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5 Realms of Cards 1.0 -  5 Realms of Cards is nothing like an ... (122/0) download

5 Realms of Cards game 2.5 -  5 Realms of Cards game is a Card ... In 5 Realms of Cards, a solitaire game with ... make 5 Realms of Cards a highly addictive and ... (210/0) download
The House Of Cards 2 Deluxe 1.0 -  The House of Cards 2 offers ten different ... all, The House of Cards 2 is a simple ... (4/0) download
Card Tower: The House of Cards 2.1.2 -  multi touch House of Cards game! New graphics for ... zoom, unlimited undo (put cards back and save the ... virtually unlimited set of cards, you can compete with ... (5/0) download
Magician of the Cards Vol. 1 1.0 -  "Magic Cards Vol 1 "contains an ... with any deck of cards that will impress your ... games featured in "Magic Cards Vol 1" is explained ... (3/0) download
Pinochle 1.0.18 -  and challenging game of cards very popular in the ... (40/0) download
Space Cards v2.5 -  Space Cards is a solitaire game ... the three pyramids of cards. You can click on any of the exposed cards to remove them as ... (24/0) download
Card Game Spiderette Solitaire 3.0 -  a single deck of cards, instead of two. The ... to build stacks of cards (from king to ace ... Spiderette Solitaire when all cards have been eliminated from ... (9/0) download

Intelligence Solitaire 1.0 -  with two decks of cards, and at the beginning ... 19 piles of 3 cards each. The player can ... has removed all the cards in a pile, three more cards are dealt into the pile from the stock cards that have not yet ... (4/0) download
Magic The Gathering Duels of the Planeswalkers 1.0 -  has a deck of cards consisting of lands and ... in five colors, and cards may require colored or ... alternate turns playing land cards, casting spells, and attacking ... (9/0) download
California Rummy -  the same kind of cards or runs of cards in the same suit ... number of penalty points - cards left in their hands ... (19/0) download
Valentines Day Cards 1.0 -  Send customized Valentines Cards, created by our great ... send any number of cards free of charge, you ... great bonus feature, you cards will also be shared ... (8/0) download
Tamil Audio Flash Cards 1.1 -  is updated with new cards, totaling 140+ flash cards. Also, images/text were changed for scores of cards. Importantly, consonants (Ka, Gna ... has 100+ audio-visual cards, spread across eight different ... Auto Play all the cards (for each category) * ... (3/0) download
In The Cards 2.1 -  In The Cards is a delightful and ... an ordinary deck of cards and this application reveals ... to generation, In The Cards uses the mystique of ... (1/0) download
Magic Cards HD Vol. 2 1.0 -  "Magic Cards Vol 2 "contains an ... with any deck of cards that will impress your ... games featured in "Magic Cards Vol 2" is explained ... (3/0) download
Kings Of Poker 1.0.1 -  Are you an expert in poker or just beginning your amazing adventure in the world of cards? Either way this game is for you! Hone your skills to precision with the most amazing, fun and addictive new poker game to hit the app store! Featuring: - Stunning HD graphics! - Beautiful audio! - Hours of online or offline play! - Endless fun! - Game ... (4/0) download
Index Cards And Chalk Board 1.0 -  Index Cards can be used at School, Home, or Office. Cards can be organized in ... windows. Both sides of cards can be edited. Cards can be used as Flash cards to learn new words ... used in the index cards. A basic chalk board ... (3/0) download
Fairy Cards 5.2.1 -  FAIRY CARDS, FOR INSPIRATION AND GUIDANCE Fairy Cards is a celtic version ... using a set of cards created by Jaya Moran ... With this set of cards, each reading helps the ... (5/0) download
Math Cards - Learn and play game 1.1 -  Math Cards application is an arithmetic ... an equal number of cards, then they each turn ... each card in Math Cards is the solution to ... (2/0) download
Valentine's HD Greeting cards & music 2013 Year 2.1 -  and impressive collection of cards for major festivals released ... HD designs to Anime cards which will surely touch ... ones! Features: 1. 200+ cards: Completely new set of ... (7/0) download
WH Question Cards - Pro: Who, What, When, Where, Why 1.2.3 -  each WH set of cards, and includes enhanced data ... prompts, or tap the cards and listen to the prompts. Players then drag cards on top of the ... (3/0) download
With Love - Greeting Cards for Birthdays, Weddings or just to say I Love You 2.2 -  - "Loads of cards. High quality app. Love ... it flips through the cards. Saved me loads of money on greetings cards - thanks." Robonz. USA ... time putting together. The cards are wonderfully design. Already ... (3/0) download
Pedicure Cards 1.10 -  ... an app ins ... (1/0) download
Battle of Gundabad 1.3 -  his own set of cards. At game end the ... game consists of 27 cards with thousands of combinations ... out of 20 action cards which gives you thousands ... (2/0) download
Card Holder v1.0 -  automatically keeps track of cards in play. Card Holder ... game. It detects your cards at the beginning of ... and removes the three cards played. No action is ... (27/0) download