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Mega OPC Data Logger 1OPC Client, data logger, OPC Servers, automation Requirements: CPU ... (9/0) download

Aqua Data Server - 32bit 1.0 -  Aqua Data Server is a specialized application server designed to build and ... quickly and easily. Aqua Data Server includes enterprise role-based ... of the box. The server is a software framework ... (18/0) download
Kapow Web Data Server 6.3 -  Kapow Web Data Server is the only enterprise ... or web application int data feeds or programmatic interfaces ... no coding. Load web data into a SQL database ... (4/0) download
Magellan Real Time Data Server 1.0 -  Magellan Real Time Data Server ( RTDS ) is a new ... direct IP RTK corrections server. The RTDS software will ... (5/0) download
WinPIM Data Server 3.3 -  WinPIM Data Server can helps you share ... (1/0) download
dOPC XGate 3.3 -  way to get an OPC XML Data Access Server. With our OPC compliance tested dOPC XGate Server Gateway it is possible ... any COM DA based OPC server with an OPC XML-DA interface. The dOPC XGate Server Gateway is based on the OPC XML DA specification 1 ... to work with existing OPC Data Access 1.x, 2 ... (3/0) download
UaDemoServer 1.3OPC Unified Architecture Server for Windows Operating Systems ... 2k3, XP, Vista). Simulated data and information model (Standard ... Discovery Service Provided, Simulated Data, Conditions, History, Programs, Alarms&Conditions. Demo Server is based on the C Server SDK V1.3.0 ... (7/0) download
JDPF 1.0 Snapshot -  JDPF, short for Java Data Processing Framework was created ... execution of standard and custom data processing. JDPF has been ... for defining your own data analysis procedure reusing already ... (1/0) download

Music Rescue (formerly PodUtil) -  be it iTunes, a custom media server or anything else.Give ... (1/0) download
RaceRender 2.5 -  high-quality videos with custom data visualizations, picture-in-picture ... (8/0) download
Berkeley DB 11gR2 5.3 -  enables the development of custom data management solutions, without the ... traditionally associated with such custom projects. Berkeley DB provides ... (3/0) download
CipherLab Forge Batch 1.0 -  work of developing new, custom data collection templates for CipherLab ... (6/0) download
GroupDocs.Assembly for .NET 1.2.0 -  allows developers to generate custom documents from Word or ... out merge fields with custom data obtained either from web ... be filled out with custom data. The output files can ... (28/0) download
Random Trivia 2.0 -  directly syncronized from web data server. - These tips can be ... (5/0) download
AviationFiles 1.0 -  concentrate on quality of data giving you all available ... updated each week - our data server is usually updated within ... is required to access data ** AviationFiles features: - All ... (6/0) download
NRG Solar 1.0 -  Input custom data to see how solar ... (3/0) download
DANSrv 6.0.3 -  With the Advosol OPC DA .NET Server Toolkit, OPC DA servers can be ... or VB.NET. The OPC DA D(COM) interface is handled in the OPC DA V2.05 and V3.0 compliant generic server and the application specific ... or create high performance OPC servers with ten thousands of items. DANSrv based OPC DA servers work on ... (8/0) download
AdRem Litecon 2008 -  access to the NetWare server console that that uses ... TCP/IP. Thanks to a custom data compression algorithm, AdRem Litecon allows server console access in overloaded ... screens of a single server, switch easily from one server to any other server, connect to servers from ... (37/0) download
OPC Time Monitor Build 2.5OPC Time Monitor provides valuable timing data about your factory.The purpose of the OPC Time Monitor is to ... change" value for any OPC DA data tag.This product subscribes to data available from OPC sources, measures and computes ... ... (3/0) download
Matrikon Analytics Excel Reporter 3.2 -  Excel Reporter is an OPC Client for Excel that ... your process and equipment data. Connect to any real-time (OPC DA) or historical (OPC-HDA) data source. Sample reports make ... quality and performance reports. OPC Excel Reporter is an ... (8/0) download
SoftPLC.Runtime 11.3 -  it works as a data server for other parts of the system. To integrate data from SoftPLC to SCADA systems. The OPC server may host more SoftPLC runtimes so that data from more SoftPLC or ... ... (3/0) download
Preferred Search 0.6 -  Screening application that merges data from QuantumOnline.com's ... preferred stock database with data from Yahoo.com's free financial data server(s). This allows an ... date, price, etc.. Selected data is then available to ... (6/0) download
OrangeReport 1.6 -  from the dataset or custom data. Can be used in ... (34/0) download
AutoHotkey -  Create custom data entry forms, user interfaces ... (54/0) download
ClusterLib 0.1.1 -  well as with other custom data types. In principle, any ... (3/0) download