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Coffee Break PacMan 1.1.4 -  Small fun coffee break game similar to PacMan ... ... (60/0) download

Coffee Break Worm 1.1.2Coffee Break Worm is a freeware ... ... (25/0) download
Coffee Break Sudoku Free 1.0 -  advanced dig-hole algorithm, COFFEE BREAK SUDOKU generate an unlimited ... numbers 1 to 9. COFFEE BREAK SUDOKU is for fun ... a sense of achievement. COFFEE BREAK SUDOKU is for everyone! ... (3/0) download
Meeklits 1.0 -  play for a quick coffee break. Feeling competitive? Compete for ... play for a quick coffee break or for hours. Feeling ... (10/0) download
Cafe Doodle Iphone 1.0 -  a game for those coffee break moments. Help the stickman ... watch out for the coffee pots! Push the arrows ... coffee! Avoid the falling coffee pots! The game has ... (10/0) download
CafeChecker 1.01 -  Want to have a coffee break? Cafe Checker lets you search for coffee shops nearby. [Main Features] ... (8/0) download
Meeting Bingo 1.0 -  Voc anda driblando o sono em reunies onde sua presena no serve para nada e voc no v a hora do "coffee break" chegar para avanar nas migalhas de biscoitos com caf frio? Voc dorme durante as reunies de trabalho? Voc sente um tdio imenso durante as conferncias, seminrios e colquios? Seus problemas acabaram!!! Foi criado um mtodo eficaz para combater ... (2/0) download
Big Stretch Reminder 1.7 -  you when itís your coffee break! FEATURES: Set the ... above), popup or micro-break. Pick the level of ... (3/0) download

Woody Ball 1.0.9 -  Woody Ball during your coffee break or for an evening ... (19/0) download
Sea Battle 3.0 -  of solitaire game on coffee break, airplane, or cloudy evening ... (85/0) download
CycleMan 4.0 -  It makes a great coffee break diversion and is suitable ... It makes a great coffee break diversion and is completely ... (8/0) download
WildSnake Puzzle: Harvest Lines 1.10 -  Take your coffee break with this perfection of ... game modes. Take your coffee break with this perfection of ... (10/0) download
RoboRail for Mac OS 1.0 -  learning experience for your coffee break turns you Mac into ... (1/0) download
LiveSafer 1.2 -  your work without a coffee break. Try LiveSafer for free ... (2/0) download
The Butler Did It! 1.0 -  Main features: - A true coffee-break game: you play through ... (4/0) download
Java 7 Programming Language 4.2 -  The new Java 7 programming language for ... useful for learning the Java 7 programming language. Compilations ... using the application! ==================================== Java is a programming language ... (5/0) download
Ultimate CoffeEbook 2.0Coffee is an E-book ... awake reading this subject. Coffee lovers everywhere will love ... that the first cultivated coffee plant was from the ... (16/0) download
Brainwave Studio 1.5 -  Need a relaxing break from a busy day? ... relax Tension relief Lunch break relax After a busy ... Meditation: 7Hz Zen meditation Coffee break meditation Low-Alpha meditation ... (0/0) download
SurfOffline 2.2.0 -  downloaded and take a coffee break. In a few minutes ... (73/0) download
Fiber Tree 1.04 -  Tree] will make your coffee break a real hot one! (17/0) download
TimeTraces time management 1.1.12 -  when you had your coffee break, and when you finally ... (28/0) download
Desktop Macros 2.03 -  and a coffee break! When playing back ... (16/0) download
Jewel Zone 1.0 -  can finish during the coffee break. In this jewel matching ... (37/0) download
Soko Hunter 2.308 -  It's a good coffee break game for you and ... (0/0) download
video to dvd Maker -  during a very long coffee break) .When you have two ... (26/0) download