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.Net DLL/WSDL Importer for Delphi DLL/WSDL Importer for Delphi also called .Net Assemblies Importer Utility for ... is used for importing .net assemblies(dll), WSDL or web service ... two parts: Namely; Import .Net Assemblies Wizard and Import ... (539/3) download

Macrobject Obfuscator.NET 2007.10.19.145NET IL Code and protect .NET dll/exe assembly. Obfuscated code ... decompiler crashed (e.g. .NET Reflector). Obfuscator.NET supports name obfuscation (e.g. class/method/field/parameters etc.) and flow obfuscation. Decompiler can not show ... assembly. Features: 1) Name Obfuscation 2) Flow Obfuscation 3) Anti Decompile 4) Supports .NET framework ... (57/0) download
.NET Obfuscator Ultimate 7.1.1 -  .NET Obfuscator Ultimate is .NET code protection tool to secure .NET assemblies. Obfuscation significantly aggravates reverse engineering ... reduces its effectiveness. Skater .NET Obfuscator is a comprehensive Ultimate solution for .NET application code protection. Skater .Net Obfuscator prevents ILDASM/ILASM (MSIL ... handle the assembly. Skater ... (78/1) download
Refractor freeware .NET Decompiler 5.01.32NET assembly browser is free ... designed to enable easy .NET assembly browsing and decompiling ... specially created for Skater .NET obfuscator, RustemSoft's .NET code protection software. The .NET assembly browser and decompiler ... (5/0) download
.Net Runtime Library for Delphi Runtime Library for Delphi ... used to: - Hosts the .Net Common Language Runtime (CLR ... Delphi. - Loads assemblies from .Net dll or executable file without ... (345/0) download
Barcode Prof. for .NET Compact Framework 2.0NET Compact Framework is the most advanced .NET component (.NET DLL Class Library) which lets ... generation features to your .NET Smart Device Applications such ... PC, Smartphone, Windows CE .NET, and Windows Mobile. Barcode ... (10/0) download
Visual Studio Decompiler 5.2.07NET application for a client ... source code of the .NET project? All you have ... you can generate VB.NET source code from the EXE? RustemSoft's Skater .NET obfuscator has been expanded with .NET assembly browser and decompiler ... (10/0) download
Spices.Net Obfuscator Evaluation 5.4Net Obfuscator is a .Net code obfuscation, protection and optimization tool ... to completely protect your .Net code and secure your data. Spices.Net Obfuscator rebuilds your .Net assemblies to the new ... impossible to understand.Spices.Net Obfuscator is part of Spices.Net and offered as Visual ... (2/0) download

Wezarp Library Lite 1.3.1 -  Just insert Wezarp Server DLL or .NET DLL (32-bit or 64 ... C#, C++, Visual Basic.NET, Java, LabWindows/CVI... Wezarp is ... (134/0) download
Unicode Icons 2.1 -  .NET DLL to give console apps ... (151/0) download
Neodynamic Barcode Professional for Windows Forms 7.0NET Windows Forms is the most flexible and powerful .NET component (.NET DLL Class Library) which lets ... printing features to your .NET Applications. Barcode Professional is ... as Crystal Report for .NET and Visual Studio 2005/2008/2010 ... (2/0) download
DicomObjects 4.3NET DLL. DicomObjects is designed to ... (1/0) download
CAD DLL 12 -  CAD DLL is a multifunctional library ... VC++, C#, Delphi, ASP .NET, C++Builder, Visual Basic and VB.NET. CAD DLL doesnt require AutoCAD or ... as you want. CAD DLL is available in 32 ... (0/0) download
.Net Runtime Library for Delphi Runtime Library for Delphi ... library to work with .Net framework and .Net libraries from Delphi. It ... in anyone of the .Net languages (such as C#, Visual Basic.Net, Delphi.Net, JScript.Net, etc) from Delphi. CNClrLibrary allows Delphi to use .Net libraries without the need ... (0/0) download
Spices.Net technology after a few ... date programs. The 9Rays.Net company was familiar with .Net since first beta versions ... set of tools for .Net developers named Spices.Net. This wide set of ... (80/0) download
paxScript.NET 2.6 -  The Microsoft NET version of paxScript (paxScript.NET) includes interpreter of C# and VB.NET languages. It will be extended with Delphi.NET interpreter in the future ... key features of paxScript.NET are: - paxScript.NET is written in C#. Source code of paxScript.NET is CLS compilant. - You can integrate paxScript.NET with your smart device ... Visual ... (5/0) download
Data4Net Common Dll designed with a loglevel ... (4/0) download
Software License software 5.01.26NET Licenser is Software Authorization ... specifically to help secure .NET software programs and to ... instruction/code lines into your .NET application and do not ... (6/0) download
CAD DLL 11.0 -  CAD DLL is a multifunctional library ... VC++, C#, Delphi, ASP .NET, C++Builder, Visual Basic and VB.NET. CAD DLL doesnt require AutoCAD or ... as you want. CAD DLL is available in 32 ... (303/1) download
FlipBookPages.Net 1.0NET is an web server control (.Net component) to add page ... for the Visual Studio.NET 2.0 and 1 ... (4/0) download
Software Copy Protection .NET Licenser 5.2.07NET Licenser is a functional ... management. Along with Skater .NET Obfuscator it helps you ... RustemSoft Software Copy Protection .NET Licenser intensifies revenue for ... (2/0) download
Kiwi Logger 2.0 -  command line, Win32 API DLL, .Net DLL, COM DLL or ASP DLL. Integration examples are included ... line, C, Visual CPP, .Net and Visual Basic. The DLL can be dynamically or ... (73/0) download
HtmlCapture.Net 1.0Net is a powerful .NET developer component that allows ... image routines in any .NET-supported programming language. It ... and more. With HtmlCapture.Net, developers can automatically take ... (1/0) download
DYAMAR Obfuscator 1.3.0DLL and EXE files are ... (8/0) download