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Clear Design Hearing Aids - Orange 2.0.0 -  The Clear Design Hearing Aids App is an easy ... app with Clear Design Hearing Aids on the go. - Deals/Coupons ... communication with Clear Design Hearing Aids including audio, text, and ... (3/0) download

New Rionet Selector 4.9 -  designed specifically for fitting hearing aids. Individual client data and hearing level data are managed ... (2/0) download
WinCHAP 3.0 -  your patients and their hearing aids as well as measurements ... your FONIX audiometer and/or hearing aid analyzer. WinCHAP will ... for paper records of hearing aid and audiometric tests ... (1/0) download
EXPRESSfit 6.0 -  program Sonic Innovations digital hearing aids. Features NOAH or Standalone ... to easily adjust the hearing aids for real world listening ... (1/0) download
Auditory Verbal -  silence) for individuals with hearing aids or cochlear implants. This ... or individuals who have hearing aids or cochlear implants. The ... (12/0) download
Wi Series 1.0.0 -  For years, hearing aids have provided benefit for people with hearing loss, but wearers often ... in everyday situations like hearing in noisy restaurants, as well as hearing televisions and radios. Just ... must be struggling with hearing loss. Now there is a hearing aid called Wi Series ... (5/0) download
Learn To Listen 1.4 -  through the use of hearing aids or cochlear implants, the ... therapist. For hard-of-hearing children, one of the ... (4/0) download
Sleeping Baby Hearing Test 1.0 -  The Sleeping Baby Hearing Test Home Hearing Screen (SBHT) is an ... a non-invasive, behavioral hearing screen at home to ... 6 months, for possible hearing loss. The SBHT app ... (0/0) download

Kikitori Hearing Aid Free Edition 1.4 -  your earphones like a Hearing aid. This application's name ... 4 features of "Kikitori Hearing Aid": (1) clear voice ... when you remove your hearing aids. Use magnetic induction loops, when you wear your hearing aids equipped with telecoils. Try ... (8/0) download
BioAid 1.0.0 -  BioAid is a research hearing aid designed by hearing scientists. It works by ... of the biology of hearing. To start using BioAid, you don't need a hearing test. Instead, you are ... to common types of hearing impairment. You also have ... (3/0) download
Hamilton Captel 1.7.1 -  individuals who have difficulty hearing over the telephone. With ... Headset that works with hearing aids or cochlear implants wired ... (2/0) download
Health Care and Medical Industry Market Researcher 4.6 -  joints)" "Production of hearing aids (excl. parts and accessories ... (4/0) download
Home Audiometer Hearing Test 2.02 -  The Home Audiometer Hearing Test turns your PC ... that can test your hearing at home through standard ... if there is a hearing problem or not and ... (6/0) download
Musical Examiner 2006.05 -  you test your musical hearing. Your task is to ... (24/0) download
Musical Examiner for DOS 2006.06 -  program tests your musical hearing. Your task is to ... (8/0) download
HealthEngage HIV / AIDS 3.0.1 -  HealthEngage HIV/AIDS has also been used effectively by cancer patients and others who face the same types of challenges as those with HIV and AIDS. (47/0) download
Hearing Range Checker 1.2Hearing range checker is a ... check your ability of hearing high pitch sound and ... 20Hz and 20.000Hz. Hearing Range Checker helps you ... (10/0) download
Absolute Hearing Training 1.0 -  Absolute Hearing Training will help you test out your hearing right from your computer ... ... (28/0) download
Simulaids 1.9.9 -  Simulaids is a freeware HIV/AIDS simulator. It allows the user to experiment with the effects of abstention, fidelity, multiple partners and condom use on the spread of HIV. Requirements: None (2/0) download
Hearing test #1 1.0 -  Test your hearing. When you are young ... to loud noise, your hearing can deteriorate. Not only ... ... (3/0) download
Hearing Check 1.0Hearing Check helps you measure hearing loss with a simple ... (3/0) download
Hearing Analyzer 1.3 -  The Sonence Hearing Analyzer is part of ... on how well your hearing is at different frequencies ... (6/0) download
Solfege - Hearing (level A) 1.3 -  a full-scale melody hearing collection of problems written ... (1/0) download
Ear and Hearing 1.3 -  the basic science of hearing to auditory electrophysiology to ... the psychological factors of hearing loss, Ear and Hearing covers all aspects of ... (6/0) download
Hiv & Aids Guide 1.0 -  Hiv & Aids Guide What is AIDS and who gets it? AIDS, also known as Acquired ... no known cure for AIDS, but research has progressed ... child. Anyone can get AIDS, but they so it ... (2/0) download