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Bing Search for Firefox 1.0 -  Bing Search for Firefox is a ... as your homepage and search engine.When you add ... (7/0) download

Search For Meaning Screensaver 1.0Search For Meaning Screensaver is ... s still out there. Search for the meaning of ... (0/0) download
File Search for LAN 1.1 -  File Search for LAN is a search utility, which is based ... fastest and high performance search engine. Search files on network shares. Suitable for the mp3 search. Advanced statistics, feature rich ... (5/0) download
Search for Duplicate Files 7.39Search for Duplicate Files - Easily ... your computer. How to search for duplicate files? How ... Duplicate Files - Everywhere: ~ Search for duplicate files on ... (2/0) download
DWG Search 2.4 -  DWG Search for your Desktop and ... drives - is a specialized search program for quickly locating ... and reference names. DWG Search scans selected folders or ... (3/0) download
Lyric Search for Mac OS 1.0 -  Allows you to instantly search for the lyrics of ... application to have it search lyrics for the currently ... (2/0) download
Photoshop Search Multiple Files By Layer Name Software 7.0 -  users who want to search for layer text in ... the text for the search. There is an option ... (5/0) download
ResumeFinder 2010 -  ResumeFinder is a resume search software, specifically designed to help HR professionals quickly search for resumes of passive ... tool, has advanced boolean search scripts, in-built, to find resumes from search engines. It uses the power of search engines (such as Google ... to be experts in search commands and techniques. Instead ... (3/0) download

Genetic System Search for Technical Analysis 2.1 -  Genetic System Search for Technical Analysis searches ... end of the genetic search process. The profit or ... (3/0) download
Adventure Chronicles The Search for Lost Treasure 32.0 -  Adventure Chronicles: The Search for Lost treasure is ... (11/0) download
Keller Williams Realty Real Estate Search for iPad 2.3 -  On the search for your next home? ... Williams Realty Real Estate Search, finding the right home ... of your real estate search: Key features: Dynamic Map ... (4/0) download
Man's Search for Ultimate Meaning 3.1 -  the smash bestseller Man's Search for Meaning, offers a ... rewind through synchronized text -Search eBook text and Audio ... (2/0) download
SEI: Search for Earthly Intelligence 1.3.1 -  SEI: Search for Earthly Intelligence: the ... of (until now). The Search for Earthly Intelligence has ... (1/0) download
Search for People 2.2 -  Quick and easy search for people in multiple ... required for performing a search: - Facebook - LinkedIn - Google+ - Xing ... (2/0) download
Recipe Search for iPhone - Find your best dish from many recipe sites. 3.06 -  Recipe Search for iPhone can search recipes from web sites throughout the world. Recipe Search is an App that ... the language of a search target site. [Added the ... (2/0) download
Archive Search 1.11 -  Archive Search is a nice utility ... can use to easily search for files inside compressed archives. Archive Search features: 1) Supports most ... cab, zoo. 2) Fast search of files. 3) Multiple ... (39/0) download
InSight Desktop Search -  With InSight Desktop Search,you can instantly search for files stored anywhere ... s harddrive. InSight performs search based on filenames, and ... allows the user to search for Emails and Contacts ... (3/0) download
Multifile Search & Replace New -  Multifile Search & Replace is a ... that can help you search for the text you ... (3/0) download
Search for Russian legal entities 1.0 -  to input values for search in Russian (if you ... (1/0) download
Search Multiple Search Engines At Once Software 7.0Search for keywords on many search engines at once. (1/0) download
Amazon Search App 1Search for what your looking ... Day by clicking on Search either way ... shopping. You want to search for something on Amazon but what search app is best for ... (34/0) download
Lookeen -  Lookeen - Email Search for Professionals! Lookeen is ... Microsoft Outlook. It's a search tool that is seamlessly ... your Outlook and will search everywhere in your Outlook ... (4/0) download
AlSys: Need File Search Portable 1.0 -  Allows you to easily search for any files in ... you to quickly set search wildcards for some popular ... After you made a search, you can open the ... (22/0) download
Save File Search Results Software 7.0 -  users who want to search for files by filename ... operates similar to the search feature in Windows Explorer ... (5/0) download
Shortcuts Search And Replace 1.6.2 -  Shortcuts Search And Replace allows to ... operations on shortcuts like: - Search for shortcuts target path ... applications paths or directory) - Search dead links, to resolve ... (2/0) download