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Sprint-Layout 5.0 -  With Sprint-Layout you can design your ... understandable structure of Sprint-Layout the usage is very ... your PCB-layouts. Sprint-Layout offers all needed functions ... (4/0) download

Sprint-Layout-Viewer 5.0 -  The Sprint-Layout-Viewer was developed to ... view and print Sprint-Layout-Files, without installation of the Sprint-Layout editor software. Sprint-Layout application allows you to ... understandable structure of Sprint-Layout the usage is very ... (3/0) download
German Sorbian Keyboard Layout for Mac OS 1.0 -  Mac OS X keyboard layout file used with a ... with a German keyboard layout, but need to type ... then use this Keyboard Layout. The keyboard layout follows basically the proposal ... (16/0) download
Russian Transliterated Keyboard Layout for Mac OS 1.0 -  This keyboard layout for OS X lets ... (11/0) download
Print Layout Designer 2.0 -  Print Layout Designer applies to dynamic ... operate. By using Print Layout Designer, users can fast ... business cards, labels, print layout or other typesetting works. What is unique, Print Layout Designer supports dynamic publishing ... (2/0) download
Website Layout Maker 3.75 -  and easily with Website Layout Maker. Just drag and ... provides three stages, Theme, Layout and Element. Theme stage ... various pre-made themes. Layout stage, set, resize and copy layout easily. Element stage, provide ... (1/0) download
Print Layout for Desktop Publishing 2.0 -  Print Layout for Desktop Publishing is ... business cards, labels, print layout or other typesetting works. Which was unique, Print Layout for Desktop Publishing supports ... attaching to database. Print Layout for Desktop Publishing is ... (6/0) download
Circular Layout 0.3 -  and a dual circle layout (titled "Dual Circle Layout"). Circular Layout The Circular Layout draws nodes in a ... circle size. Dual Circle Layout The Dual Circle Layout draws nodes on two ... circle. By default this layout prevents node overlap. It ... (10/0) download

Layout Designer 1.2Layout Designer is ?every day ... jobs and etc. With Layout Designer you can edit ... E-Mail. To support Layout Designer in actual state ... (61/0) download
Octagon Layout Calculator v1.0 -  Octagon Layout Calculator is a handy ... (83/0) download
12Ghosts Save Layout 98 v21.01 -  saves and restores the layout of your Desktop icons ... to restore your original layout, right-click and choose ... ability to transfer your layout between Windows NT, Windows ... (23/0) download
Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator 1.3.4073 -  Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator allows users to ... (740/0) download
LangOver 5.8.0 -  That's because the keyboard layout was in a wrong ... (676/4) download
VeeCAD 2.22 Release 0 -  Like a PCB layout program, VeeCAD takes a ... you to build a layout - but on stripboard (Veroboard ... (12/0) download
Graph3DGL 0.2 Alpha -  spring-based 3D graph layout tool written using the ... (4/0) download
Glass Cutting Suite 4.7.9 -  nesting software for sheet layout, cutting glass, sheet metal layout, cutting optimization. Glass Cutting ... Glass cutting, Sheet Metal layout and fabrication, Wood working ... your cutting job, the layout software requires just one ... (3/0) download
Cuttix 1.2.767.11023 -  2D sheet and panel layout optimization software with multi ... high speed nesting sheet layout algorithm. Cuttix provides both ... single project allowing for layout optimization to use all ... (3/0) download
OmniGraffle 5.3.6 -  process chart, quick page-layout, website mockup or graphic ... of your work. New Layout Engine The entirely new Graphviz-based layout engine built into OmniGraffle ... and more varied automatic layout types. BAİzier Lines Curves ... (3/0) download
Infine Keyboard Commander 1.1 -  Hate standard keyboard layout. Want your keyboard more ... to customize your keyboard layout, redefine any key to ... (8/1) download
Comfort Lang Switcher 3.0 -  control the language or layout when you are working ... Switch the language or layout for the recently typed ... Switch the language or layout for the selected characters ... (4/0) download
Database Deployment Manager 0.1e -  creating the initial database layout, and also features a ... (6/0) download
LDTEdit x64 3.0 -  designed for editing IC layout files. specifically designed to ... and hierarchy of the layout. FEATURES: · fast and ... ... (3/0) download
S&A - Traffic Jam Layout 1.0 -  Traffic Jam Layout is specifically developed by ... and many links. This Layout was originally developed to ... represents transactions. With this layout you can: -Separate theme ... (5/0) download
Urdu Phonetic Keyboard Layout 1.1 -  Urdu Phonetic Keyboard Layout is a keyboard layout that was especially designed ... of India. The keyboard layout is compatible with Unicode ... installing Urdu Phonetic Keyboard Layout, you are allowed to easily change the keyboard layout using the Language bar ... (71/0) download
Bangla - Jatiya Layout 1.0 -  to make a default layout for all Bangladeshi computer ... (13/0) download