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Media Center Control 1.6 -  With Media Center Control you can control the Windows Media Center ... with a conventional remote control. Take a look at ... (2/0) download

XOR Control 1.2 -  With Xor Midi Control you can control many Winamp functions such ... (1/0) download
Sepham I Use Voice Beta 1 -  With this software you can control every device, application or ... with your voice! You can control programs, processes, everything is ... a wireless microphone, you can control every device or software ... (4/0) download
WinampControlApps 1.0.0 -  of small apps that can control your Winamp or AIMP ... unique apps: StartPlayPause, which can start player and playback ... (1/0) download
CHF LED Control 1.0.1 -  HARDWARE REQUIRED With LED Control and the CHF LED Controller 5 you can control your LED installation from ... und iPad mini. You can find further information about ... (3/0) download
JACKfm 2 - Control The Music 2.0.2 -  Through this app you can control the music we play ... (5/0) download
Start Hotspot 1.21.0 -  app for Android that can control bandwidth of your users ... Create user accounts to control who can use your Internet. Set limits to control time and total bandwidth ... (233/1) download
Plint! for Mac OS 1.0 -  is that the player can control the positioning of various ... the highest score you can, while the speed of ... by 1, and it can be stacked up to ... (2/0) download

The Sims 2 for Mac OS 1.0 Rev F -  introduction of genetics, you can control your Sims over a ... set the stage, take control of the camera, and ... (14/0) download
iTA for Mac OS 2.0 -  You can control the iTunes from it’ ... (4/0) download
MetaVNC 0.6 -  desktop environment that users can control applications on different hosts ... makes it easy to control applications or windows on ... (1/0) download
XPFirewallMonitor 1.0 -  utility that monitors and can control the status of the ... (2/0) download
XPFiremon 1.0 -  utility that monitors and can control the status of the ... to Windows firewall. You can start and stop the ... (2/0) download
Execute Manager 2.1 -  With Execute Manager,you can control everything that happens on your computer. You can easy control all the processes in your operating system; you can also view processes with ... With this tool, you can blocate selected processes and you can create the "actions" ... (3/0) download
MANAgents 4.2 -  With MANAgents™ you can control all of your Datacom ... (4/0) download
TRIUMPH BOARD TOUCH 8.4 -  With this software you can control Triumph Board. TRIUMPH BOARD ... (1/0) download
Quick Check PC 2.6 -  Windows PC software which can control the sperm counting process ... (3/0) download
Dolby Lake Controller 5.1 -  Controller a sound engineer can control a distributed network of ... single location. Instant adjustments can be made on any ... creating groups, the Controller can deliver the appropriate EQ ... (3/0) download
ESPIONAG3 1.0 -  city generator that you can control with the press of ... play the game and can be downloaded in a ... (7/0) download
Password Builder 1.0 -  You can control what type of characters ... password you like, you can easily copy or email ... (3/0) download
Racer Refuel 0.3.0 -  of car racing radio control fuel. With this application you can control the time between fill ... (5/0) download
DEFA Link 3.0.0 -  With DEFA Link you can control the DEFA pre-heating ... functionality as well. You can also the DEFA Link ... voltage is low. You can also monitor inside and ... (5/0) download
JAMARA 1.1.1 -  This app can control the helicopter after you ... is helicopter's throttle, it can fly the helicopter in ... right screen: This function can control helicopter's direction, you just ... (8/0) download
Castle Strike 1.2.0 -  You can control the angle and power ... (2/0) download
Lies Detectors 1.0 -  You can control the scan results, read ... (1/0) download