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TrayIconHider 2.5Tray Icon Hider is a software which can hide tray icon with a hotkey. Tray Icon Hider supports function of ... with two modes(Show,Hide): You can Show/Hide one or a group of tray icons by pressing the ... (1/0) download

Easy Window & System Tray Icons Hider 1.20 -  Easy Window & System Tray Icons Hider is a window hide tool that allows you to hide any window or hide all windows in the ... it to the system tray, you can also hide any system tray icon. Key Features: Hide any window or any system tray icons you want. Hide any window using a shortcut key. Hide itself when hiding all windows. Hide any or all ... (127/0) download
PSS System Tray Icon Con 1.1 -  simple to use System Tray Icon control PSS System Tray Icon ActiveX Control is a ... application to the System Tray. You can change the ... displayed in the system tray and a simple set ... (71/0) download
AutoLogonWindow 1.0.2 -  Password Manager in convenient Tray Icon application that automatically logs ... Windows 7. From a Tray Icon, pop up a menu ... (30/0) download
HideDragon 3.4 -  main function contains:quick hide windows,background applications,disguise ... at home. You can hide any windows on your ... windows will redisplay. The tray icon at the right bottom ... (13/0) download
SD WinHider 2.0 -  WinHider you may show, hide and manage any window or system tray icon apperance, control windows transperency ... to fit specific use, hide not required or rarely used tray icons. The software allows ... desktop; # Hide/restore system tray (shell notification area) icons ... (27/0) download
Hide Any Window 2.5Hide Any Window is easy to use hide windows software. Using Hide Any Window you can easily hide windows, hide programs and hide applications from desktop by ... programs you want to hide. If you need, you ... "Hide windows" list later. Hide Any Window is the ... (200/0) download
HideOE 1.1.1 -  tool, that creates a Tray Icon, and allows you to show and hide Outlook Express by double clicking the icon. It can also be set to automatically hide Outlook Express when you ... (39/0) download

Instant Sleep 1.21 -  the Instant Sleep system tray icon to immediately hide your display of the ... the Instant Sleep system tray icon, or right click on ... your keyboard to immediately hide your display of the ... (18/0) download
TraySaver (by Mike Lin) 2.6 -  Lin) is a System Tray management utility that lets ... any application from a Tray icon. TraySaver features the ability to hide or show any System Tray icon. It restores Tray icons normally lost after ... window to the System Tray by placing a simple ... (75/0) download
Tray Date 2Tray Date is a very ... date in an attractive tray icon. Tray Date's executive file is ... as a result of Tray Date starting when you ... (2/0) download
TrayTask 1.2Tray Task allows you to ... menu on the TrayTask tray icon. The application is then ... minimize to the windows tray. This is a great ... (0/0) download
FastFolder by BB 3.3.0 -  folders from the system tray. It provides an easy ... instances and change the tray icon for each one. This ... (78/0) download
System Tray Audio Card S 1.0 -  click on a system tray icon This program allows you ... click on a system tray icon. Simply click and select ... (62/0) download
Tray Widget Pro v4.0 -  from a handy System Tray icon. From a handy menu ... as ScanDisk are launched, Tray Widget detects them and ... (29/0) download
Wright Tiny Tray DOS Prompt v1.02 -  Wright Tiny Tray DOS Prompt creates a System Tray icon that gives you fast ... (63/0) download
Wright Tiny Tray Explorer v1.02 -  Wright Tiny Tray Explorer creates a System Tray icon which gives you fast ... (43/0) download
SetFSBTray 1.1 -  customizable FSB settings in tray icon: low, medium, high. - Support ... SetFSB.exe - logoff/shutdown/hibernate/restart from tray icon - You can toggle whether ... You can disable and hide the overclocking buttons and ... (0/0) download
TrayCal v1.0 -  runs as a System Tray icon with a popup menu ... your desktop as a tray icon with a right-mouse ... By double-clicking the icon, you view a calendar ... (31/0) download
My Reality Bar v3.2 -  provides a convenient System Tray icon for performing actions with ... accessed from a System Tray icon. From this menu, you ... (30/0) download
Attache Taskbar Tooltip 1.3 -  cursor on the system tray icon. You can select the ... (54/0) download
SysInfoMyWork 1.3Tray icon CPU and RAM load ... load, by using animated icon of taskbar notification area ... showing information in animated icon of taskbar notification area ... (43/0) download
Get Mail 2.3 -  and appears as a tray icon. Will periodically forward on ... (38/0) download
TraySaver (by Milori Software) v1.0 -  Software) provides a System Tray icon that automatically runs your ... (36/0) download
Quick Change v1.1 -  provides a Taskbar System Tray icon that quickly swaps your ... (27/0) download