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Social Fixer for Opera 6.221 -  Social Fixer for Opera is a browser extension for Opera that improves the Facebook ... (5/0) download

FacebookBlocker for Opera 0.9.1 -  FacebookBlocker for Opera is a useful extension ... ... (9/0) download
zebNet Backup for Opera Browser Free -  zebNet Backup for Opera Browser Free Edition is ... features especially designed for Opera Browser. Compared to the ... free zebNet Backup for Opera Browser, this free edition ... (6/0) download
zebNet Backup for Opera Mail Free -  zebNet Backup for Opera Mail Free Edition is ... features especially designed for Opera Mail. Compared to the ... free zebNet Backup for Opera Mail, this free edition ... (2/0) download
Icons for Opera Browser 1.0 -  Icons for Opera Browser is a collection ... icons for use with Opera. The icons include Opera variants, e-mail, news ... (106/0) download
touchtheSky for Opera 10.5 -  touchtheSky for Opera is a useful and reliable application for opera web browser which allows ... (4/0) download
MAPI4Opera 1.1.2 -  is an extension for Opera enabling real MAPI support ... (6/0) download
Opera 11.11 2109 -  Are you ready for Opera 11? Newest Opera browser features tab stacking, extensions, visual mouse gestures Opera Software debuted the newest ... award-winning browser today. Opera 11 combines elegant design ... new ways to customize Opera to your preferences. Lightning ... (9/0) download

Goal 06 Clock 1.0 -  is a widget for Opera. This is a clock ... (1/0) download
FB Chat Sidebar Disabler for Opera 2.4.8 -  [ FB Chat Sidebar Disabler for Opera full changelog ] (6/0) download
Reddit Enhancement Suite for Opera 4.1.2 -  will only detrimentally affect Opera and Safari users who ... huge performance improvements in Opera TE Direct link to ... ... (1/0) download
PageRank for Opera 1.0.0 -  PageRank is an Opera extension that displays Google ... (3/0) download
Xippee for Opera (Windows Installer) 2.5 -  This free Xippee browser plugin works on all of your favorite search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN), with versions for IE, Firefox, Safari, and Opera. Xippee 60 second Demo: homepage Requirements: Opera Browser (4/0) download
Opera Mobile Emulator for Mac and Linux 11 -  mobile-friendly sites in Opera Mobile, you either needed ... mobile operating system. With Opera Mobile, we hope to ... smart phone browser. The Opera Mobile emulator renders pages ... (5/0) download
OpenComment for Opera 0.43.2 -  Imagine you are on your daily journey through the web and you find a news article of a popular website like on the New York Times. You want to express your personal opinion about the text or simply highlight some wrong information. It lets you comment every website, regardless whether the site provides an own commenting interface or not. This results ... (0/0) download
Adguard for Opera -  Adguard is the program that blocks ads and pop-ups. Adguard ensures the effective protection from the internet advertising and removes banners from any programs for example Skype or uTorent. Adguard works equally well in all the browsers by blocking pop-ups and banners and that is why it stands out among other adblock browser plug-ins. Adguard was ... (38/0) download
Adlesse Lite 1.0 -  Available for Opera, Safari, Google Chrome,Firefox ... (31/0) download
ZenMate for Opera 4.1.2 -  ZenMate Security & Privacy VPN is trusted by over 6 mio. users and won the Europas Award for Best Security/Privacy Startup of 2014. Join the world’s fastest growing free VPN solution to unblock sites and secure your device from internet threats. Total Security & Privacy: Secure all your browser traffic and your IP with encryption. ZenMate Security ... (31/0) download
Tweet Safe for opera 1.7 -  Log in in to twitter by clicking the 'Sign-in with twitter' button. After authenticating with twitter successfully you will be given a pin code. Please copy the pin back to the application to proceed. This is one time process. You can revoke the access to this widget from your twitter account->settings->connections.If you want to use ... (1/0) download
Purgatio Pro 2008b 1.0 -  entries and Internet Explorer, Opera and Firefox browser caches ... History -New: Support for Opera when cleaning Cache, Cookies ... (4/0) download
Vocal Mastery - Talks with Master Singers and Teachers 1.0 -  Training American Singers for Opera - ROSA RAISA ... Patience and ... Us Have Plenty of Opera in America" - ANNA CASE ... A Child of the Opera - EDWARD JOHNSON (EDOUARDO DI ... (9/0) download
Macbeth by Shakespeare - Audio Book 1.0 -  has been adapted for opera, film, books, stage and ... (5/0) download
zebNet Opera Backup 2012 3.0.0 -  zebNet Opera Backup 2012 is the ... and recover their entire Opera profile. Highlighted features #Fast ... computers #Backup of your Opera Mail database #Support for portable editions of Opera #Create a portable edition of Opera #And many many more (3/0) download
Scripter Opera Extension 1.4.4 -  This Opera Extension will allow you ... (5/0) download
Opera Password Recovery Master 1.0Opera Password Recovery Master is ... for any user of Opera. It'll instantly recover ... mail accounts stored by Opera. The program will recover ... (2/0) download