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Video Resolution & Letterboxing 1.0.0 -  Calculate the correct resolution of your video files ... percentage. Select the best resolution which meets your requirements ... increase and decrease of resolution plus codec constraint support ... (54/0) download

HotKey Resolution Changer 1.8 -  having to change the resolution manually? Then HCR will ... different resolutions · Switch resolution with just a keypress! ... (6/0) download
Resolution Calendar 1.0Resolution Calendar helps you to ... on each month. Features Resolution Management Progress Management Motivational ... the first version of Resolution Calendar [ Resolution Calendar full changelog ] (3/0) download
Carroll::Resolution Per User 1.13 -  user a different screen resolution. After logon the screen resolution will be changed to ... Minor improvements [ Carroll::Resolution Per User full changelog ... (9/0) download
YUVsoft Super Resolution Demo 1.35 -  a unique fast super resolution technology. Information from several ... quality of a high resolution image in comparison to ... constrast to typical super resolution methods, this algorithm works ... (9/0) download
TimerResolution 1.1 -  application to change the resolution of the default windows ... less than the timer resolution on your system you ... you expect. The timer resolution will be globally changed ... (33/0) download
UIFriend 2.1.1 -  change your monitor's screen resolution, color depth, and refresh ... use the program's quick resolution changing feature to tune ... occasion to a higher resolution to see more cells ... (43/0) download
PhotoAcute Studio 2.51 -  mode to produce high-resolution, low-noise pictures. It increases image resolution, removes noise without losing ... your camera. * Image resolution increase beyond camera capabilities ... Studio produces single high-resolution image from a sequence ... (57/0) download

Display Resolution Manager 3.7 -  Disputing display resolution and brightness settings with ... with this program! Display Resolution Manager is a utility ... set their own display resolution, gamma, brigtness and contrast preferences. Display Resolution Manager will give you ... (118/0) download
Window resizer 0.5.1 -  all of the standard resolution sizes. Supports the 640x480 ... (28/0) download
WinFormResizer for .NET 1.1 2.0 -  quickly and easily add resolution independence to your Windows® ... with changes in screen resolution or DPI setting, giving ... consistent appearance at any resolution. At the same time ... (14/0) download
WinFormResizer for .NET 2.0 -  quickly and easily add resolution independence to your Windows® ... with changes in screen resolution or DPI setting, giving ... consistent appearance at any resolution. At the same time ... (32/0) download
Topaz Moment 3.2 -  up to a 4x resolution increase. Tired of noisy ... the most advanced super-resolution technology to let you ... sharpest, and at highest resolution. This is your tool ... (94/0) download
AKVIS Magnifier 3.0 -  Enlarge images to high resolution with sophisticated algorithms. AKVIS ... artifacts. Get super-high resolution pictures and produce stunning ... to a super-high resolution of up to 30000x30000 ... (426/0) download
Scanning Resolution Calculator v1.0 -  you calculate the scanning resolution necessary to achieve results ... enlargement factor, and scanning resolution for each one of ... (24/0) download
High Resolution Timer 1.0 -  High Resolution Timer is an ActiveX ... machine, it provides a resolution of 1 millisecond. It ... (78/0) download
Host Resolution Editor v1.5.0 -  your HOSTS or LMHOSTS resolution file. The HOSTS or ... network resources. The Host Resolution Editor lets you easily configure the resolution file. The editor also ... (40/0) download
VividSwitcher 4.0 -  work at a fixed resolution, but sometimes we need ... lower or a higher resolution just for a while ... It can change a resolution without re-arranging desktop ... (65/0) download
VSO Image Resizer -  photos by shrinking their resolution or moving them within ... (7/0) download
The Unscrambler 9.8 -  Analysis (PCA), Multivariate Curve Resolution (MCR), Partial Least Squares ... (13/0) download
AWB Label Pro 1.01 -  codes compliant with IATA resolution 606.It can be ... (34/0) download
High Resolution Chronometer 2.1 B 021000 -  High Resolution Chronometer is a small and simple high-resolution chronometer (10ms) using Windows's ... precision timer. Operating High Resolution Chronometer is very easy ... (7/0) download
Screen Mode Switch -  solution for changing screen resolution, define a hot key ... the tray menu. Change resolution also when having no ... key combinations. Quickly change resolution for your presentation to ... (4/0) download
We are More Than Conquerors 2011 -  saver contains 40 High Resolution (1680x1050) Spectacular Nature Photos ... (3/0) download
Artlantis Render -  and easily creating high resolution 3D renderings. The new ... (34/0) download