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Pirate Memory Audio Game 1.02 -  High Quality Hardware Accelerated 3D-Audio Game fully accessible for BLIND and VISUALLY IMPAIRED PLAYERS. Shiver me timbers! You don't look like one of those lilly livered land-lovers, so get ye prepared for meeting zippy PIRATES from the High Seas. Are you READY FOR new ADVENTURES? JOIN US! ADDICTIVE, SIMPLE and ORIGINAL, PIRATE MEMORY Audio GAME ... (28/0) download

Haunted Factory Audio Game 1.00 -  In the ?Haunted Factory? you play the role of a vivid worker in a mysterious factory. Your job is to put packets on an assembly line and group them according to a few specific rules. This work is pretty easy at the very beginning, but then you will have to show your good spatial memory, logic thinking and instant reaction. Your sharp mind would be ... (25/0) download
Rapid Environment Editor -  Rapid Environment Editor (RapidEE) is a freeware Windows environment variables editor. It includes ... box. Features: * Show environment variables and values as ... in variables * Backup environment variables to the registry ... (77/0) download
Easy Environment Variable Setter 2011.01.14 -  Easy Environment Variable Setter is, just ... to help you create Environment Variables.Once you've ... click Add These to Environment Variables button, and it ... (2/0) download
ELENA Integrated Development Environment 1.6.0 -  ELENA Integrated Development Environment is a general-purpose ... binding. ELENA Integrated Development Environment promotes more object-oriented ... samples. ELENA Integrated Development Environment is a simple to ... (3/0) download
Creative-C++ - Development Environment! 6.15 -  Compiler and Integrated Development Environment (IDE) For The Microsoft ... (8/0) download
MIPS Interactive Learning Environment PreAlpha -  MIPS Interactive Learning Environment or MILE is designed ... (1/0) download
Environment Variable Editor 3Environment Variable Editor is a ... enable you to edit environment variables from a GUI interface.Environment Variable Editor is a ... (0/0) download

Jade Integrated Development Environment 4.10 -  The Jade Integrated Development Environment is a straightforward development environment, which provides a GUI ... (8/0) download
Python Operating Environment 1.2.1 -  Visral Operating Environment for Python 1) The ... (52/0) download
Top Perl Studio 1.27 -  is an Integrated Development Environment for Perl, providing comprehensive ... (147/0) download
GIPALS - Linear Programming Environment 1.2.5 -  GIPALS is linear programming environment that incorporates large-scale ... (55/0) download
Top PHP Studio 1.62 -  is an Integrated Development Environment for PHP, providing comprehensive ... (53/0) download
Graphical OO Software Engineering Environment 1.09a -  Graphical OO Software Engineering Environment is a visual software ... (42/0) download
Domain Modeling Environment (DOME) v5.2.1 -  Domain Modeling Environment (DOME) is an extensible ... and software. Domain Modeling Environment (DOME) is a complete ... (127/0) download
PersonalJava Emulation Environment v3.0.2 -  PersonalJava Emulation Environment is a development environment for verifying that the ... in the PersonalJava application environment. It includes no tools ... (51/0) download
Virtual Environment v2.0 -  Virtual Environment is a set of ... (30/0) download
Perl Studio 2009 2.3.3 -  is an integrated development environment for Perl, providing comprehensive ... (69/0) download
UCL Depthmap 10.15.00r -  processes within the built environment. It works at a ... are released into the environment. Each software agent is ... open space in an environment. The axial map has ... (3/0) download
OpenRAVE 0.5.0 Rev 2952 -  OpenRAVE provides an environment for testing, developing, and ... (2/0) download
Ceedo Personal -  your own personal desktop environment with you on a ... (9/0) download
Perl Express 2.5 -  A free integrated development environment (IDE) for Perl with ... allows you to set environment variables used for running ... (6/0) download
TeXnicCenter 2.0 Alpha 3 -  easy-to-use integrated environment for creating LaTeX documents ... integration with the LaTeX environment helps you to concentrate ... (8/0) download
ExecAction 2.96 -  the user or machine environment. It is able to ... (1/0) download
UpdateEnv -  to update the shell environment similar to if you ... ... (10/0) download