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E-mail Management Server 2006E-mail Management Server allows administrators ... easily setup a scheduled e-mail management, and view the ... can clean up your e-mail environment with E-mail Management Server. The price ... (50/0) download

E-mail Icon Set 2008.1E-mail Icon Set is a ... modern and attractive with E-mail Icon Set. Color formats ... This icon set includes e-mail related icons: message, new ... (225/0) download
E-mail Shredder for Outlook 1.0 -  SafeIT E-mail Shredder for Outlook is ... shredding) old and deleted e-mails from your Outlook ... Storage (.PST) file. Selected e-mails will be shredded ... (73/0) download
Voice E-Mail Pilot 2.00 -  you have to type e-mails all day long? Hey, your e-mail does not have to ... you can create voice e-mails. And Voice E-Mail Pilot is the program ... do this. Your voice e-mail will let your addressee ... (112/0) download
ActiveEmail SMTP E-mail Development Kit 2.2 -  can add and control e-mail functionality within your project ... (37/0) download
Secur-e-mail for Windows 1.20 -  Secur-e-mail will encrypt the communication between your e-mail client (e.g. Outlook) and the ... you to setup your e-mail client to pick up e-mail locally. Other users (hackers ... that pick up their e-mail very frequently (e.g. every 15 minutes or less). Otherwise, their mail, login and password is ... (3/0) download
Microsoft Outlook E-mail Signature Creator 1.00 -  Microsoft Outlook E-mail Signature Creator is a ... professional looking Microsoft Outlook e-mail signature using the built ... (4/0) download
zMailGuard e-Mail Encryption 1.0E-mail encryption software (0/0) download

E-mail Shredder for Outlook - Personal 2011 -  SafeIT E-mail Shredder for Outlook is ... shredding) old and deleted e-mails from your Outlook ... Storage (.PST) file. Selected e-mails will be shredded ... (26/0) download
Dynamics CRM E-mail Router 5.00.9688.583 -  The E-mail Router is an interface ... POP3 servers for incoming e-mail, and one or more SMTP servers for outgoing e-mail. E-mail messages come into the ... CRM system through the E-mail Router. These are the ... (3/0) download
E-Mail Harvester Pro 3.0E-Mail Harvester Pro is an ... with thousands of relevant e-mail addresses for your marketing ... the Google search engine, E-Mail Harvester Pro can quickly ... (37/0) download
E-mail Responder for Outlook 2.20.0126E-mail Responder for Outlook is ... to use MS Outlook e-mail responder allowing you to ... to all your incoming e-mail correspondence even if you ... (22/0) download
E-mail Shredder for Outlook - Exchange 2011 -  SafeIT E-mail Shredder for Outlook - Exchange ... an Exchange Server. Selected e-mails will be shredded ... file). This includes discarded e-mails, fragments of previously deleted e-mails and old attachments ... (24/0) download
AddPicker E-Mail Collector -  AddPicker E-mail Collector is an email ... users collect names and e-mails from files, folders ... exporting the resulting data (e-mail, name) on many formats ... (34/0) download
Auto Receive Fax to E-mail 4.0 -  for receive fax to e-mail from network folders shared ... all fax documents to e-mail OCoFax and e-mail reporting OCoWeb browser-Easy ... fax documents OCoSupport free e-mail such as hotmail/gmail ... (13/0) download
Paraben's E-mail Examiner 7.1.4453.16735 -  examine the most popular e-mail formats such as America ... and many others. Paraben's E-mail Examiner is one of ... most comprehensive forensically sound e-mail examination tools available. E-mail Examiner quickly recovers deleted messages and folders. E-mail Examiner doesn't just recover e-mail in the deleted folders; it recovers e-mail deleted ... (1/0) download
AutoDoc HSE Fax/E-Mail/SMS/Archive 1.461 -  contains fax numbers and/or e-mail addresses. It includes letterhead selection, e-mail subjects, bodies, fax cover ... (13/0) download
Backup E-mail 1.0 -  Backup E-mail uses an easy wizard ... Light, Netscape Messenger, Netscape Mail, Opera, IncrediMail, Pegasus Mail, TheBat, and PocoMail. Just ... and you're done! Backup E-mail takes your e-mail messages, address book, settings, mail and news accounts, message ... (14/0) download
Gexonic E-Mail Notifier 1.0.7E-Mail Notifier - it is an easy-to-use e-mail client which checks your ... and periodically checks the mail. Notification of a new ... You can launch your mail client or web browser ... (4/0) download
You've Got Mail 1.4 build 1015 -  and Plays Sound when e-mail arrives. You've Got Mail is a program that ... time to start your e-mail client and read your e-mail - in this way you ... to keep your default e-mail program running all the ... (152/0) download
Courier Mail Server 2.05 -  Courier Mail Server is a e-mail server. Compact, easy to ... you to quickly arrange e-mail exchange in local network ... mode - support of multiple mail domains - flexible sorting and antispam mail filtering - antivirus integration - user ... (70/0) download
Mail Alert 1.1Mail Alert is a free e-mail alert add-in for ... 2003. Reclaim Your Productivity E-Mail slowing you down? Try Mail Alert. Mail Alert was designed with ... of switching to your e-mail client every time you receive new mail. When new e-mail arrives, Mail Alert will display a ... (186/0) download
NetSecrets [e-mail] 2.4 -  complex tasks of monitoring e-mail traffic easy. Using new ... two simple functions - captures e-mail messages in the network ... (8/0) download
Mail Commander Home 10.61Mail Commander Home (Standard Edition ... full-featured and fast e-mail client with user-friendly ... email systems, can download e-mail headers, re-download or delete selected messages from mail server. Sort your mail by date, size, sender ... (2/0) download
E-mail Address Validation Software 2.1E-mail Address Validation Software is ... To validate email, our E-mail Address Validation Software establishes ... connection to the remote mail server and starts the ... (21/0) download