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Apex SQL Report 2005.02 -  Apex SQL Tools has released new version of Apex SQL Report. Apex SQL Report is a web solution crafted for SQL developers. Apex SQL Report is a SQL tool that generates HTML ... graphical reports. New Apex SQL Report includes fusion charts, multi ... (125/0) download

Report Genie 1.2Report Genie, v1.2,is ... Excel reports based on SQL queries. It is developed ... as MS Access, Oracle, SQL Server, even Excel or text files. 2. Each report can contain multiple queries ... (2/0) download
Ariacom Business Reports 6.1a 1.0 -  analysis tool with dynamic SQL generation. Non-technical end ... complex reports from any SQL relational database. The product ... are: - Dynamic and optimized SQL queries - Generation of complex ... (11/0) download
Hovitaga Report Generator 1.0 -  Hovitaga Report Generator is an ABAP ... always part of every report but is always different ... the complexity of the report. Reporting is critical from ... (5/0) download
SQL Studio Query eXecutor 1.1SQL Studio Query eXecutor (QX ... a simple query and SQL script execution utility for Microsoft SQL Server. It features color ... statements execution, executing of SQL scripts or stored procedures ... (1/0) download
TheDatabaser 1.0 -  Experience with SQL not required 4. A Report Writer / Chart Builder ... (7/0) download
Mipsis Document Management 7.7 -  Document Management Software integrates SQL reporting and information delivery ... into one platform. The SQL report manager allows you to ... (6/0) download
MacForensicsLab Web Agent 1.0 -  then review the results, output a report containing information about images ... quickly be exported or output to a report containing a thumbnail, image ... (1/0) download

Context Database Designer 3.2 -  and instantly build upgrade SQL script for any given ... is able to import SQL DDL scripts for any ... accomplished by highly customizable SQL generator/parser - a unique piece ... (4/0) download
SEOLExA 1.0 -  SEOLExA will output detailed reports in HTML ... process or not. 3. Output CSV report: you can decide if you want to output a CSV report or not. In the Output reports the links can ... (0/0) download
Classroom Manager 1.2.4 -  data collected can be output in report form as a PDF ... information in a students report at any point in ... expected levels of performance. Report: Provides date/time stamped report of every behavior and ... (3/0) download
SQL-RD 5.6.080924SQL-RD saves time and ... schedule and manage MS SQL Reporting Services Reports on ... and SMS. Choose to output to doc, xls, rtf ... (13/0) download
SQL Reporter 2.1 -  Multi-database reporting tool, SQL editor, Visual SQL designer, OLAP tool, Table viewing/editing tool, Report designer tool. Connects to ... of the 11 major SQL database engines. Remote or ... of single-database tools. SQL Reporter is not a ... (1/0) download
Select SQLite Queries for iPad 1.1 -  SQLite Queries for iPad - SQL Query Editor, can create ... databases and edit simple SQL scripts with basic table data output. This is all command ... ... (4/0) download
PHP Report Maker 6.0.0 -  PHP Report Maker is a powerful ... PostgreSQL, Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle database ... side is required. PHP Report Maker is designed for ... (11/0) download
Scribes Report Tool -  Firebird , Interbase ,PostGre-Sql , Sybase, SqlLite, Mysql, Oracle, Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, Excel and text files or ODBC Report summary cross-tabs charts ... web Drag and Drop report creation No complex programming ... (3/0) download
Ariacom Business Reports 5.6a -  analysis tool with dynamic SQL generation. Non-technical end ... complex reports from any SQL relational database. The product ... are: - Dynamic and optimized SQL queries - Generation of complex ... (183/0) download
ReportMaker 4.15Report generator for Windows Developers ... an easy-to-use report editor and powerful programming ... Can connect to all SQL databases using ADO, BDE ... (24/0) download
FlexiMIS 1.0 -  Just provide an SQL &\; FlexiMIS returns a report in the form of ... compliments the power of SQL and Excel with its ... takes the connection string, SQL queries and header string ... (37/0) download
ASP Report Maker 6.0 -  ASP Report Maker is a powerful ... crosstabs reports (for Access, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL and ... side is required. ASP Report Maker is designed for ... (0/0) download
Netsparker Community Edition -  Netsparker can find and report security issues such as SQL Injection and Cross-site ... (9/0) download
SQL Comparator 1.1 -  data and database validation, SQL Comparator can compare the output of any two SQL statements/rowsets and identify/highlight/quantify differences between the execution results. SQL Comparator runs two user ... (1/0) download
SuperFlow for Creating SRS Report Models in ConfigMgr 2007 2.0 -  use to create a SQL Server Reporting Services report model in Configuration Manager ... (1/0) download
Nevron Chart for SSRS 2011_Vol.1 .1 -  Nevron Chart for SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) is an advanced report item, which delivers a ... also instantly improves your report authoring experience, with its ... Scientific or general purpose report. Features include: - Multiple Charting ... (2/0) download
Navicat - The World's best SQL Server GUI tool - MS SQL management 10.0.3 -  an ideal solution for SQL Server administration and development ... desktop. Navicat supports Microsoft SQL Server (2000 to 2008R2 ... converts Access to MS SQL, MS SQL to MySQL, Excel to MS SQL, synchronizes and backups database ... (5/0) download