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Koshikan Corp.'s Drive Emulator v1.5 -  you create a virtual drive on your PC. It ... \mydir) to a new drive letter (such as e ... ROM to your hard drive, and assign a drive letter to that CD ... (23/0) download

StarWind Virtual CD 5.5 -  a virtual DVD-ROM drive locally to extend your ... to the real CD/DVD drive and need to emulate ... leaving out the optical drive. If you want to ... (31/0) download
DVDFab Virtual Drive -  DVDFab Virtual Drive is a virtual DVD/Blu-ray emulator. It emulates maximum 18 ... and use DVDFab Virtual Drive to mount it, then ... (25/0) download
Vista Drive Icon 1.5Vista Drive Icon, changes the drive icons shown in Windows ... Computer", to a nearly Vista drive icon, showing the drive' ... placed underneath the icon. Vista Drive Icon replaces the old ... (3/0) download
StarWind Virtual RAM Disk Emulator 5.5 -  High-Performance RAM Disk Emulator. A RAM disk is ... locally attached Hard Disk Drive. It is sometimes referred ... as a virtual RAM drive or software RAM drive. Because the speed of ... (49/0) download
Disable Auto Eject -  eject feature in Windows Vista, when the user click ... the CD / DVD drive icon, and theres no cd/dvd in the drive. Have you ever accidentally ... your CD / DVD drive icon when there wasn't a cd/dvd in the drive, and then have windows ... (9/0) download
WD Drive Manager (x86) 2.1 -  zip file) installs the Drive related light, button, and ... for Windows 2000, XP, Vista, and Windows 7. This ... Systems: - Windows 7 - Windows Vista - Windows XP - Windows 2000 ... (5/0) download
FineRecovery Enterprise 3.4.12 -  MMC, Flash Card, USB drive). The Enterprise License allows ... 2000, XP, 2003 Server, Vista - Supported file systems: NTFS ... (63/0) download

MiniTool Drive Copy 5.0 -  Copy Software a MiniTool Drive Copy is a Free ... Disk Cloning tool. MiniTool Drive Copy can copy and ... SATA, SCSI or removable drive. It can copy disk ... (4/0) download
myuToken -  Smart Card Emulator Software. It is possible to use usb flash drive as Smart Card. Smart ... instead of usb flash drive. SiMyuCard is Freeware and ... (8/0) download
Flickr Drive Shell Extension New -  that creates a virtual drive around the Yahoo Flickr ... service. It creates a drive icon under your My ... folder works in Windows Vista or better. Once installed ... (3/0) download
SSD Tweaker 2.0.1 -  Optimize Windows XP, Vista and 7 for SSD ... properly setup your SSD drive. Now with this little ... Windows Prefetcher * Windows Vista Superfetch * Windows Indexing ... (3/0) download
PC Disk Clone Free Edition 10.0.201104 -  back up a hard drive or partition in high ... successfully includes Windows 7, vista, xp, All versions of ... (3/0) download
VistaIcons 2.1 -  VistaIcons Vista Drive Icon, changes the drive icons shown in Windows ... Computer", to a nearly Vista drive icon, showing the drive' ... (2/0) download
MorphModule - Generator 32.1 -  is an open source emulator designed to emulate the Sega Genesis / Mega Drive console, a popular games ... (3/0) download
LabQuest Emulator 1.5 -  The LabQuest Emulator is a free simulated ... Use it to test drive the LabQuest software or ... (11/0) download
MAMERunner 4.0 Release 1 -  games using the MAME emulator program. Since MAME is only a command-line emulator, MAMERunner can be used ... Windows 7 and Windows Vista. Support for 64-bit ... support by the MAME emulator. Ability to directly modify emulator settings. Select and play ... (5/0) download
Cyber-DOCOs DriveHide 2.01 -  Explorer window in Windows Vista and Windows 7. If ... probably have 6 extra drive letters in your Explorer ... a guess in what drive your card ended up ... (4/0) download
A Bootable USB beta 1.0 -  need to install Windows Vista or 7 in a ... have access to DVD drive. We all know Windows Vista, Server 2008 or 7 ... you'll need a DVD drive to install them. Then ... (127/0) download
Data Recovery Studio 4.4.12 -  MMC, Flash Card, USB drive). Recovers deleted data from the removable media: Hard drive Secure Digital Card (SD ... (60/0) download
Where Orlando 1.0.1 -  areas visitor corridor, International Drive and Lake Buena Vista, but it probes the ... (8/0) download
WinToHDD 2.1 -  a CD/DVD or USB drive. With this All-in ... Windows OS installation (Windows vista or later) to other ... space on your hard drive. 1024x768 graphic device (higher ... (119/0) download
Virtual Drive Creator 2.1.4 -  the path via the Drive and Folder Lists. Choose a drive letter from the "Available Virtual Drive Letters" list and Click ... to create the Virtual Drive, or Double Click the ... to create the Virtual Drive. It's just as easy to remove a Virtual Drive, Double Click the letter ... (138/0) download
50.000 Vista Icons - Full Vista Bundle 1.0 -  000 windows vista icons. You will find ... a full range of vista icons designed to play with original Windows Vista colors and shapes. Their ... (1937/0) download
Bandwidth Vista 1 -  Bandwidth Vista is a modern bandwidth ... your bandwidth speed, Bandwidth Vista is the only bandwidth ... you will need. Bandwidth Vista meters all your connected ... (207/0) download