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Trilent Mail Proxy 1.8 -  This firewall-friendly mail (SMTP/POP3) proxy enables small network users ... the need for dedicated mail servers. This is an application-level proxy. It enhances network security by enforcing mail protocol rules and offering ... logging. Once configured, the proxy works unobtrusively in the ... (40/0) download

X-Ray Mail Assistant Beta -  X-Ray Mail Assistant is an email ... your incoming and/or outgoing mail for user specified mail headers. Once it finds ... (125/0) download
.NET Mail Components 1.5 -  you to quickly send mail messages using SfbSmtp with ... and receive Plain Text/Html mail messages through Smtp server ... you can easily manage mail message on a remote ... (31/0) download
CC Proxy 7.3 Build 20121Proxy Server CCProxy is easy ... you build your own proxy server and share Internet ... efficiently and easily. CC Proxy Server can act as an HTTP, mail, FTP, SOCKS, news and telnet proxy server. It features powerful ... (14/0) download
OLfax 1.8 -  to-Fax; Fax-to-mail Gateway for MS Outlook ... without having a separate mail proxy. If a mail proxy or Exchange Server already ... a client of that mail proxy. OLfax integrates easy into ... (18/0) download
Nginx 1.1.12Mail proxy server features User redirection ... (4/0) download
Eserv Mail, News, Web, FTP and Proxy Servers v2.92 -  Eserv Mail, News, Web, FTP and Proxy Servers is a proxy server with built-in e-mail, news and Web servers ... the Internet by providing proxy servers for FTP, HTTPS ... to interface your LAN mail system with Internet mail, and for users to ... (111/0) download
Send Mail Expert 1.3.2 -  Send Mail Expert have supper randomize ... emails, Subjects, Reply to, Proxy,IP address, Email Header ... all the filters (Junk Mail Filter, Block List...) and ... (0/0) download

Proxy Workbench 1.2Proxy Workbench is a unique proxy server ideal for developers ... flowing between your e-mail client and the e-mail server, web browser and ... (644/0) download
Dewqs' SpamProx 2.9 -  Spam Proxy : seamless interface between your email client and your mail server [Outlook Express version] ... (11/0) download
Courier Mail Server 2.05 -  Courier Mail Server is a e-mail server. Compact, easy to ... to quickly arrange e-mail exchange in local network ... PHP support (HTTP service) - proxy server (SOCKS service) - system ... (70/0) download
Eserv Mail, News, Web, F 2.99 -  Eserv Mail, News, Web, FTP and Proxy Servers for Windows9x,NT ... access Internet from LAN: - Mail Server (SMTP, POP3 and ... the ISP, aliases and mail routing support, antivirus) - News ... (64/0) download
MailScan for SMTP Servers 6.x -  Virus Scanning at the Mail Gateway Attachment Filtering SMTP Transparent Proxy Real Time Content Scanning ... Multi Domain Support User Mail Size Restriction and Mail Parking LDAP and POP3 ... (3/0) download
BackRex Mail Backup 2.6 -  BackRex Mail Backup is a mail and settings backup tool ... you to save your mail messages and settings of your favorite mail program such as mail folders, address books, mail accounts, news folders, mail filters, message rules, blocked ... other customizable preferences. BackRex Mail Backup supports Outlook, Outlook ... (43/0) download
Trivial Proxy 1.6 -  Trivial Proxy is a small application ... secure web), POP3 (recieve mail), SMTP (send mail), NNTP (newsgroups)! It ... (103/0) download
Advanced Email Extractor 2.88 -  designed to extract e-mail addresses from web-pages ... supports operation through a proxy-server and works very ... used to extract e-mail addresses with owners real ... (166/0) download
Merak Mail Server 9.0.0 -  The Merak Mail Server comes with all ... a single click. Merak Mail Server is compatible with ... the Internet standards. Merak Mail Server supports all cutting ... (36/0) download
Mail Redirect 2.1.402 -  easy to use E-mail Redirecting tool. It can ... used to share the mail between multiple mailboxes. With Mail Redirect you can automatically ... get access to office mail from home. Other common usage example is redirecting mail from the Internet email ... (52/0) download
Mail Access Monitor for CommuniGate Pro 3.8 -  without access to e-mail. Just as hard as ... who prefer exchanging e-mail messages with their friends ... control of corporate e-mail system. Mail Access Monitor is a simple tool that analyses mail server logs and shows ... (29/0) download
602Pro LAN SUITE 2003 -  standards-based SMTP/POP3 e-mail server provides effective e-mail communication without the risk ... productivity robbing unsolicited e-mail. Fax services seamlessly integrate ... mailboxes to unify e-mail and fax message access ... (54/0) download
POP3Proxy 2.01.0027 -  POP3 Proxy, POP enable User behind a firewall POP3 Proxy, POP enable User behind ... use their external POP3 Mail without any security threat ... (71/0) download
MyEraseR -  POP3/APOP3 spam filtering utility,mail checker, daytime and finger client with socket 4/4A/5 proxy support with or without ... POP3/APOP3 spam filtering utility, mail checker,daytime and finger client with socket 4/4A/5 proxy support with or without ... (16/0) download
CC Proxy Server 7.3 -  CC Proxy Server, from, is a Windows proxy server software for Internet ... and access controling. CC Proxy Server can support multiple ... helps build your own proxy server within the LAN efficiently and easily. This proxy server software can act as an HTTP, mail, FTP, SOCKS, news, telnet and HTTPS proxy server. It also known as ... (353/0) download
602LAN SUITE 2004.0.06.1017 -  Secure mail server with anti-virus ... time web content filter proxy for controlled Internet sharing. Access your e-mail anywhere using the included web mail client. The 5 user ... suite providing secure e-mail services with anti-virus ... (54/0) download
WinRoute Pro v4.1a -  address translator, router, cache-proxy server, mail server, and scheduler that ... behind a firewall or proxy at the same time ... (68/0) download