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Free .Net Email Validator 1.0.0 -  Check email addresses without actually sending an email. check MX records, smtp ... only one method call Email Validator.Net component will solve all your email validation problems. EmailValidator.Net is an essential component for email marketing list hygiene and ... blocking or barring your email domain because of you ... (6/0) download

Aspose.Email for .NET for .NET is a collection of components for working with email from within ASP.NET web applications, web services ... and MHT files. Aspose.Email will enable developers to ... and much more. Aspose.Email for .NET allows developers to focus ... (69/0) download
NotePager 32 3 -  NotePager 32 is one of the leading wireless / SMS software applications for small businesses and home users. Text or SMS messages are quickly sent to to alphanumeric pagers, and/or cell phones from an easy to use Windows program. NotePager is elegant in design and inexpensive in price. It is an ideal solution for small business or home use. A built ... (8/0) download
Cardmon - Holiday/Anniversary cards 1.3.0net Email : Changes: - iOS7 Compatible - Bug ... (1/0) download
XFINITY TV Remote 1.18net email address and password. Some ... our support team via email: We ... (9/0) download
SendPostcard 2.2net Email: Facebook: ... (7/0) download
My Library Lite 2.13.2net - Email your database backup files ... a positive review? Please email me. I'm always open ... (4/0) download
MyBoxOffice Lite 2.13 -  Please send me an email with any suggestions you ... list at - Email backup files (CSV or ... a positive review? Please email me. I'm always open ... (5/0) download

Rapify: The Social Network App for Hip Hop Culture 1net Email us for support issues or questions: (2/0) download
Email Notification 0.1.1115.25 AlphaEmail Notification is a handy wrapper, developed in C#.NET, that makes it easier for .NET developers to wire up ... to manually setup the email service and handle possible exceptions.Email Notification can be configured ... (1/0) download
CC Trashmail 1.0net addresses and copy to ... Trashmail: One-Time usable email addresses for example to ... (16/0) download 1.1net is a must have ... shutdown. It sends an email alert each time these ... system information attached. is 100% free and ... (13/0) download 3.6net (wcm) is a web based downloadable solution for email marketing. Design and distribute ... results.web campaign is developed using Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0 empowered ... wcm is an ASP.NET web application for Microsoft ... (1/0) download
Email Scraper Wizard V0.6.4Email Scraper Wizard is one of the most powerful email scrapers in the market ... ... (9/0) download
Email To SMS Gateway v3 v3 -  Set up your own Email to SMS Gateway, set up a catch-all email account, i.e. *@smsSturen ... ... (0/0) download
China Salary 1.00 -  Monthly Gross Salary, Monthly Net Salary and Total Employer ... ... (6/0) download
Net Send Lite 2.00Net Send Lite is a ... send network messages. With Net Send Lite you can ... default. Another feature of Net Send Lite is that ... (661/0) download
Olvio.Ecommerce for Authorize.Net 1.0Net payment gateway. It includes ... (18/0) download
Net-Send command 1.0 -  an command line, like Net send command in the ... NetSend is Winpopup and Net send command compatible. (68/0) download
M6.Net Traffic Wizard 1.00Net Traffic Wizard is a ... as the Home Page, Email the page to someone ... (55/0) download
Fomine Net Send GUI 2.6Net Send GUI is plain ... not compatible with Microsoft NET SEND. But the Net Send GUI fully compatible ... formed automatically when the Net Send GUI is launched ... (32/0) download
JPEE Email Utility 5.3.1 -  custom e-mail merge, email extractor, email verifier, data parser and all in one affordable email utility. JPEE is available ... to use, highly configurable, email communications software implementation. Use ... or any grouping of email contacts. Feature List: * Complete Email Merge Solution * Unlimited ... (51/0) download
Freeware .NET Obfuscator Skater Light 1.03.0NET Obfuscator, an obfuscation tool for .NET code protection. The Light ... Free version of Skater .NET Obfuscator. You may use Skater .NET Obfuscator Light Edition, free ... charge, to protect your .NET applications for both personal ... (77/0) download
NT Email Notifier 1.0 -  NT Email Notifier is a small ... to startup list. NT Email Notifier supports any POP3 email account and work under ... (210/0) download