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Instant File Name Search 1.7.5 -  Instant File Name Search is a free ... files and folders by name, part of name or wildcards (*.txt ... DVD #1 etc. Instant File Name Search is an easy ... (34/0) download

Copy File Name 2.0 -  Copy File Name 2.0 is a ... show information regarding any file on your computer that ... full path, The regular file name, The DOS version of ... (5/0) download
File Name Replacement Utility 1.0 -  The File Name Replacement Utility works in ... replace characters in the file names with other characters.File renaming utilities are available ... to have the same name with sequential numbers. You ... (5/0) download
Filex (File Extension Database) -  Filex (File Extension Database) consists of file name extension-related information in ... a Windows HTML Help file. Filex features 3,600 ... (2959/0) download
VX Search 9.8.14 -  an automated, rule-based file search solution capable of searching files by the file type, category, extension, file name, location, size, creation, modification ... last access dates, user, file attributes, JPEG EXIF tags ... provides multiple types of file matching rules, user-defined file search profiles and customizable ... (279/1) download
Mihov EXIF Renamer 3.0 -  puts into the image file name. If this info is ... images) it can take file creation time. Option to ... is added to the file name. This way the photos ... (30/0) download
Ricks Free HTML Indexer 1.0 -  You choose titles and file name. I used CSS and ... do. Using the ini file you can choose your own title name and file name for the index created ... (14/0) download
Treeflator 1.0 -  directory structures, ciphering the file name - and creating an allocation ... ... (4/0) download

Toricxs MP3/WMA/WAV Renamer 1.4 -  clean up the appearance (file name/tag) of your wma ... ... (0/0) download
Lammer Context Menu 1.0 -  copy path (full path, file name, file Url, UNC path), explore ... (5/0) download
ADS Viewer 5.0 -  In NTFS file system more than one ... be associated with single file name. Plus, those storages, called ... So, for example, if file has 2 bytes in ... (15/0) download
Check5 3.0 -  FREE SOFTWARE that automates file monitoring and provides utilities for batch file name and attribute alterations. You ... (4/0) download
MP3 AddIn 1.1 -  header and changes the file name of the MP3 file and makes PowerPoint &ldquo ... dealing with a WAV file. With our MP3 Addin ... (4/0) download
Crisol Mind Test Player 1.0 -  you get the exam file sent by your teacher ... ask for the exam file name, load it, and you ... (7/0) download
MidiPlayer 8.2 -  Repair Files - Display and Edit File data - Processing Many Files ... (196/1) download
CPSSalesForm 1.0.1 -  - Ability to save your order by date or rename and create a unique file name. (1/0) download
RenbanGazo 1.3.1 -  image with a consecutive file name. * Input URL 1 ... (4/0) download
MiRuYo 3.4.2 -  You can playback the file name order. (The image can ... (2/0) download
File Information (F-Info) v4.00.0111 -  information concerning the selected file in a sub-menu. File information includes the file name, path, size, creation date ... (28/0) download
FileList 2.2 -  The list includes the file name, size, path, last access ... (13/0) download
Kuriuz File Finder 1.0.0 -  files for you by file name, text inside the files ... or date modified.Kuriuz File Finder scans your hard drive searching for the file you want. It is ... (0/0) download
Widget Print Directory (freeware) v3.1 -  detailed information about every file in a selected directory ... include such details as file name, time created, last time accessed, and file size. Widget Print Directory ... ... (80/0) download
PDFArea HTML to PDF Converter Free 2.20 -  designed to convert HTML file or URL to PDF document. Just specify the file name or a URL, HTML ... to use. Converts HTML file or URL. Enable or ... (4/0) download
Limagito FileMover Lite -  You can set file and directory filters based on the file name, date and size. Also ... directories based on the file name or date and check if the file already exists. The file-mover can move files ... for a variety of file management tasks as well as file backups. Limagito runs in ... (3/0) download
Agent DTTrojan Removal Tool 1.0 -  DT Trojan copies its file(s) to your hard disk. Its typical file name is ztt.exe. Then ... new startup key with name Agent DT Trojan and ... your processes list with name ztt.exe or Agent ... (31/0) download