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Team BSI 1.5 -  a contractor for home energy services through the Dr. Energy Saver network, and basement, foundation, and crawlspace repair services through the Basement Systems networks. Dr. Energy Saver: - These contractors perform ... heater installation, and home energy audits. Basement Systems: - These ... (2/0) download

Field for iPad 3.1.4 -  iPad is a commercial energy auditing application designed for building engineers and energy services professionals. It accelerates energy auditing through a graphical ... building assets that affect energy use and occupant comfort ... every detail of the energy audit. Once data is ... (0/0) download
Hera BE '10 1.2 -  Hera Group is the multiutility leader for the italian market in environmental, water and energy services. (3/0) download
BTLExplorer 2.1 -  fully enumerate Bluetooth Low Energy Services and Characteristics. With BTLExplorer ... and quickly discover their services and characteristics. * Talk ... (1/0) download
Offshore Energy 2.1.101 -  Offshore Energy is the fastest growing ... showcase their products and services. Changes: - Updated Social Talk ... (2/0) download
IEA Key World Energy Statistics 2.0 -  The International Energy Agency (IEA) is known ... authoritative source for global energy statistics. The IEA publishes ... as through electronic data services. For the first time ... (2/0) download
Oppenheimer Research Library 1.3.2 -  sectors: Consumer & Business Services; Energy; Financial Services; Healthcare; Industrials; Technology, Telecom ... (0/0) download
Merck Enterprise Facility Management 1.0 -  and Control your Buildings Energy Usage in Real Time. Merck Enterprise Facility Services, powered by Ciright, collects ... reduce load and saved energy. Mercks Enterprise Facility Service ... application to achieve these energy conservation goals: 1. Gather facility energy usage, analyzing and organizing ... (2/0) download

Omnik View 1.1 -  portal of Omnik New Energy. It provides rich and ... to FAQ, Products to Services, Omnik View gives you ... (3/0) download
Campbell Oil and Gas Company 1.0 -  with all of the services that we have to ... receive push notifications with energy saving tips and calculate your own energy savings. Please share your ... the app Calculate your Energy Savings Stay up to ... (5/0) download
Mycellium 1.1.23 -  clients ranging from financial services to logistics and energy, mycellium transforms the way ... (2/0) download
U-Home HD 1.0 -  Pacific Controls Home Automation services are spread across a ... app you can get energy, system control and security ... (19/0) download
BLE Phone Finder 1.3 -  0 Low energy application for connect with ... Power and Battery Life services. Once the user excess ... (2/0) download
2X SecureRDP for Terminal Services 4.0 -  SecureRDP for Windows Terminal Services dramatically increases the security ... SecureRDP for Windows Terminal Services is an ideal tool ... are managing via Terminal services - Remote administration. 2X SecureRDP for Windows Terminal Services works with Windows 2000 or Windows 2003 Terminal Services and does not require ... (167/0) download
Vista Services Optimizer 2.2.385 -  Vista Services Optimizer (now become PC Services Optimizer) is an open ... to tweak your Windows services in an easy and ... software you use. Vista Services Optimizer does not require ... (45/0) download
Methane Energy New -  Methane Energy is a simple, accessible ... to create electricity.Methane Energy was developed with the ... (1/0) download
Alternative Energy - Save Money 1.0 -  Green Energy Alternatives - Learn how to ... ... (28/0) download
Energy Audit 1.0 Build 50Energy Audit is a small ... companion to Plug-in Energy Meters. This tool comes ... user to identify where energy is used, and therefore ... (6/0) download
Calculate Services for Mac OS 1.0 -  The included services can be used calculate ... be spoken out loud.Services can be invoked via the services menu, contextual menu or ... (13/0) download
Lock&UnlockItems Services for Mac OS 1.0 -  These services will be available in Finders Services menu and contextual menu ... ... (1/0) download
Microsoft Online Services Diagnostics and Logging Support Toolkit 2.2 -  stands for Microsoft Online Services Diagnostics and Logging Support ... with the Microsoft Online services. The tool collects system ... (2/0) download
Microsoft WCF RIA Services 1.0 SP2 4.1.60909.0 -  Microsoft WCF RIA Services was developed to be ... operations.Microsoft WCF RIA Services simplifies the traditional n ... and Silverlight platforms. RIA Services provides a pattern to ... (1/0) download
Services Execution Trace 0.0.2Services Execution Trace was developed ... (0/0) download
S-Energy Manager 2.0 -  The S-Energy Manager sidebar gadget displays energy consumption data from S-Energy electric meters. S-Energy electric meters are connected ... bus system to S-Energy Managers, an operator panel which shows captured energy data. Values are read ... ... (7/0) download
Energy Healing 1.0Energy healing is on the ... Here is a fun energy healing puzzle for you to solve, depicitng energy coming from the palm ... (10/0) download