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NEWCO RunPro (Heart Rate Monitor,GPS speed for Run and Bike) 1.3 -  App for running,cycling,heart rate monitor sensor and GPS speed ... you purchased our NEWCO heart rate monitor sensor(s) and download ... current, average, and max heart rate,speed, pace, calorie, time ... (3/0) download

Runtastic Heart Rate Monitor & Pulse Tracker PRO 1.2 -  iPhone into your personal heart rate (HR) monitor - YES, ITS POSSIBLE! Check ... big meeting. The Runtastic Heart Rate Monitor will measure how fast your heart beats with great accuracy ... of measurements: Measure your heart rate at any time, anywhere ... (6/0) download
TrackRecord for Mac OS 1.3.2 -  transferring data from your Polar RS200, CS200 or F6 heart rate monitor to your Mac.Features ... imports data from your Polar RS200, RS200sd, CS200, CS200cad, F6 or F7 heart rate monitor using the Mac’s ... ... (2/0) download
Heart Rate Monitor Deluxe 1.0 -  and easily determine your heart rate in as little as 3 heart beats. No counting or ... hand to tap the heart button on the monitor app every time you feel a beat. The Heart Rate Monitor will display your pulse ... (2/0) download
ZeroPace Uploader 1.0 -  allows you to upload heart rate data files from your heart rate monitor to the ZeroPace Online ... ... (3/0) download
Heart R8 1.1 -  iPhone into a real heart rate monitor with Heart R8. Place your index ... 10 seconds your current heart rate will be read and ... Since it calculates your heart rate due to blood flow ... (5/0) download
Cardio Monitor 1.0 -  Check your heart rate at any time of ... your smartphone into a heart rate monitor! HOW IT WORKS: Your heart rate profile is built up ... (4/0) download
EZ-HRM 1.7 -  a full-featured, multimedia heart rate monitor for the iPhone and ... standalone as a typical heart rate monitor, or it can be ... works with any ANT+ heart rate monitor belt and works with ... (6/0) download

Precision Pulse 2.0 -  accurate, easy to use heart rate monitor (HRM) training app that ... feedback of all essential heart rate functions. ECG accurate heart rate, average & maximum heart rates, personal HR zones ... is also the first heart rate monitor app that incorporates Dr ... (2/0) download
HRM Reader -  for reading data from Polar Heart Rate Monitors and displays the ... of Macintosh support from Polar for their devices.The ... you to view your Heart Rate and Speed data as ... (30/0) download
Pulse-o-matic 3.7 -  or tablet into a heart rate monitor! Pulse-o-matic ... who's curious about their heart rate or has a passion ... friends, or measure your heart rate after an intense cardio ... (4/0) download
VeloComputer 9.0.273 -  and a Bluetooth Smart heart rate monitor. The system provides precise ... grade of a slope, heart rate and ultimately the propulsion ... (1/0) download
FetalBeats 1.2 -  smartphone app and fetal heart rate monitoring system. This App ... the Fetal Beats fetal heart rate monitor. Enhance your pregnancy experience ... App and Fetal Beats Heart Rate Monitor work together and are ... (3/0) download
MaccaX 1.5.2 -  0 heart rate monitor* to measure your ... or "What do these heart rate numbers mean?" - MaccaX eliminates ... (6/0) download
GOtality Cardio Fitness Pack 1.3 -  ultimate cardio fitness and heart rate monitor system for iPhone and ... Cardio Fitness Pack (including heart rate monitor and exercise armband), available ... hardware (but without the heart rate monitor feature). ******************************* - Track your heart rate as you exercise for ... (2/0) download
SweetBeat 1.41 -  Any Bluetooth Low Energy heart rate monitor EXCEPT the Wahoo Blue ... touch 5. -Any ANT+ heart rate monitor and the Wahoo Fisica ... Pear work great for heart rate, it does not have ... (4/0) download
PEAR Training-Intelligence 1.5.0 -  0 heart rate monitor* to measure your ... or "What do these heart rate numbers mean?" - Pear eliminates ... (4/0) download
Heart Rate Camera - Touchless Pulse Monitor 1.3 -  Touch to get your heart rate by facing the camera ... palm of your hand. Heart Rate Camera is the most outstanding iOS instant heart rate monitor available. This app uses ... methods to calculate your heart rate using just your device's ... (1/0) download
Visual Heart Rate Monitor 1.0 -  5 to measure your heart rate! This app uses ... it can calculate your heart rate. An on-screen monitor shows you your current heart pattern and rate and the heart in the middle pumps at the same rate as your own heart! You can store heart rates to review later ... (4/0) download
Nabdat Heart Rate Monitor 1.5 -  tool measures the resting heart rate instantly, leveraging similar technique ... are watching their resting heart rate for health reasons or ... To measure your resting heart rate, all you need is ... (11/0) download
Optical Heart Rate Meter HD 2.0 -  camera to measure your heart rate. View and hear your heart beating from this app ... are provided. Features: Measure heart rate by monitoring the color change of blood during heart beating. Visualizing heart beating by animation and ... Beep-sound at each heart beating makes this app look like a real heart rate monitor. Both once and continuous ... (4/0) download
Cardio Buddy - Touchless Camera Heart Rate Monitor by Azumio 1.1 -  Cardio Buddy determines your heart rate from a distance by ... accurate measurement. FEATURES: Instant Heart Rate -Heart rate measurement with either the ... camera (check your own heart rate or check your friends heart rates!) -Learn interesting facts about your heart -Continuous or auto-stop ... (3/0) download
Heart Rate Logger 1.4Heart Rate Logger is an application ... plot and export your heart rate. Heart Rate Logger uses either your ... BLE or 4.0) heart rate sensor (tested with: Polar H7, mio alpha and ... (4/0) download
Heart Pulse Monitor 1.0Heart Pulse Monitor is your personal heart monitoring device which allows you to measure your heart rate in real time! - HOW ... iPhone screen with each heart beat - FEATURES - Heart rate measurement - Real-time ECG ... 5 Themes Including Visual Heart Beat animation - Next Version ... (3/0) download
Blood Pressure Tracker - Pro Version 2.7.0 -  app to help you monitor and keep track of ... diastolic blood pressure and heart rate. It helps you set ... healthy blood pressure and monitor your progress. Carry around ... (5/0) download