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Multi Tables HD Lite 1.9 -  the tedious task of learning multiplication tables. This application is designed ... 2 and 3 times tables. "Senior" level users learn ... 11 and 12 times tables as well. To begin, select one or more tables to revise. Then choose ... (3/0) download

multiplication tables -  how easy and fun multiplication tables. The game features and ... version) 2 forms of learning or review game (full ... and understanding. LEVEL OF LEARNING This level of play ... (15/0) download
MultipliK12 1.0.0 -  an educational game for learning and practicing the multiplication tables. Put your kids' multiplication skills at test! MultipliK12 ... to a set of multiplication operations to gain access ... ... (101/0) download
Easy as 1-2-3 Multiplication Tables 1.2 -  as 1-2-3 Multiplication Tables facilitates the practice of multiplication within an imaginative environment utilized to stimulate learning. Easy as 1-2 ... testing or creating a multiplication game amongst friends. Changes ... (3/0) download
AppTutor MT - Multiplication Tables 1.1 -  AppTutor Appetizer - Introduction to Multiplication Tables. This app actually TEACHES ... iPod Touch - Introduction to Multiplication Tables Overview This app teaches the basics of multiplication and arrays using common ... skills, move to the Multiplication Tables Try module which creatively ... (7/0) download
Smart Kid - Learning Multiplication 1.7 -  Smart Kid - Learning Multiplication helps your child learn ... It creates a positive learning experience and mental record ... (0/0) download
Dingo Bingo Multiplication Tables 1.0 -  and reliable knowledge of multiplication tables is an essential cornerstone ... ability. The Dingo Bingo Multiplication Tables game is a pleasant ... develop knowledge of times tables or as a remedial ... (5/0) download
Multiplication Tables HD - A Montessori Approach to Math 1.0Multiplication Tables help children with the ... Children can practice individual multiplication sets, such as 5x1 ... of reinforcing the basic multiplication quantities and is used ... (0/0) download

TimesTest 2.6 -  The interface makes learning multiplication tables a game, which makes ... students. The interface makes learning multiplication tables a game, which makes ... ... (21/0) download
Multiplication Game 1.1 -  Learn multiplication tables using this game Multiplication game is a small game for kids for learning and revising mathematics multiplication tables. Game can be run ... (60/0) download
Learn Times Tables for Kids 1.3Learning times tables can be fun! With kids multiplication tables app you will learn multiplication tables from one to ten ... your kids know the multiplication tables better than you do!? ... (6/0) download
Math Times Tables 1.0 -  Math Times Tables helps your child practice and learn the multiplication tables from 1-10. There is no secret to learning your times tables - practice is the key! Math Times Tables offers two game modes ... can choose between a multiplication table from 1-10 ... (4/0) download
Multiplication Table Memorizer 1.0Learning the multiplication tables is very important. Knowing the tables well facilitates the learning of basic division facts, long division, multidigit multiplication, factoring, and most fraction ... the best method of learning the multiplication facts (multiplication table, times table). It's more multiplication tables drill tool for memorization ... (3/0) download
Visual Multiplication Table 2.0 -  Explore and learn the multiplication table in a visual ... any kid who is learning their multiplication tables". Four different ways to study the multiplication table: - Table: Explore the multiplication tables. - Groups: See the multiplications ... Scramble and solve the multiplication table. Highlighted by Apple ... (10/0) download
MathMatic Junior Edition 2.2 -  is a program for learning and drilling multiplication tables 1 through 12. It ... is a program for learning and drilling multiplication tables 1 through 12. It ... between Mental and Written learning modes and use the ... (34/0) download
Matt's Multiplier 1.1.27 -  Fun way to learn multiplication tables Kids have fun learning their multiplication tables. This program allows multiple users to practice tables and then take timed ... on selected or random multiplication tables. Last scores and high ... (151/0) download
Mathrace 2.1 -  school children, who are learning arithmetic. Thanks to it ... mental calculation, especially the multiplication tables. Its presentation in the ... (6/0) download
9x9 Attack 1.0.1 -  which assists kids in learning multiplication with playing fun game. With answering multiplication, defeat the animal and ... It is times tables! Multiplication is their weakness! So ... to 9x9 from times tables. The table you selected ... (1/0) download
Mult Mania for iPad 1.44 -  kids to learn the multiplication tables while having fun. Multiplication Mania was created by ... being engaged in a learning activity. Students ride a ... through hazards while answering multiplication questions. Each multiplication table is incorporated in ... (3/0) download
Times Table Fun Lite 1.4.0 -  most children don't enjoy learning their multiplication tables. 'Times Table Fun' sets ... change that by presenting multiplication as a series of ... app aims to make learning your tables something that children will ... (2/0) download
Master the Facts Multiplication for Mac OS X 5.2 -  Master the Facts Multiplication is the #1 no ... to aide students in learning multiplication facts. This program was ... their classrooms to teach multiplication. It is currently used ... (3/0) download
Multiplication Table v1.5Multiplication Table determines the amount ... child to complete their multiplication tables. This program is designed ... your child learn the multiplication tables. Your child is timed ... (176/0) download
Multimedia Time Tables Tutor v1.0 -  Multimedia Time Tables Tutor helps children learn the multiplication tables. The program features a ... vocalizes questions from the multiplication tables (it also works on ... of questions from random tables. You can manually set ... (109/0) download
Multiplication Master 1.1 -  Free multiplication tables practice software. Fast, simple ... to use. For budding multiplicatio ... (70/0) download
Master The Facts Multiplication X -  Master The Facts Multiplication is a no-nonsense ... ... (37/0) download