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FlippingBook SWF Object 1.8.8 -  FlippingBooK SWF Object - is a ready-to ... We have developed the object for users who do ... have Macromedia Flash. The object cannot be controlled with ... (713/0) download

Signumsoft .NET Object Database b2.1 -  NET Object Database is a data storage solution to store object oriented data on a ... With .NET reflection the object structure and class hierarchy ... a view represents on object instance. This enables an instant object oriented view to the ... (23/0) download
openBVE Object Editor New -  openBVE Object Editor is a small ... (2/0) download
The Hidden Object Show Season 2 for Mac OS 1.0 -  season of The Hidden Object Show? Test your skills ... (7/0) download
The Hidden Object Show for Mac OS 1.69 -  casual market, The Hidden Object Show! On the set ... you have the Hidden Object skills to be the ... find and replace)- 330 Object finding rounds- 30 Captivating ... (2/0) download
Object Oriented C 1.3 -  The Object Oriented C or OOC ... develop software in an Object Oriented manner.OOC implements ... ... (8/0) download
Object-Oriented JNI for .NET (low-level) 3.00.07Object-Oriented JNI for .NET ... (12/0) download
NeoBook Object Commander 2.0 -  entirely with NeoBook, NeoBook Object Commander stores unlimited NeoBook objects with object properties and actions to ... and insert any NeoBook object, saving development time, and ... (4/0) download

Object Inspector 1.591Object Inspector is a component ... your application at runtime. Object Inspector suite includes: TPropertyInterface ... at runtime (the best object interface to the RTTI ... (6/0) download
Java Test Object Recorder 1.3.3 -  Java Test Object Recorder, JTOR, for short ... testing. The Java Test Object Recorder project provides three "object recorders" to record live object trees or behavior for playback during unit testing. Object recorders enable the recording ... or possibly a complex object graph, can be easily ... (4/0) download
ORACLE Object Search 1.4 -  The Program ORACLE Object Search is a professional ... database objects, columns names, object names and Oracle Application ... of the listed items,object types, object names,column names, object Apex, can be searched ... (3/0) download
Word Object and Image Remover 3.5.0 -  Word Files Object and Image Remover is ... (4/0) download
TinySOF Screen Capture 1.0 -  capture your desktop, windows, object, anything you see on ... (8/0) download
Object Icon Collection 1.0Object Collection 72 Unique Graphic ... most enhanced high quality Object icon Collections. Object Collection contains generic bullet ... (32/0) download
SentiSight algorithm demo (for Windows) 1.1Object recognition technology for robotics ... video files. Tolerant to object scale, rotation, pose etc ... implements advanced visual-based object learning and recognition. Suitable ... (56/0) download
Macrobject DObject O/R Mapping Suite 2007.7.26.913 -  is an O/R Mapping (Object-Relation Mapping) component package ... in the way of object-oriented. It includes OQL ... a strong-typed OQL (Object Query Language) based on ... (30/0) download
Art Flash Gallery SWF Object 1.1 -  Art Flash Gallery SWF Object without any special skills ... Art Flash Gallery SWF Object will organically blend with ... (340/0) download
Access Object Navigator 2.5 -  Access Object Navigator is Microsoft Access ... NAV.Thanks to Access Object Navigator you can forget ... available in the Access Object Navigator without having to ... (230/0) download
MyX ActiveX Object -  is an ActiveX (COM) Object for directly accessing your ... (50/0) download
CCProcessing COM object 3.0 -  Internet Credit card processing object performs secure credit card ... (30/0) download
Access 2000 to Visual Basic 6 Object Converter v4.0 -  to Visual Basic 6 Object Converter is a Microsoft ... (198/0) download
ITM IniFile Object v3.0 -  ITM IniFile Object is a component for ... files. The ITM IniFile Object can be used to ... (35/0) download
ITM Network Object v3.0 -  ITM Network Object provides a powerful and ... (26/0) download
Vibracon Object Search v3.1.0 -  Vibracon Object Search is an ActiveX ... fast disk searches. Vibracon Object Search is primarily used ... to 10,000 items, Object Search is limited only ... (32/0) download
ITM Registry Object v3.0 -  ITM Registry Object provides a powerful interface ... registry. The ITM Registry object is a fully featured COM object representing the system registry. The object can be used in ... and more. ITM Registry Object gives you the ability ... (76/0) download