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Q4Search -  Q4Search is a super fast search application, designed to improve ... you can get your search done by your favorite ... or phrases on any search engine or website, on ... (44/0) download

FirstStop WebSearch Visual Edition 4.21 -  same award winning Lighting-Fast search engine as FirstStop WebSearch ... the award winning multi-search source engine that powers ... the FASTEST no-nonsense search for the net, FirstStop ... (106/0) download
AIFreewareFast 1.1 -  Freeware search companion with integrated browser for fast search and download. Includes history ... products list and freeform search tool. Download the latest ... web browser 2. Automatic search history 3. Top products ... (23/0) download
e-magebank personal 1.1d -  documentation and indexing for fast search. Amongs its many features, full text index-based fast search and plug-in based ... (68/0) download
HiBase 2000 Personal Edition 1.36 -  lets you easy and fast search information from large databases ... (38/0) download
ReplaceEm 1.0 -  ReplaceEm is a fast Search and Replace Utility that ... selected. ReplaceEm is a fast Search and Replace Utility that ... backup, and auto save. Search for awithin any number ... (21/0) download
Verizon Small Business Toolbar 6.0 -  offer you widgets like: - fast search bar - email notifier - weather ... (5/0) download
NewsLeecher 5.0 -  and provides a very fast search feature.It can create ... (6/0) download

ContentWays Local 1.5 -  is a powerful and fast search engine for files and ... (3/0) download
Legalpedia 4.7 -  solution with a super fast search engine that grants you ... (9/0) download
DiskCatalogMaker X 6.3.9 Beta 2 -  feel, has a super fast search algorithm and comes with ... And please compare its fast cataloging engine with other ... More Features: TE Super fast search algorithm. TE Optimized cataloging ... (3/0) download
1,500 Breeds, Medical Conditions, Procedures and Veterinary Medicines for Cats 1.6 -  Includes a fast-search index, favorite bookmarks and ... Photo Browser * Instant Search tool * Saved favorites ... (1/0) download
Quake Updates 1.2a -  application developed for a fast search of last earthquake in ... (1/0) download
Talk Arabic + 1.4Fast search to find the phrase ... (8/0) download
1000 Arthritis Dictionary and Glossary of Medical Terms, Conditions and Treatments 1.6 -  Includes a fast-search index, favorite bookmarks and ... Photo Browser * Instant Search tool * Saved favorites ... (3/0) download
Words With Friends Helper: Lexeme Free 1.5.1 -  FEATURES Blazingly fast search -- finds words as you type! Search any rack of letters ... Include blanks in your search by simply typing a space Search on prefixes and/or suffixes ... challenge adjudication, plus our fast searching algorithm means you'll ... (3/0) download
Slang French 1.0 -  context and Devilish rating - Fast search by category or by ... (0/0) download
Translate a Menu: Italy Food Dictionary 1.0 -  Ultra-fast search. Italian-English or English ... dishes listed -> Save search results for easy ordering ... of Rome, Venice, Florence. Search a dish, translate and ... (1/0) download
Strongs Bible 1.1 -  Hebrew/Greek and Strongs definition - Fast search and book/chapter selection - Copy ... (8/0) download
1000 Neurology Dictionary and Glossary of Terms, Procedures and Treatments 1.7 -  Includes a fast-search index, favorite bookmarks, notes ... Photo Browser * Instant Search tool * Saved favorites ... (2/0) download
The Table Mobile 1.0.10 -  - Lightning fast search of all 1,206 ... the Church Age Book. - Search all words in a ... Remembers last reading location. - Search sermons by date, length ... (4/0) download
Xtreeme Search Engine Studio 6 -  Creating a search engine for your web ... have to be difficult! Search Engine Studio automatically indexes ... creates a professional, ultra fast search engine for your website ... (57/0) download
LAN Search Pro 8.4 -  LAN Search Pro is a free utility for fast file searching across your LAN. You can search for specific file names ... all MP3 files). LAN Search Pro provides a lightning fast search engine and includes the ability to search hidden network resources, restricted ... file searching capabilities, LAN Search Pro offers features that ... (286/0) download
Archive Search 1.11 -  Archive Search is a nice utility ... can use to easily search for files inside compressed archives. Archive Search features: 1) Supports most ... rar, cab, zoo. 2) Fast search of files. 3) Multiple ... (39/0) download
Surf Sense Personal Edition 3.1 -  all-in-one desktop search tool which allows you ... the information you need, fast. Search the internet, databases and local files for a search term without leaving your ... Sense looks up your search term on the internet, using your selected search engine. Many popular search engines are available to ... (2/0) download