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Face Detection in Color Images BetaFace Detection in Color Images is ... cover an algorithm for face detection in color images.Face Detection in Color Images was ... (14/0) download

Luxand FaceCrop Face Detection SDK 1.0Face detection software provides web developers ... image of a human face from any original image ... makes the process of face detection far more efficient and ... (17/0) download
TNT Face Detection 1.2 -  TNT Face Detection is an overview of ... paper "Ego-Motion Compensated Face Detection on a Mobile Device" on iOS devices. TNT Face Detection uses the camera and ... uses a boosting based face detection algorithm and in contrast ... (5/0) download
Hyper Face - caricatures from photos, camera shots or Facebook 1.2.0 -  Auto face detection and automagical face distortions. - Even more funny ... upload photo with your face or anyone's else and ... fun. Make sure complete face is visible. Choose one of 14 face distortion and see results ... (3/0) download
Flip face Game 1.0.1 -  ****************Create amazing face swap pictures in moments.**************** Flip Face is very fun app ... over. Quick, accurate automatic face detection and placement. Flip Face makes it so easy ... VERY easy to use. - Face auto-detection. - Customize tilt of faces ... (3/0) download
Face Whirl - Hilarious Photo Booth Effects 1.0.0 -  A LIMITED TIME ********** Face Whirl is the ultimate ... effects app. Using our face detection technology you can enjoy ... yours or a friends face in order to generate ... (12/0) download
Ugly Face Maker Lite 1.8 -  Auto Face Detection for every photos and then repaint the face. You may convert your ... to an animation ugly face movie and ugly face photo. Upload funny video ... your friends. Use Ugly Face Booth on family, friends ... (6/0) download
Argus Surveillance DVR 4.0 -  activated by motion, human face detection, or by schedule. Has ... date, time or by face detected. All recorded data ... (258/0) download

Robot Benri 3.6 -  software solution for Motion Detection, Strange Object Detection, and for Face Detection and Recognition. It providesLive ... (1/0) download
LumiCam 1.0 -  uses a camera and face detection technology to automatically generate ... (4/0) download
CamDVR -  detector performs image comparisons, face detection and other special tasks ... in case of a detection this pre-recorded video ... (300/3) download
Fun Booth - Soccer Edition 1.1 -  it includes the automatic face detection algorithms too - first time ... (1/0) download
Visage for Facebook 1.0 -  The built-in face detection and the optimized name ... (1/0) download
Piratize Yourself 1.2 -  that utilizes iOS 5 face detection to turn all landlubbers ... (1/0) download
In20Years 1.0 -  Peek into the future and meet the older you using our advanced face detection technology. (0/0) download
Lazer Blaze 1.1 -  Lazer Blaze uses face detection to automatically add lazers ... lazer anywhere Tap any face to select it. Once ... arrow to move/rotate/resize the face. Just use two fingers ... (3/0) download
SmartPhotos 1.1 -  Also application will do face detection for your photos. Features ... you have visited * face detection and selection photos with ... (3/0) download
FaceTeleport 1.3 -  :) - Photorealistic and automatic face blending - Automatic face detection - Beautiful, fun and amazing ... (10/0) download
FaceCapture 1.3 -  automatically the person using face detection in the just taken ... on part of the face. Photo was cropped, you ... update Twitter icon as face photo. - You can crop photo of face shot of your choice with camera using face detection in real time. - You can crop photo of face shot of your choice from photo library using face detection in real time. (5/0) download
Beautiful Mosaic 1.1.0 -  Camera roll Photo - Automatic face detection - Draw / Erase mosaic ... (3/0) download
Santa Nord 1.0.0 -  Features - Face detection for iOS 5! - Fine ... (1/0) download
Picture Me pro 2.01 -  Start, automatic face detection,can easily store 10 ... a picture. 3.Start face recognition , can be found ... click to start the face detection When people face into the camera, take ... (3/0) download
Timesly 1.2 -  Timesly is the first face-detection time clock app that ... (0/0) download
Show Me Your Tongue 1.3 -  the advanced built-in face detection system will take care ... free - Advanced built-in face detection system snaps your photo ... ... (2/0) download
GolfXion 1.0 -  NOTICE: This App requires Face Detection in video mode. iPhone ... device and look for Face detection in video mode before ... App leverage the advanced Face detection hardware of new generation ... (4/0) download