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DioneSS Playlist Editor v1.3 -  Simple and fast M3U Playlist Editor, Renamer Fast and lite M3U playlist editor with a handful of ... removed, reordered, renamed, etc. Playlist can be imported, merged ... features a basic Id3Tag editor and the id3tag of ... (46/0) download

m3uEdit2 2.2 -  m3uEdit is an m3u playlist creator/editor. You can drag ... the end of the playlist. It accepts any filetype ... files from a single playlist. m3u files can be opened ... (12/0) download
M3U+ Playlist Writer v1.7 -  M3U+ Playlist Writer is both a playlist and an ID3 tag editor that is an ideal ... users. The program supports M3U, Extended-M3U, and PLS playlist formats, includes drag-and ... (103/0) download
Media Center Playlist Editor 1.0 -  The Media Center Playlist Editor PowerToy for Windows XP ... (3/0) download
ZPL Converter -  Zune Playlist Converter will take any Zune playlist and convert it to either an m3u playlist or pls playlist that works in Winamp ... (7/0) download
Tag&M3U 1 -  ID3 tagging and m3u playlist managing utility Allows you ... or make your own M3U playlist with the music files ... create,edit and manage M3U playlist according to your preferences ... (38/0) download
Audioactive Player (32-bit) v2.06c beta -  audio file player and playlist editor that supports the MP3 ... comes with an integrated playlist editor. It can open audio ... disk, and it supports M3U playlists. Other features include ... (99/0) download
FLVPlayer4Free Free FLV Player -  Save frame as JPG, Playlist editor, Multi language: easily create/turn ... (310/1) download

MediaSync 1.11 -  Desktop playlist editor and synchronization for WMP Pocket PC A desktop playlist editor and synchronization software for ... (27/0) download
PIPL 2.50 D -  quick MP3 player and playlist editor, it also has built ... (12/0) download
WinM3uPlayer 1.0 -  easely a full of M3U playlist files. Main features: - Automaticaly searching M3U playlist on hard drive - Research ... list - Randoms playing of M3U playlist (infinite mode). - Randoms playing of tracks inside M3U playlist (infinite mode). - Creat M3U playlist with MP3 media files ... systray - Change the extension playlist, the path of research (2/0) download
Waft 1.3.8m3u playlist files via iTunes File ... (4/0) download
Music Tag Editor 1.61 -  Music Tag Editor is a simple-to ... and erroneous. Music Tag Editor allows you to change ... music files, Music Tag Editor can get the job ... (28/0) download
Tag and M3U 1.6(Build655 -  Tag and M3U allows you to easily ... multiple files or manage playlist automatically.Write tag by ... by tag or make m3u playlist. Many options, multi-language ... (24/0) download
Genre Playlist Builder 1 -  The Genre Playlist Builder is a quick ... you generate genre-based m3u playlists from your music collection. The m3u playlist format is recognized by ... listen to. The Genre Playlist Builder solves that problem ... (3/0) download
Mp3 Tag Assistant Professional 2.93 -  * Playlist operations (create, open, change, save). Quickly create PLS/M3U playlist from folder. * Copy/Move ... XML filelists and PLS, M3U playlists. * Add commentsand ... (79/0) download
Zuma Personal Edition 3.33 -  and Magic Sliders, Powerful Playlist Editor, Interactive Performance Recording, Video ... Auto Scene Timer, Power Editor, WinAmp and Line-In ... (212/0) download
CoolPlayer 217 -  Simple User Interface -Advanced Playlist editor -Internet streaming -ID3 Multitagger ... (78/0) download
MP3 Auto Player v1.0 -  MP3 player, load an M3U playlist, and initiate playing. The ... simple. First create a playlist called "playlist.m3u"\; in the root ... (52/0) download
Acez Jukebox v1.0 -  files, and features a playlist editor, a cool interface, a ... (115/0) download
Mp3 2000 Studio v2.1 -  equalizer, an ID3-Tag editor, and a playlist editor. It can decode MP3 ... (48/0) download
Art Player 3.2 -  It features a playlist editor, ID3 multitagger, eight-band ... want. It features a playlist editor, ID3 multitagger, eight-band ... (76/0) download
Total Player 2.5 -  It has a playlist editor, ID3 multi-tagger, eight ... want. It has a playlist editor, ID3 multi-tagger, eight ... (36/0) download
Tuniac 1.0 B120214 -  Advanced playlist editor, search as you type ... (2/0) download
Tuniac 1.0 B130122b 1.0 -  Advanced playlist editor, search as you type ... shuffle and for ML playlist TE add MMShellHook_Plugin.dll ... (4/0) download