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Green Calculator Lite 1.0 -  the environment clean and reduce your energy costs. The Lite version includes ... simple changes to your energy use can help reduce your CO2 emissions, including ... (3/0) download

LinkOptimizer 4.5.8 -  storage space, time and reduce production costs in a variety of ... turnaround. LinkOptimizer will automatically reduce the image resolution, scale ... gigabytes of disk space Reduce output time (for image ... (5/0) download
Energy Costs Calculator 1.3.2000 -  which will help you reduce monthly costs of utilities. Features of Energy Costs Calculator at a glance ... calculator. - Many tips on energy savings are included. - Integrated ... (5/0) download
LSC-Energy-App 1.5 -  Calculate the wasted energy costs due to the permanent ... easily with the LSC-Energy-App. Close the shaft ... D+H LSC System. Save costs and protect the environment ... (2/0) download
Invertek Energy Savings Calculator 1.1 -  speed drives which can reduce energy consumption by up to ... the application. This free energy savings calculator app is ... estimate of the potential energy, CO2 and financial savings ... (2/0) download
Cyngier Heating & Air Conditioning 3.0 -  to provide optimal comfort, reduce operating costs, minimize equipment breakdowns and ... an emergency! Calculate annual energy saving when comparing your ... system to a new energy efficient system. Ask questions ... (6/0) download
101 Energy Saving Tips for Facility Managers 1.0 -  professionals to save on energy costs. From the editorial teams ... (2/0) download
Energy Fromulator 1.1 -  With energy prices on the rise ... how to save on energy costs. ENERGY SAVER FORMULATOR includes several ... what car is most energy efficient. The app even ... (1/0) download

Green Snapper 1.2 -  can help your organization reduce energy consumption by as much ... (5/0) download
Oracle SSPR Client 11.1 -  Sign-On Password Reset - Reduce helpdesk costs and improve user experience ... (1/0) download
PerfectDisk Professional 12.5 -  faster, plus it saves energy costs by reducing the use ... (2/0) download
Lacerte DMS 9.0 -  way to help you reduce operating costs, improve service and help ... System: * Lower operating costs by reducing the need ... (9/0) download
Faronics Power Save 4.4 -  Power Save significantly reduces energy costs of your desktop PC ... (5/0) download
Impero Client 3.1 -  daily basis can help reduce IT Costs and at the same ... (7/0) download
Trend Micro Encryption for Email 5.5 -  confidential, simplify compliance, and reduce management costs with Trend Micro™ Email ... (4/0) download
Geoagro GIS 1.0 -  for more effective decisions, reduce operating costs and improving services for ... (6/0) download
ZUD-CMMS 02-02-2013 2013 -  use that data to reduce maintenance costs and unscheduled downtime. BAAC ... (5/0) download
ZUD-CMMS 12-31-12 12 -  use that data to reduce maintenance costs and unscheduled downtime. BAAC ... (5/0) download
Simon-Kucher & Partners 2.0.2 -  sales, your prices, or reduce your costs to be more profitable? ... (0/0) download
Solar Friend 2.0.4 -  Saving energy costs and simultaneously helping to ... estimate the average annual energy yield that can be ... of modules, the overall energy yield over operation time ... (2/0) download
MyEnergate 2.4 -  helping to control your energy costs. Available through utility programs ... app: - Energate Foundation Home Energy Gateway or the Pioneer ... specific setting to control costs or to fix the ... (5/0) download
MyMeter 1.0.2 -  track and chart your energy use, compare your homes energy use data to an ... goals for yourself to reduce energy use. The program can ... alert you when your energy use passes a pre ... (0/0) download
Yumstone Ordering System Western Edition 1.0 -  Want to reduce labor costs? Your restaurant ... (1/0) download 1.5 -  easy ways to save energy and money in your ... Contact your local Touchstone Energy cooperative to discover more ways to keep your energy costs low. Changes: Selected co ... ... (4/0) download
WatchOverEnergy 1.1 -  WatchOverEnergy, an energy tracking and management software ... mode, and track your energy savings when your computer ... programs are running. Track energy saving in both watt ... (34/0) download