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Lock Now 1.0.3Lock Folder is a userful and ... setting for the software . Lock Folder is suppurt Windows xp/Windows ... to encrypt the system folder . With Lock Folder , You don't worry other ... (17/0) download

Lock Folder Lock File! 1.4 -  Using Lock Folder Lock File! gives you a ... security, allowing you to lock access to specific files ... up the security options. Lock Folder Lock File! supports FAT, FAT32 ... (25/0) download
Wondershare SafeLock 1.0.0 -  designed to encrypt file, lock folder stored on PC hard ... Algorithms: Encrypt file and lock folder using the best and ... file, and an entire folder. Flexible to set encryption ... (24/0) download
ComeiTool 2.1 -  perform the following functions: folder lock, folder synchronization, IP scanner and flash drive lock. Folder lock is used to lock and unlock folder in your PC using a password. Folder synchronization is used to ... network. And Flash drive lock is to enable or ... (5/0) download
Folder Armor -  How easy is Folder Armor? This easy: just locate the folder you want to secure ... disable the option "Integrate Folder Armor into shell" when ... software, you can access Folder Armor from the standard folder context menu, which appears ... (2/0) download
File Folder Password Protect 1.5 -  protect your files and folder with a single click ... mouse. Now files and folder password protection made simple by Estelar A Lock Folder software. Now users can ... on shared computer. Estelar Lock a Folder utility is useful tool ... (6/0) download
BitSec Personal File Secure Box 2.5 -  Secure Folder ® -The Best Folder Security software! The safest and most convenient Secure Folder supports Folder lock, Folder Encrypt and Folder Hide functions. No worry ... (3/0) download
SuperEncryptor -  Encrypt to EXE, Hide Folder, Password-Protect Folder, Lock Folder, Hide Partitions, Add Items ... folders. With password, the folder can be used without ... SuperEncryptor. Double-click the folder, and a password input ... (105/0) download

Lock a Folder 1.5 -  Estelar Lock a Folder is a lightweight and ... you can use to lock a folder, file and other computer ... to use tool to lock a folder or file. It Is ... (11/0) download
Folder Lock Unlock 1.5 -  Download Folder Lock Unlock tool and lock and unlock Windows folder easily. By using our Folder lock unlock security software you ... from others. Download Now Folder Lock Unlock Freeware version to Lock Windows folder from getting accessed by ... unlock folders using this Folder Lock Unlock security. With Folder Lock Unlock, You can protect Windows ... (44/0) download
Protect Folder 98 3.0.1 -  Protect Folder 98 is a new ... tool that lets you lock your files and folders ... Here is how Protect Folder 98 works - all you ... (8/0) download
Calf Folder Encryption 2.0 -  Calf Folder Encryption can help you lock, hide or encrypt important ... (11/0) download
Silfox Locker 3.70 -  will be able to lock a folder on your flashdisk and ... put it on any folder on your flashdisk. Also, it will make a folder named "Locker" in ... (2/0) download
Folder Castle 4.1Folder Castle protects your data ... of protection: you can lock away files and folders ... Whether you choose to lock away or put files ... (68/0) download
Gili File Lock 3.2.1 -  Gili File Lock is designed for protecting your sensitive files, folder and drives on your ... users and programs. 2 Lock File/Folder/Disk : The locked files/folders/drives ... folders in a locked folder are also protected. 3 ... (144/0) download
GiliSoft File Lock Pro 6.0 -  GiliSoft File Lock Pro - Protect or encrypt ... Hide Data : GiliSoft File Lock Pro can hide your ... to users and programs. Lock Data : The locked files/folders/drives ... (15/0) download
Gili File Lock Pro 4.1.2 -  Gili File Lock Pro - Protect or encrypt ... Hide Data :Gili File Lock Pro can hide your ... to users and programs. Lock Data :The locked files/folders/drives ... (11/0) download
Best Folder Encryptor 16.50 -  DoGoodSoft Best Folder Encryptor is a professional and mature file and folder encryption package. It encrypts files and folder with super fast, strong ... methods when encrypting a folder. Flash Encryption instantly encrypts a folder on a local or ... Encryption instantly encrypts a folder as fast but also ... (5/0) download
Folder password lock 5.0Folder Password can be very simple to complete folder password protection.Folder Password is a portable ... (4/0) download
Best Secret Folder 1.1 -  Notice Your Best Secret Folder Icon On Your iPhone/iPod ... videos/photos with Best Secret Folder. Simply add the video ... Two Most Advance Security Lock Technique Password Lock Pattern Lock Log of successful logins ... (3/0) download
Free Folder Lock -  Free Folder Lock is a data security ... security for USB drives. Folder Lock Free is an Anti ... Solution that lets you lock files, folders and drives ... (291/1) download
Minos Lock 1.62 -  Minos Lock is a highly performed ... you login the ABC Lock program. Protected files are ... (806/0) download
Sofonica Folder Soldier Free 1.3 -  Sofonica Folder Soldier Free is the ... password is set, Sofonica Folder Soldier Free will be ... (4/0) download
ABC Lock 1.6 -  ABC Lock is a highly performed ... you login the ABC Lock program . Protected files are ... (55/0) download
Instant LOCK Hide n Guard, Files n Folders 3.0.1 -  security software, totally protect, lock and hide all your ... disk or deleting a folder or process will not ... this UNLIKE ALL OTHER FOLDER LOCK, GUARD, SHIELD programs. Your ... (8/0) download