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PCBooster Free File Monitor 7.4.3 -  PCBooster Free File Monitor will lend you a hand to monitor the whole disk, the ... the main window, including file and folder creation, modification and deletion ... and let PCBooster Free File Monitor keep an eye on ... (45/0) download

PCBooster Free File Monitor 7.3.6 -  PCBooster Free File Monitor will lend you a hand to monitor the whole disk, the ... the main window, including file and folder creation, modification and deletion ... and let PCBooster Free File Monitor keep an eye on ... (0/0) download
Free File Monitor 3.9.6 -  Free File Monitor is a system utility that can persistently monitor all the folders including ... It lets you easily monitor the software activities in ... You can choose the folder you want to monitor, and then Free File Monitor will display all the ... (34/0) download
Free Folder Monitor 7.6.6 -  Free Folder Monitor is free file monitor software to auto-monitor the file, folders (sub-folders) and applications to detect file creation, modification, attribute changes, delete operations, etc. Its file filtering function enables you ... types of changes to monitor and what kinds of ... data. In addition, Free Folder Monitor is easy for system ... (35/0) download
Easy Folder Security 1.5 -  Easy File and Folder Watcher lets you watch ... occurs in a watched folder - thus minimising impact on ... types of changes to monitor (eg. when a file is deleted or renamed ... (150/0) download
MD5 File and Folder Comparator 3.45 -  MD5 File and Folder Comparator is for comparing ... all files in a folder (and optionally subfolders) with ... MD5 digital signatures.MD5 File and Folder Comparator works by comparing ... (9/0) download
Quick File Rename Personal Edition 7.1 -  Quick File Rename is a full ... professional world class batch file and folder (2-in-1!) renaming ... list, DOS 8.3 file convert, file rename using wildcards, file masking to filter files ... (121/0) download
Secure File Vault 1.0 -  Secure File Vault is a file and folder locker software incorporating 128 ... has security features like file locker,security vault, email ... features include password manager,file shredder and favorites manager.It is the ultimate file locking utilty with an ... (158/0) download

View Folder Size Pro 5.00 -  View Folder Size Pro is the ... merely viewing the total file or folder size. It enables real-time monitoring of folder sizes, and provides notification ... computer?s performance. Because View Folder Size Pro perfectly integrates ... (27/0) download
fileWATCH 5.01File monitor and registry monitor. Track file system and registry changes ... files. Use it to monitor actions such as program ... (114/0) download
Network File Monitor Professional v1.4 -  Network File Monitor Professional is a data ... lets you administrate and monitor your network resources, includes ... computers, and use Network File Monitor as a Windows NT ... (25/0) download
Peacock Sorter -  A file sorter/folder organiser which will ... create about it's file extension, name, file size, mp3 tags, date ... are added/downloaded to a folder. The full verison of ... (4/0) download
Filesystem Dialogs Library -  Enhanced file and folder selector library (file browser component) for the ... most powerful user-friendly file and folder selection options and simple file managament tools for the ... thumbnails on a per folder basis (like the Windows' ... (6/0) download
Loveholic File and Folder Hider 1.0 -  With this File and Folder Hider, you can easily ... hide any files and folder on your system by ... but YOU.Lab Loveholic's file and folder hider is used to ... (11/0) download
Gateway151 File-2-Folder 1.1 -  The Gateway151 File-2-Folder is a free tool ... contents of a Source Folder to a Destination Folder. The files within the Source Folder will be foldered into the Destination Folder according to their song ... or artist. The Gateway151 File-2-Folder is a very quick ... (4/0) download
Remote Console Extension for Network File Monitor -  you remote control the File / FTP Replication Monitor via a web browser ... to the internet.Network File Monitor Professional that gives users ... (6/0) download
Additional Tasks Extension for Network File Monitor -  configuration of File/FTP Replication Monitor manages up to 50 ... it is required. Network File Monitor Professional gives users an ... this product allows to monitor hundreds of locations and ... (68/0) download
Sentry-go Quick File Monitor 4.6 -  The Sentry-go Quick File Monitor allows you to quickly & easily monitor changes made to both ... overall size of a file, some or files all ... Be alerted when a file is updated within a ... (12/0) download
Best Folder Encryptor 16.50 -  DoGoodSoft Best Folder Encryptor is a professional and mature file and folder encryption package. It encrypts files and folder with super fast, strong ... methods when encrypting a folder. Flash Encryption instantly encrypts a folder on a local or ... Encryption instantly encrypts a folder as fast but also ... (5/0) download
DriveScan File Explorer 1.2 -  shares to find every file or folder then sort, group, filter ... need. Easily perform bulk file & folder management tasks or export ... and load results to file (xml. Export result to ... (32/0) download
BatMonkey SendTo Module 1.02 -  prompt in the current folder. Send a file or directory to the ... variable to hold the file or folder name. Useful for those ... (17/0) download
Tail XP -  to follow a log file, capture debug messages or monitor syslog? Then this product ... multiple types of monitors: file monitor, event log, syslog, OutputDebugString ... (182/0) download
View Folder Size 5.00 -  View Folder Size is the latest ... view details of total file and folder size directly in Windows ... information display, make View Folder Size stand out against ... (60/0) download
SwiftCompare -  with SwiftCompare, the visual file and folder comparison utility for MS ... (33/0) download
Attribute Manager 5.58 -  to take control of file and folder attributes. It enables to modify conventional file attributes, such as read ... the discs and its folder structure. On the right ... included in the selected folder. Also, the list view ... (469/0) download