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SortPix XL 4.0.6 -  Sort Photos and delete duplicate Photos with "SortPix XL". Manage your photos fast and easily. Over ... quantities of digital camera photos on your computer. The clarity is lost, duplicate folders and duplicate photos, pictures are not rotated ... folder structures, then drag Photos with the mouse to ... (55/0) download

Glary Duplicate Cleaner -  Glary Duplicate Cleaner is an supremely easy ... to find and remove duplicate files on your computer ... all types of files - photos, music, films, video, Word ... (4/0) download
Duplicate cleaner 1.2Duplicate Cleaner is a tool to ... surprised just how many duplicate files you could find ... an obscure documents folder. Photos, music, Word documents, PowerPoint ... (57/0) download
Duplicate Cleaner 2.1Cleaner hard drives means faster ... by finding and deleting duplicate files on your hard drive or network. Duplicate Cleaner can find duplicate files, music (MP3, M4A, M4P, etc), photos, videos or documents - if ... on your system then Duplicate Cleaner will find it! It ... (0/0) download
Duplicate Cleaner Pro 3.0Duplicate Cleaner Pro is a powerful ... search for and clean duplicate files and folders on ... search criteria for your duplicate audio and image files ... (2/0) download
Remove Duplicate Files Platinum 6.9 -  With Remove Duplicate Files Platinum you can remove duplicate music files, duplicate MP3 files, duplicate photos, duplicate files of ANY type ... one click with automatic duplicate file remover. You can ... (3/0) download
GDuplicateFinder 2.0.1 -  Unlike other duplicate finders such as Easy Duplicate File Finder, Auslogics Duplicate File Finder, MindGems Fast Duplicate File Finder, Duplicate Cleaner, DupFiles and others, GDuplicateFinder ... search for duplicates Open duplicate files with system's default ... (3/0) download
Music Duplicate Remover 6.0Duplicate files are pretty common ... another important file. Music Duplicate Remover will scan your ... can simply install the duplicate cleaner and start a search ... (3/0) download

Duplicate File Cleaner File Cleaner is a powerful and ... a large amount of duplicate Photos, Music, Videos and Outlook Emails. Benefits of Duplicate File Cleaner: 1. Fast Scan&Clean duplicate Songs, Photos, Outlook Emails 2. Instantly ... Disk Space 3. Make duplicate file management easier 4 ... (92/0) download
Duplicate Photo Cleaner -  Compare photos, find duplicates, delete similar ... albums the smart way. Duplicate Photo Cleaner will intelligently scan your photos, compare them just like ... and help you delete duplicate photos quickly and easily. Duplicate Photo Cleaner is an advanced image ... (21/0) download
Remove Duplicate Photos Platinum 4.82 -  Remove Duplicate Photos - remove duplicate photos of any size, automatically remove duplicate photos on your hard drives, smoothly find and remove duplicate photos in all folders of ... software designed to remove duplicate photos on high speed and to easily remove duplicate photos in automated mode. Duplicate photo remover is the best way to remove ... (45/0) download
Remove Duplicate Photos Everywhere 3.76 -  Remove Duplicate Photos - in one simple step with the Duplicate Photo Remover. With this ... winning software to remove duplicate photos all photos will be automatically removed. Duplicate photo remover easily removes duplicate photo files, removes duplicate photos on hard disk and removes duplicate photos on digital photo camera. Want to remove duplicate ... (3/0) download
Boxoft Duplicate Image Finder 1.2 -  Boxoft Duplicate Image Finder is a ... remove all similar and duplicate pictures and photos in a folder and ... of similarity automatically. Boxoft Duplicate Image Finder is very ... (3/0) download
Delete Duplicate Files Now 4.16 -  How to Delete Duplicate Files? Remove duplicate pictures with the Software ... best program to delete duplicate files on Windows computer. Remove duplicate files, find duplicate files automatically and delete duplicate files with the duplicate file removing software. Delete Duplicate Files - Everywhere: ~ Delete duplicate files from Computer ... (184/0) download
FirmTools Duplicate Photo Finder 1.1 -  folder that contains 20 photos. Finding duplicates and getting ... looking through 20,000 photos spread all across your ... for you to meet Duplicate Photo Finder, an ideal ... (2/0) download
Duplicate Image Remover Free 1.8 -  program can search for duplicate images on your computer ... collection of pictures and photos. It is obvious that a large number of duplicate files takes a lot ... clog it. Among the duplicate images have the biggest ... (285/1) download
Find and Remove Duplicate Files 4.71 -  Find and Remove duplicate files - easily? Then you need automatic duplicate file remover that will automatically find duplicate files, delete duplicate files and remove duplicate files. Get up to ... click by removing of duplicate music, MP3, photo and video files. Find duplicate files, delete duplicate files and remove duplicate files - automatically. (145/0) download
Duplicate Image Finder Pro 3.6 -  a bunch of digital photos. Duplicate Image Finder Pro will ... (226/0) download
Delete and Remove Duplicate Files 3.92 -  Remove Duplicate Files easily - how? Remove duplicate files and delete duplicate files easily with automatic duplicate file remover. Remove duplicate files with music and songs, remove duplicate files with photos and remove duplicate files with documents of ... download and run automatic duplicate file remover. Best way to delete and remove duplicate ... (332/0) download
Automatic Duplicate File Remover 6.49Duplicate File Remover: How to Remove Duplicate Files? Find and remove duplicate files with automatic duplicate file remover. Duplicate file remover will remove duplicate files in music collection, duplicate file remover will remove duplicate files in photo collection, duplicate file remover will remover ... on your computer. Key duplicate file ... (416/0) download
DuplicateCure 2011.1.17 -  and remove any unwanted duplicate files that Windows can' ... wipe out any detected duplicate files on your computer ... other removable devices, including duplicate songs, duplicate photos, duplicate Outlook emails, duplicate bookmarks, duplicate Excel file, duplicate Word files, duplicate photos and many more. (4/0) download
Duplicate File Finder Mini 3.1Duplicate File Finder Mini is ... the large (1 MB+) duplicate files on all your ... descending, marking the adjacent duplicate file groups by different ... (8/0) download
Duplicate File Finder Plus 3.2Duplicate File Finder Plus - Quickly finds the duplicate files on your drives ... in. And the result (duplicate files) is 100% accurate ... see the result (the duplicate files list) instantly. It ... (4/0) download
XiXi Duplicate File Finder 3.2 -  XiXi Duplicate File Finder - Fast finds the duplicate files on your drives ... in. And the result (duplicate files) is 100% accurate ... see the result (the duplicate files list) instantly. It ... (6/0) download
Clone Cleaner Lite 1.04 -  find out and remove duplicate files with same name ... file copies. Heatsoft Clone Cleaner (HCC) is an easy ... find out and remove duplicate files with same name ... (21/0) download