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Apple Telugu Keyboard Layout 1.0 -  Apple layout is the second most famous layout on non-Unicode Telugu generation applications. Using the MSKLC,it was created Telugu Apple Keyboard Layout program for Windows. By ... can type in Unicode Telugu wherever you can type ... (555/0) download

German Sorbian Keyboard Layout for Mac OS 1.0 -  Additional Mac OS X keyboard layout file used with a German keyboard, named “Deutsch Sorbisch” ... X with a German keyboard layout, but need to type ... text, then use this Keyboard Layout. The keyboard layout follows basically the proposal ... (16/0) download
Russian Transliterated Keyboard Layout for Mac OS 1.0 -  This keyboard layout for OS X lets ... (11/0) download
Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator 1.3.4073 -  Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator allows users to create or modify keyboard layouts. It extends the ... users to Create new keyboard layouts from scratch; (740/0) download
LangOver 5.8.0 -  That's because the keyboard layout was in a wrong ... (547/5) download
Urdu Phonetic Keyboard Layout 1.1 -  Urdu Phonetic Keyboard Layout is a keyboard layout that was especially designed ... parts of India. The keyboard layout is compatible with Unicode ... After installing Urdu Phonetic Keyboard Layout, you are allowed to easily change the keyboard layout using the Language bar ... (71/0) download
Southern Sudanese Unicode keyboard layout 2.1 -  The Southern Sudanese keyboard layout is designed to use with Tavultesoft Keyman. The keyboard layout currently supports Nuer and ... added. The Southern Sudanese keyboard layout uses deadkey combinations to ... ... (2/0) download
Keyboard Layout Loader 2.9Keyboard Layout Loader program allows you ... install a third-party layout . For example, if you ... on your standard US keyboard, you can download US layout with Euro from this ... (7/0) download

Rupee Foradian Keyboard Layout 1.0 -  Rupee Foradian Keyboard Layout - Type the Indian Rupee Symbol without changing your keyboard while sticking to Unicode ... and reliable Rupee Foradian Keyboard Layout and 4 new fonts ... (23/0) download
Mouse Satellite -  Clocks, Keyboard layout and CapsLock indicator near ... different settings for different keyboard layouts. For every keyboard layouts you can choose ... (10/0) download
KbdKaz 500 US 1.4 -  KbdKaz 500 keyboard layout lets you easily enter ... are inaccesible in normal keyboard layouts. The idea is to use standard keyboard with US layout labels. Integrates with system keyboard input method. During installation you can choose QWERTY/QWERTZ/AZERTY layout, decimal symbol on numeric keyboard and 102 key assignement ... NOT an additional program, ... (5/0) download
xkbind 2005.01.04 -  X Keyboard Extension Indicator is a ... but useful indicator of keyboard layout (XKB group) for the ... outputs information about current keyboard layout attached to each top ... (0/0) download
Canadian Keyboard Layout 1.1 -  US keyboard map w/Canadian flag instead of US flag. Canadian Keyboard Layout is a US keyboard map showing the Canadian ... (60/0) download
IPA (UK layout) 1.0 -  This is a Windows keyboard layout for typing all the ... (2/0) download
Sarwara Phonetic Keyboard 1.0 -  this as alternate Punjabi Keyboard layout on your windows PC ... to English(US) qwerty keyboard. For Pairian bindi on ... (4/0) download
Dzongkha Keyboard 1.0 -  The Dzongkha Keyboard layout was designed and approved ... Project. Once installed, the keyboard must be assigned to ... must assingn the Dzongkha keyboard to another language. (1/0) download
Baishakhi Inscript Layout 2.0 -  is a touch-typing keyboard layout scheme for inputting Indic ... Baishakhi Inscript maintains the layout with the additional feature ... 0 compatible. The Inscript layout contains characters required for ... (104/0) download
Ukelele 1.0.5 -  Unicode keyboard layout editor. Unicode keyboard layout editor for the XML-format keyboard layout files in OS X ... graphical interface to the layout files with support for ... (1409/0) download
X11 Launcher 1.0 -  Select desired keyboard layout for Apple X11. X11 ... me with a foreign keyboard who want to use ... allows selecting the desired keyboard layout for X11, as well ... (182/0) download
SetKbd 1.1 -  for arbitrary change of keyboard layout. Does your Mac arbitrarily change the keyboard layout at startup so that ... system to set the keyboard layout it prefers (but you ... digging, and reordering. The keyboard layout will be the one ... (55/0) download
oChePyaTka 1.0 -  message using a wrong keyboard layout?Have found a document ... convert text between different keyboard layouts within a second! ... fragment and press appropriate keyboard shortcut - the program will ... (6/0) download
Character Board 1.0 -  in any font in keyboard layout and rest as list ... (79/0) download
Gujarati Phonetic 1.0 -  Gujarati Phonetic keyboard layout makes it easier to ... Gujarati on an English keyboard. Some fonts are freely ... (172/0) download
Marathi Phonetic by Makarand Gadre 2.0 -  Makarand Gadre’s keyboard layout is an operating system level keyboard mapping so there is ... physical key on the keyboard has a key number ... (7/0) download
IPA Unicode (ver 1.2 US) MSK 1.2 -  the US or UK keyboard layout. Download and unzip the ... Installation instructions and the keyboard layout are available in the ... IPA (Custom) 1.0 keyboard you must follow the ... (2/0) download