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Excel Edit File Without Excel Installed Software 7.0 -  Excel Edit File Without Excel Installed Software ... content of an Excel file, without having Excel instaled ... requirement is that the file that is about to ... (2/0) download

Andy's File Descriptor v1.01 -  and length to your file descriptions. The program is designed ... you create more descriptive file descriptions. You can make up to 10,000 file descriptions, and each description can ... long. In addition, short file names can be up ... (57/0) download
Modifier 2.6.2Edit file attributes and much more ... best application for editing file attributes on your Mac! ... batch info windows, a file browser, and a rewritten ... (24/0) download
Name and Property Modifier 2.0 -  WMAs, convert images, and edit file properties. It has optional ... (9/0) download
MidiPlayer 8.2 -  Repair Files - Display and Edit File data - Processing Many Files ... (202/0) download
Default Programs Editor 2.7 -  a powerful, multi-featured file association utility for Windows ... features the following: - add, edit, and remove context menu items; - edit file type icon and description ... an extension's associated file type; - add, edit, and remove autoplay handler ... (7/0) download
#1 Smart PDF Converter 11.5 -  doc file or use the exact ... exact layout of the file. You can convert to ... ... (76/0) download
File Property Edit 3.51 -  is for you to edit all the file attribute freely. You are ... modifytime, accesstime and other file attributes in batch. And ... files you want to edit in your computer to ... (5/0) download

File Scan/Editor 2.4File Scan/Editor enables you to either scan a file or edit one. Allowing the Formatting ... safe to scan any file, but beware making changes while Editing a File can corrupt it, and ... (7/0) download
ExtInfoEditer 10018 -  help you create or edit relationship between 'file extension' and some programs ... (1/0) download
1-abc.net File Configurator 5.00 -  were done to that file. Changing to another date ... of 1-abc.net File Configurator can just laugh ... determine these three existing file dates and times down ... (1/0) download
FileCarver 1.4.1 -  new approach to binary file editing, when compared to ... impossible (depending on the file format). On the other ... the format of the file prior to opening it, using an XML definition file, and you are automagically ... (32/0) download
Bluetooth File Transfer (OBEX FTP) J2ME 0.95 -  ready device that support File Transfer Profile (FTP), almost ... connection. Download, upload, explore, edit, create, delete and rename ... using a single JAR file; * Easy to use ... (2844/0) download
File Security Manager Security Manager allows you ... set, view and modify file and folder permissions (assign ... take ownership of a file or folder even in ... (49/0) download
M Exe Editor 2.0.1 -  application that lets you edit Exe Files.First Open ... Open in Toolbar Then Edit Your File And At Last To Save Changes Click On File Menu And Select Save ... (17/0) download
ChromeEdit -  or Frontpage with a file:// URL currently displayed ... item or shortcut to edit the HTML source code ... (4/0) download
Fadmin File Manager 3.1.7 -  language user interface support file and folders create/copy/move/delete/rename file and folders attributes change different file and folder info (occupied ... desktop links creation advanced file search file group operations folders compare ... system info view quick file view internal Hex viewer and editor internal text file viewer and editor with ... (9/0) download
File Maven 95 v1.1cFile Maven 95 is a file manager with a dual ... a built-in text file viewer, a file splitter, and support for ZIP files. File Maven has a handy ... perform any type of file operation. File Maven's interface makes it ... (33/0) download
Drag and File 95 v4.52c -  Drag and File 95 is a full-featured file management utility that provides ... in separate windows\; add file descriptions\; view files\; perform ... feature of Drag and File is the ability to ... (33/0) download
1-abc.net File Configuration Box 5.00 -  The Windows internal file manager called Windows Explorer ... lacks. 1-abc.net File Configuration Box goes one ... The 1-abc.net File Configuration Box includes 8 fantastic file and folder tools that ... (12/0) download
VeryPDF Advanced PDF Tools Command Line 3.01 -  is developed tool for edit PDF property contents without ... Command Line, you can edit PDF descriptions, PDF property, PDF OpenAction ... PDF editing application. 3. Edit and append PDF descriptions including tile, subject, author ... (9/0) download
KuKnet FileRenamer 3.1 -  FileRenamer is a powerful file renaming tool. KuKnet FileRenamer ... Explorer a?Unicode support a?Integrated file preview to view images ... Tags are shown in file preview a?File list export ... (2/0) download
T-Fileman for Symbian^3 1.10 -  Fileman is a handy file manager utility specially for ... mobile. It makes the file management easier and faster ... the screen, facilitating the file management T-Fileman shows ... (107/0) download
DIRlist 3.1.63 -  DIRlist prints and displays file names and user descriptions of files and subdirectories. DIRlist provides user descriptions of files and subdirectories ... filename, especially when the file is old or shared ... DIRlist provides free text descriptions to supplement the file name for project documentation ... (0/0) download
Universal Explorer 5.1 -  the standard Windows Explorer file management program. It is ... can also VIEW and EDIT almost any file directly in UE without ... native application!  View and Edit text documents, HTML, a ... (46/0) download