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Wikipedia Search Bar 1.0Wikipedia Search Bar is a ... simplify the search in Wikipedia and in Google, this ... Wikipedia's fan. Search in Wikipedia from anywhere, at any ... (69/0) download

Wikipedia for Windows 8 Release 6 -  Official Wikipedia App for Windows 8. Wikipedia is the free encyclopedia ... for featured image [ Wikipedia for Windows 8 full ... (2/0) download
Snap Shots Add-On (for Firefox) 1.3.2 -  Live, MySpace, Amazon and Wikipedia, plus blogs and many ... albums, summaries, member profiles, Wikipedia summaries, stock charts and ... (88/0) download
WikiTrust 0.4.21 -  line reputation system for Wikipedia authors and content. WikiTrust ... the text of the Wikipedia, colored according to the ... recent, unrevised changes to Wikipedia pages. Furthermore, if you ... (1/0) download
WikiTweak 1.0.3 -  add many tweaks to Wikipedia including: Extra Links, Styles ... ... (0/0) download
Gwennel Web 0.10 -  a WYSIWYG editor for Wikipedia and other Mediawiki sites ... (1/0) download
Wiki Reference Editor 2.2 -  help you create proper Wikipedia pages. Your references will ... as professional as any Wikipedia coder - without learning wiki ... (3/0) download
WikiTaxi 1.3.2000 -  ever want to take Wikipedia with you while you ... application that delivers the Wikipedia of your choice to ... read, search, and browse Wikipedia offline. No Internet connection ... (1/0) download

Wikipedia Plugin 1.0Wikipedia Plugin lets you create a Wikipedia plugin in your blog ... want to point to Wikipedia and click on the Insert Wikipedia Link from the plugin ... by default) create a Wikipedia link from the text ... (0/0) download
Wikipedia Explorer 1.0Wikipedia Explorer is a Wikipedia client for Windows. The ... This client connects to and can retrieve ... I have found that Wikipedia Explorer tends to be ... (2/0) download
Wikipedia Bio References Build 423 -  a tool to improve wikipedia article. You enter a ... sites and will generate wikipedia syntax containing a complete ... IOC 3.3 [ Wikipedia Bio References full changelog ... (3/0) download
Huggle 2.1.19 -  tool for use on Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects ... (4/0) download
Indywiki for Linux -  ways of visually browsing wikipedia pages. Browsing can be ... images displayed on the Wikipedia page about this city ... (3/0) download
WikiLinks - Smart and Beautiful Wikipedia Reader 2.4 -  by the content of Wikipedia, Wiktionary, YouTube and Web ... suggest related articles. Access Wikipedia, Wiktionary, Google, and YouTube ... only app that plays Wikipedia article videos on mobile ... (1/0) download
WikiView Lite Reader For Wikipedia 2.0 -  WikiView is a beautiful Wikipedia reader designed specifically for ... You can now search Wikipedia articles by article title ... (7/0) download
Shuffle Wikipedia 1.0 -  Shuffle Wikipedia allows you to discover ... a button. A random Wikipedia article is loaded every ... the shuffle button! Shuffle Wikipedia is a great way ... (2/0) download
Snap Shots Add-On (for IE and Firefox) -  Live, MySpace, Amazon and Wikipedia, plus blogs and many ... albums, summaries, member profiles, Wikipedia summaries, stock charts and ... (35/0) download
iWiki 1.0Wikipedia shortcut tool. When you ... to open the corresponding Wikipedia page. By pressing Command ... ... (32/0) download
WordInn Dictionary 2010 2.0.1 -  with Google image and Wikipedia will definitely make your ... (5/0) download
BzReader 1.0 -  offline browsing of the Wikipedia. Let BzReader create the ... (3/0) download
Evopedia 0.4 -  Evopedia is an offline Wikipedia viewer for -Maemo -Openmoko ... (6/0) download
Aard Dictionary 0.9 -  huge dictionaries like English Wikipedia -looks up words in ... works great as offline Wikipedia reader -is keyboard navigation ... (46/0) download
InterCity - Live City Info 1.1 -  and founding dates from Wikipedia as you move between ... (5/0) download
Japanese-English Thesaurus 1.2 -  and its synonyms in Wikipedia by this app immediately ... (1/0) download
Papabili 1.0.0 -  information are collected from Wikipedia. The list of papabili ... (3/0) download