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File Rename 2.1 b19 19File Rename is a bulk renaming tool to rename thousands of files in ... of renamed files. With File Rename, you will be able to: # Rename your thousands of files ... yet powerful interface to rename files. # Powerful real ... (5/0) download

Bulk File Rename 1.0 -  Bulk File Rename allows renaming of files ... a preview of the file changes which will occur ... (6/0) download
Quick File Rename Personal Edition 7.1 -  Batch rename all your files and ... matter of seconds! Quick File Rename is a full featured professional world class batch file and folder (2-in ... Preview, Windows Explorer Instant Rename integration, an incredibly powerful ... (121/0) download
Batch File Rename 1.00b -  Batch File Rename is a powerful and flexible file renamer designed for digital ... (27/0) download
Batch File Rename Software -  Batch File Rename has been principally designed to rename files in bulk within seconds. Users can rename multiple files of any ... also change names or rename files in total or ... extension name of that file with this software. There ... (121/0) download
Better File Rename 5.0 -  Better File Rename 5 is a comprehensive batch file renamer that transforms the ... task of changing multiple file names into a simple ... embedded sequence numbers, inserting file creation and modification dates ... (26/0) download
Wild Rename 2.15 -  Wild Rename is a multiple file rename software with many more features. Now you can rename many files at once ... recurse into directory tree, rename directories!New version has a ... engine. It uses new file list and folder tree ... (1/0) download
MagiName 2.1 b57 57 -  MagiName is a digital file rename software to quickly rename many digital photo files and picture files. File names of digital photo ... "DSCF0011" are annoying. These file names make no sense. We need a file name that can remind ... MagiName can help you rename these annoying digital photo file names quickly. MagiName is a must-have handy file rename ... (3/0) download

Mytoolsoft FileRenamer 1.0 -  Mytoolsoft FileRenamer is a file rename software which was created to rename multiple files in batch ... strategy, and preview before rename, friendly user interface, quickly ... (108/0) download
Batch File Renamer 2.4 -  Batch File Renamer v2.4 is best bulk file rename software to rename bulk files in batch process. Batch File Renamer software rename thousand of files in ... by using lot of file renaming options. Batch File Renamer v2.4 software ... replace any text in file name, change extension of file, file name can be upper ... (4/0) download
Free Rename Master 1.1 -  Free Rename Master is a powerful batch file rename tool. It is small ... to use.You can rename ABC_123_XYZ.htm to ABC_XYZ ... the filename patterns: -Old file name pattern: *_*_*.htm -New file name pattern: {$1}_{$3}.htm ... (3/0) download
mr Rename 2.3 -  Do you need to rename large amounts of files ... looking for a simple file rename utility? Don't relay ... command-prompt, download mr. Rename and manual or batch all rename jobs you may have. Do you need more rename options, previews of image ... (2/0) download
MagiName 1.2 build16 -  A tool to rename photo file, rename photo, rename photos, batch photo rename, batch rename photo, digital camera software, rename digital photo files, digital photo software, file rename, rename digital camera photo files ... album. A tool to rename photo file, rename photo, rename photos, batch photo rename, batch rename photo, rename photo files ... (50/0) download
ImTOO File Rename 1.0 -  ImTOO File Rename will definitely help to ... and easy-to-use file renamer software, you can rename batch of files and ... (3/0) download
Batch File Rename for Mac OS 1.81 -  application allows you to rename several files at once ... present you with several rename options - like adding a suffix, or prefix, rename according to a list ... (5/0) download
You Can Automate File Management Suite 2.10C 1.0 -  relief from repeated, tedious file copying, renaming, deleting, zipping ... "Panes" for Folder Compare. File Launcher to quickly open ... Replay Repetitive Tasks: Record file copy, file delete, file rename, add to zip file in Windows Explorer. Replay ... (3/0) download
EaseFilter File I/O Monitor -  Audit file access and change in ... Real-Time.Monitor the file activities on file system level, capture file open, create, overwrite, read, write, query file information, set file information, query security information, set security information, file rename, file delete, directory browsing and file close I/O requests.You can create the file access ... (68/0) download
Mytoolsoft FileRenamer 1.6 -  Mytoolsoft FileRenamer is a file-rename software which was created to help you rename multiple files in batch ... variety strategy, such as: rename by order number, replace ... modify extension, case conversion. rename by mp3 tags. etc ... (0/0) download
Photopus 1.4 -  resize, transform, touch-up, rename, and apply effects to ... sizes; Rotate images; Flip; Rename images; Crop images; Convert ... (0/0) download
ShelyTV 0.4 -  by season, and each file rename to it's episode ... (2/0) download
Kindle Collection Manager 1.0 -  techniques (drag and drop, file rename, copy and paste, right ... (5/0) download
Winsome File Renamer 6.0File Renamer is an all ... power-packed utility to rename files speedily and efficiently ... renamed files. Features: - Fastest File Renamer so you can rename your thousands of files ... (98/0) download
EnTitle Bulk File Renamer 1.3 -  Search and bulk rename files across multiple folders ... before automatically renaming every file in its existing folder ... grouped and organized by file attribute such as name ... (34/0) download
Mytoolsoft File Renamer 1.8.2 -  Mytoolsoft File Renamer is a rename files software which was created to help you rename multiple files in batch ... variety strategy, such as: rename by ordered numbers, replace ... modify extension, case conversion. rename by mp3 tags, etc ... (339/0) download
FileName Pro 2.0.21 -  a professional grade batch file naming utility. Whether you ... thousands of files to rename, FileName Pro can rename your files in seconds ... using any combination of file naming schemes. Name using ... (106/0) download