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Text-to-Speech SDK for Mac OS 3.5 -  helping software developers add text-to-speech functionality to their applications.Digital Future Text-to-Speech SDK is the only ... of the conversion of text data into speech.Digital Future Text-to-Speech SDK for Windows, Mac ... 6 (all officially supported)- Speech synthesis and control through ... (10/0) download

Ultra Hal Text-to-Speech Reader 1.0.5 -  Ultra Hal Text-to-Speech Reader is a handy ... reading because hearing your text out loud helps you ... out loud.Ultra Hal Text-to-Speech reader is also able ... (27/0) download
Text To Speech WAV 1.0Text To Speech WAV is a handy ... utility designed to speak text. The Text To Speech WAV is a program ... easily to convert any text to the WAV audio files. With Text To Speech WAV you can: set ... (11/0) download
Text To Speech Phone 1.0Text To Speech Phone is a handy ... utility designed to speak text. The Text To Speech Phone is a simple ... that can send any text to the phone call using the text to speech. In order to do it just write the text in the main form of the Text To Speech Phone, set the line ... (4/0) download
Ampare Speech To Amaar and Martin -  Ampare Speech To Amaar and Martin ... make your life easier: text to speech, auto typer, mouse recorder, sound recorder, text flipper, calculator etc. (33/0) download
Free Natural Text to Speech Reader 6.0 -  free and fully functional text-to-speech software with Microsoft Voices ... free and fully functional text-to-speech software with Microsoft Voices ... software is a professional text to speech program that converts any text into spoken words. It lets you listen to text instead of reading on ... (440/0) download
RoboBlather 1.2 -  RoboBlather is a free text-to-speech application written using .NET 3.0. Rendered speech can be saved to ... both talking speed and speech synthesis voice are user ... (126/4) download
Talking Clipboard -  Talking Clipboard is a text to speech software for Windows&reg ... can start reading selected text from any other application ... tesseract). You can convert text documents to WAV or ... (12/0) download

Omilo 0.0.4 -  to offer you a text to speech software. All that you ... type or paste the text that interests you, press ... (3/0) download
Portable Balabolka -  Balabolka is a Text-To-Speech utility that allows you ... listen to the written text. All computer voices installed ... Balabolka. The on-screen text can be saved as ... (1/0) download
DSpeech 1.56.3 -  DSpeech is a TTS (Text To Speech) program with ASR functionality (Automatic Speech Recognition) integrated. It is ... read aloud the written text and choose the sentences ... you want use the Speech Recognition features, you must ... (6/0) download
NHMTTS SAPI5 3.0 -  SAPI5-compliant Vietnamese text to speech engine Feature supports: - Synthesize Vietnamese speech with natural voices whose ... interface. - Work with Vietnamese text in Unicode format. - Allow manipulating speech rate and volume on ... Voice (Female)". - Highlight text and mimic mouth shape ... (6/0) download
Text2Speech -  Text2Speech is Text to Speech Synthesis application that converts text into immediate speech. Simply put this software will read text to you. Its features ... (2/0) download
Free Natural Voice Text to Speech Reader 10.0 -  NaturalReader is a Text to Speech software with natural sounding ... can convert any written text such as MS Word ... also convert any written text into audio files such ... (5/0) download
Morz Text to Speech Alpha 0.1 beta -  Morz Text to Speech is a free text to speech converter with easy and ... everybody to deal with text. It offers female voices ... (2/0) download
ReadPlease 2002 1.10 -  ReadPlease is a text-to-speech application designed to give ... it can read any text to you, from Web ... pages, e-mail and text files read aloud to you. ReadPlease converts text into surprisingly natural voices ... (1/0) download
TTS Alarm free (Text-to-speech) 1.0 -  alarms with recorded or text-to-speech voices. How can we ... repeat interval). - Recorded or text to speech voices are saved as ... timer - Voice recording or text-to-speech alarms (42 languages) - Snooze ... (4/0) download
Scrybe: Text To Speech Voice Reader Synthesizer 1.2 -  gives you high quality text to speech translation in over 30 ... pitch and speed of speech, for your own unique ... (2/0) download
Agenda With Text To Speech Lite 1.0 -  Agenda with TEXT TO SPEECH is the app you've ... (16/0) download
TxtReaderXpress Basic -  designed to convert any text to audio. Supports RichText, Text.The powerful and versatile text-to-speech software for Windows users ... (3/0) download
Spesoft Text To MP3 Speaker 2.2 -  Spesoft Text To MP3 Speaker uses "Text to Speech" technology and can convert text into a MP3/OGG/WAV audio ... solution to convert any text file or cut and pasted text to an audio file ... (4/0) download
KH-TextSpeech Express 1.3.3973Text to speech tools to convert in ... (3/0) download
SmartRead 0.75 -  SmartRead can translate text to speech (TTS technology ) to read ... use, needn't have any speech knowledge , check the article for you, read long text, have very obvious advantages ... when input character or text. 4, Upgrade update function ... (283/0) download
DEMOSTHeNES Speech Composer 1.2 -  DEMOSTHeNES Speech Composer is a general ... multilingual and polyglot software text-to-speech (TtS) system that supports ... intelligible and human-like speech from a wide variety of e-text sources. Its open and ... (5/0) download
Alien Speech 1.0 -  Alien Speech is a free and simple text-to-speech software tool that uses ... system to read aloud text files or text passages you type in ... a notepad with additional text-to-speech functionality. Actually, notepads offer ... (31/0) download