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BeOS 5 Icons and Cursors v5.0 -  BeOS 5 Icons and Cursors is a collection of 75 icons and cursors displaying various computer related items. These icons were originally created for ... (52/0) download

Classic Menu Icons 2011.1 -  Classic Menu Icons is a unique icon ... includes over 500 unique icons and over 8000 of ... of popular themes: basic icons, messaging, hardware devices, medicine, buildings. All icons have a transparent background ... (12/0) download
Windows 7 Menu Icons 2011.1 -  Windows 7 Menu Icons is a unique icon ... includes over 1800 unique icons and over 9800 of ... networks, system tools. All icons have a transparent background ... (16/0) download
Accounting XAML Icons 1.0 -  Accounting XAML Icons contains over 163 vector accounting and financial xaml icons, banking icons, currency icons, legal icons, loan icons, market analysis icons, money icons, payment icons, safety icons, saving icons and much more! These Accounting XAML icons are compatible with both ... Accounting and Financial XAML icons for your Silverlight or ... (27/0) download
Icons-Land Vista Style Transport Icon Set 3.0 -  presentation depends on the icons and images used in ... very important that all icons used in the presentation ... more qualitative set of icons in transport industry as Icons-Land Vista Style Transport ... (4/0) download
Medical XAML Icons 1.0 -  Medical XAML Icons Collection contains over 277 high quality medical xaml icons doctor icons, medical icons, injury icons, healthcare icons, body organs icons and more! These Medical XAML icons are compatible with both ... WPF applications. Medical XAML icons gives you the ability to resize icons in your silverlight or ... and stunning medical XAML ... (11/0) download
Toolbar custom icons 1.0 -  Black and white toolbar icons set created by Gentleface custom icons and user interface design company. These program icons can be used for ... cursors and 236 application icons in black and white ... actions and other toolbar icons. The entire set totals 244 original software icons optimized for 16x16 pixel ... (3/0) download
IconsExtract 1.41 -  computer, and extract the icons and cursors stored in ... can save the extracted icons to ICO files (or ... (69/0) download

Farm Icons v1.0 -  Farm Icons is a collection of icons and animated cursors that ... ... (58/0) download
Standard XP And Vista Icon Edition 3.0 -  More than 2700 XP icons and vista icon designed ... More than 2700 XP icons and vista icon designed ... and websites. Number Of Icons: 1500 File format: .ICO ... (36/0) download
Easter Icons v2.0 -  Easter Icons is a set of icons and animated cursors with an Easter theme. Five icons and two animated cursors ... (45/0) download
Free Icon Tool 1.2.0 -  Icon Tool to extract icons and cursors stored as ... can save these extracted icons or image files as ... (26/0) download
Powerful Icon Editor 3.30 -  allows you to edit icons and customize the Windows ... can create and edit icons in either standard or ... fills. For Windows XP icons, you get to add ... (4/0) download
Hello Kitty Shelves & Icons 4.1 -  include backgrounds, icons and cute wallpapers, you ... (5/0) download
Pimp All Screens Pro - Cool Custom Wallpapers, App Shelves, Frames, & Icons 1.4 -  50 wallpapers, 180+ icons, and tons of app ... of wallpapers, skins, shelves, icons, and more coming in ... (2/0) download
Multi Timer - Run and save unlimited timers 1.1 -  with custom labels and icons and run unlimited instances ... choice of icon (12 icons) * Run unlimited timers ... ... (3/0) download
GestureMatic: Sketch and go! 1.2 -  you cut through the icons and lists to get ... among those four app icons at the bottom of ... (1/0) download
App Icons ++ 2.0 -  -Create icons and install them into ... Design your unique awesome Icons for the apps in ... Custom iOS 7-style icons and make your friends ... (7/0) download
CocoPPa - Japan Kawaii (cute) icons&homescreen 2.1.1 -  You can change icons and wallpapers, for FREE! ... and match your favorite icons and wallpaper to come ... contacts to make configuring icons a breeze! +..?*?+* ... (3/0) download
GJ Powerball 1.0 -  level, DOUBLE BATS , KILLER ICONS and a whole lot ... (41/0) download
IconMasterXP 4.6 -  popular image format into icons and vice versa, plus ... different image formats into icons and vice versa. These ... EMF, JPG, J2K, PNM. Icons can be converted into ... (22/0) download
A Fish Called Wanda Icon 3.5Icons from John Cleese's 1988 ... are 12 16-colour icons and a 16-color ... plus 29 256-color icons and a 256-color ... (173/0) download
Animation Icon ActiveX v1.00c -  Lets your application display icons, animated icons and cursors. With this ... ... (58/0) download
Iconic 7.12 -  Iconic converts images into icons and lets you apply ... easily turn images into icons, whilst also letting you ... (34/0) download
IconPilot 1.0 -  Edit and find icons and manage icon libraries ... edit, import and export icons and manage icon libraries ... you create and edit icons with image formats in ... (22/0) download