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True Tax Calculator 5.6.02 -  "True tax Calculator 2005" is an Income tax calculator for the Assessment Year ... specially designed for Indian Income-Tax payers [Individuals]. Just fill the details of your income such as Salary, House ... and Submit it to Income Tax Office, that's all you ... (5/0) download

Income Tax Calculator (Aussie & NZ) 4.5Income Tax Calculator version 4.5 is ... also includes the latest tax rates plus many fantastic features: print, email the tax report, view pie chart ... is the number one income tax calculator on the App store which supports tax calculations for both Australia ... (2/0) download
CacTax1112 1.1 -  A simple Income and Income Tax Calculator for employees of Government ... Please leave feedback. Feel free to point out any ... (12/0) download
UK Salary & Tax 2.2.1 -  UK Salary & Tax is an easy to ... Pay, Salary and Paye Income Tax calculator for those that are ... guide of what your income tax and national insurance liability ... (4/0) download
T4 - 2009 1.0 -  T4 - 2009 is an income tax calculator for Canada and Quebec ... Slip and Summary, Deducting Income Tax on Pension and Other Income, and Filing the T4A ... ... (12/0) download
CanTaxCalc 1.0 -  Canadian Income Tax Calculator for all Canadian Provinces (2/0) download
Tax Calculator India 1.0Tax Calculator for India *************************************** The ... calculate your taxes. Absolutely Free **************************************** Just enter your income and tax deductible investments. It doesn't ... and calculates an approximate tax liability. Please talk to an authorized tax advisor to get best ... (4/0) download
Acosta Income Tax Service - Rancho Mirage 2.0.0 -  The Acosta Income Tax Service App is an easy-to-use, free mobile app created to ... button. - Appointments - Experience Hassle-Free Appointment scheduling by using this app with Acosta Income Tax Service on the go ... time communication with Acosta Income Tax Service including audio, text ... (24/0) download

EasyAs Income Tax 3.4 -  Our Calculator and Assessment Estimator saves ... do I calculate the tax when I have different ... have some sources taking tax out and some not ... (6/0) download
Quarterly Installment Tax Calculator 1.0 -  Quarterly Installment Tax Calculator is a Microsoft Excel program that computes tax payments. The program calculates your current year's quarterly tax installments as they come ... can also estimate 1040 tax for the full year ... ISOs, AMT, TMT, high income and credit limitations. (90/0) download
MB Cholesterol Risk Calculator 1.25 -  MB Free Cholesterol Risk Calculator is a simple health ... (6/0) download
Free Mortgage Payment Calculator 3.0 -  loan payments with this free mortgage payment calculator for Windows This free mortgage payment calculator for Windows allows you ... calculate mortgage loan payments. Free Mortgage Payment Calculator is a financial calculator designed for Windows 95 ... ... (27/0) download
Sales Tax Calculator 2 v2.0 -  Sales Tax Calculator 2 calculatess the sales tax and total price for ... Simply enter a sales tax rate and type in ... of the items. Sales Tax Calculator shows the running sub ... (52/0) download
Sales Tax Calculator for Windows v1.9 -  Sales Tax Calculator for Windows is a ... You can define the tax rates, and the tax descriptions. Either tax can be disabled, and either tax can be compounded on top of the other. Tax amounts and the total ... application. It includes a calculator, and you can add ... (50/0) download
BNA Income Tax Planner 2010.5 -  BNA Income Tax Planner helps you efficiently model complex tax scenarios, eliminate surprises, and offer income tax planning and projections that ... federal and state individual income tax liability. Offering the most ... of calculations available, BNA Income Tax Planner allows you to quickly calculate federal income taxes including alternative minimum ... (5/0) download
Vinny Federal Income Tax 2011 11.3 -  Vinny Federal Income Tax Estimator 2011 is a ... calendar year 2010 federal income tax. It is very simple ... deduction. -Enter adjusted gross income in 1st yellow box ... (6/0) download
Free Mortgage APR Calculator 4.5Free Mortgage APR Calculator is a free calculator that lets us know ... other financial institutions. This calculator can help us know ... toolbar. We find the calculator in the first tab ... (0/0) download
Consumption Tax Calculator 2.0 -  Consumption Tax Calculator makes Consumption Tax calculations easy to do ... Add or remove Consumption Tax from an amount - Easy reverse Consumption Tax calculations - Calculates live as ... add or remove Consumption Tax, and Consumption Tax Calculator will automatically do the ... (3/0) download
Bike Gears Free - Bike Gear Calculator free, Cycling Gear Calculator Free 1.2 -  access to an exciting FREE Bicycle Gear Calculator application. Bike gears calculator allows you to choose ... (1/0) download
Japan Car Tax Calculator 1.1 -  Japan Car Tax Calculator ( ) Changes: support ios6 support ... (3/0) download
Discount & Sales Tax Calculator - Shopping! 2.0 -  the World-Wide Shopping Calculator available at your finger Tips! Discount & Sales Tax Calculator is a helpful tool ... this easy to use calculator lets you know the ... add and calculate sales tax charges for the discounted ... (0/0) download
123 Income Tax 1.0 -  Find your local 123 Income Tax office to help you ... ... (1/0) download
World VAT and TAX Calculator 2.1.4 -  Calculate ANY VAT or TAX rates World VAT and TAX Calculator is a very simply ... perform VAT (value added tax) calculations. Simply enter an ... out VAT or Sales TAX on your purchases. Make VAT and TAX returns easier Mach Faster than using a regular calculator Support for many tax rates has been added ... (4/0) download
Tax Brackets Calculator 2005 1.01Tax Brackets Calculator 2005 shows tax brackets for federal income tax years 2000-2005, calculates you federal tax given your taxable income and estimates average tax rate based on your ... handy tool provides quick tax help to individuals and ... (19/0) download
2210 AI Calculator, May n/a -  2210 AI Calculator, May calculatess current year quarterly income tax installments QITC is an ... that calculates the Annulized Income Installment Method (IRS Form ... Sched A1) current quarterly income tax installments as they come ... (38/0) download