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Fare Share Tip Calculator With Receipt 2.14 -  new kind of tip calculator. Easily enter each person's ... App Store. You can even email the details for ... receipt. The in-app calculator for each person is ... (8/0) download

Options Value Calculator 1.0.1 -  options With this smart calculator, estimate the price of ... greeks estimation), Put-Call parity. This calculator allows you to value ... or american (and it even tells you whether you ... (1/0) download
Assam-Calcu: A Programmable All-Purpose Calculator 2.2 -  15-decimal multi-purpose calculator that can store and recall thousands or even millions of your old ... 15-decimal multi-purpose calculator that can store and ... steps. Compared to most calculator-instruments, Assam-Calcu offers ... (92/0) download
Developer Calculator 1.3.7 -  Developer Calculator is a tiny but ... You can run it even from the command line ... (3/0) download
AnalogX K-LOC Calculator 1.1 -  AnalogX K-LOC Calculator is a simple way ... any wildcard extension, and even recursively check subdirectories. It ... (30/0) download
Income Tax Calculator (Aussie & NZ) 4.5 -  Income Tax Calculator version 4.5 is ... redesigned to make it even easier to use. It ... number one income tax calculator on the App store ... (2/0) download
Big Calculator Free 3.7.1 -  com Big Calculator Free was designed to ... of your calculations. Need even larger buttons? Rotate to ... screen with just the calculator. FEATURES - Large, easy to ... (3/0) download
Graph Calculator 1.0 -  Graph & Calculator is a combination of three features viz. graphs, calculator and loan calculator. This application has the ... user. A user can even send these graphs as ... There is also a Calculator in this application. Both ... (1/0) download

Sleek Tip Calculator 3.0 -  and use Sleek Tip Calculator even after a celebration and ... of readers. Sleek Tip Calculator is for those who ... and iPad. Sleek Tip Calculator, with its clean and ... (3/0) download
New Car calculator 1.0 -  New Car calculator compares fuel, costs and even loan payment terms based ... (1/0) download
TipServ - Tip Calculator 1.1.1 -  easy to use tip calculator that will figure out ... cash payments. It will even allow you to split ... (3/0) download
Smart Currency Calculator 1.1.4 -  works like a normal calculator. Conversions happen automatically. You can even do math while mixing ... is. But it gets even better! The Smart Currency Calculator isn't just a great ... converter, it's a great calculator too. You can undo ... (1/0) download
Calculator Free - Calculate with Scientific Math Calculator 1.0 -  " This free calculator is all you need for easy scientific calculations. Even if you have complex math formulae, this calculator comes along with many functions. You can even undo parts of long ... sinus or square root. Even if you have a ... help of this hand calculator you can easily calculate ... (7/0) download
Freedom Age Calculator (FREE) 1.0 -  days, hours, minutes, or even seconds. Limited Time Offer: Download Freedom Age Calculator for Free!!! FEATURES: - Attractive ... (2/0) download
A+ Talking TIP calculator 1.1 -  Talking Tip Calculator After downloading too many ... to develop a tip calculator that is complete and has even more additional features than ... main features are: -Talking calculator. Many people complain of ... (62/0) download
GraphMe: Graphing Calculator 1.1.0 -  easy to use graphing calculator that allows you to ... valued functions, trajectories, and even vector fields on the ... (2/0) download
Carpenter's Helper Lite - Free Construction Calculator 2.0.1 -  is an advanced construction calculator, capable of handling even the most demanding construction ... would on a standard calculator. Unit Calculations: Easily calculate ... lists, etc. Lists can even be tabulated to include ... (1/0) download
IP Network and Broadcast Calculator Plus 2.0 -  IP Calculator Plus This application calculates ... them to clipboard or even send them by email ... (3/0) download
Calculator X 42 1.01 -  The ultimate answer to calculator on iPhones, life, universe ... desk calculators, while being even more easy to use ... times as powerful. This calculator helps you to really ... (9/0) download
Moffsoft Calculator 2.1.1 -  Moffsoft Calculator has a simple, easy ... the printable and savable calculator tape, you'll discover powerful ... and data storage. Moffsoft Calculator also has a variety ... (82/0) download
Scientific Calculator - ScienCalc 1.3 -  convenient and powerful scientific calculator. ScienCalc calculates mathematical expression ... equations in seconds: Scientific calculator gives students, teachers, scientists ... to find values for even the most complex equation ... (105/0) download
Advanced Subnet Calculator 9.1 -  The SolarWinds Advanced Subnet Calculator is completely free and ... information. SolarWinds Advanced Subnet Calculator also supports resolution of ... subnet. SolarWinds Advanced Subnet Calculator also generates a range ... (376/0) download
Desktop Calculator - DesktopCalc 2.1 -  use and powerful scientific calculator with an expression editor ... and integrated help. Desktop calculator gives students, teachers, scientists ... to find values for even the most complex equation ... (40/0) download
CSC Date Calculator 2.1 -  CSC Date Calculator counts the days before ... selected dates. You can even tell CSC Date Calculator which days not to ... You decide. CSC Date Calculator counts the days with ... (32/0) download
Mathematical Expression Calculator v2.34 -  Mathematical Expression Calculator is a calculator that runs in a ... functions and you can even define your own functions ... (31/0) download