you can add photographs anywhere you wish. Simply answer each question and you will have your complete life story saved. The questions will literally flood your heart with memories you have not thought ... (1/0) download
Remote Access Control (Uvnc-Plugin) 2012.03.25 -  Remote Access Control is a utility to remotely control client's computers via the Internet or Lan. This program is one of few that can Reboot the remote computer and still connect back to itself without any user-interaction (via an in-build time-delay function). RAC was made with the "Technician" in mind that has to do repairs or virus removal of remote ... (6/0) download
EdiMarker for Mac 1.2.4 -  program is licensed as donationware. FEATURES Loads marker data ... (2/0) download
Power Plan Assistant for Windows 7 2.2a 1.0 -  Licensing: donationware (no obligatory charge, no ... (7/0) download
Multi Photo Quotes Portable 1.36.01 -  Multi Photo Quotes is the *elegant* screensaver that combines images with quotes. It has some unique and noteworthy features: It was designed with multimonitor setups in mind (but can work on single monitor pcs too). It can be configured to show images that span multiple monitors, or show different images on each monitor. Quotes can be displayed ... (3/0) download
Voicemeeter -  Voicemeeter is a donationware, free to download and ... (5/0) download