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World Wind KML Viewer New -  World Wind KML Viewer is a simple ... displaying, and interacting with KML content in World Wind ... (3/0) download

KML Editor 1.0.0KML Editor is a small ... a simple editor for KML files suitable for Google ... ... (4/0) download
SciLab CAPE-OPEN Unit Operation -  The SciLab CAPE-OPEN Unit Operation ... can be entered in SciLab and solved using Scilab solvers. A separate Scilab installation (5.02 or ... of-charge, Can be used ... (35/0) download
SciLab CAPE-OPEN Thermo Import -  This SciLab package allows for importing ... physical Property Packages into SciLab. A command driven package ... thermodynamic equilibrium calculations inside SciLab. The package defines all ... (50/0) download
ESurvey KML 1.00 -  ESurvey KML (Export) - Export your CAD ... Google Earth readable format (KML File) ESurvey KML (Import) - Import traced Lines ... information from Google Earth KML File to your CAD ... (9/0) download
KMLReduce 1.0 -  optimizes the size of KML files by analyzing, reducing ... you to distribute the KML file online and use ... fille. KMLReduce works on KML files that contian polygon ... (8/0) download
KML Path Measurer 1.1 -  Earth, either saved in KML Files, or copied from ... handles files or clipboard KML containing multiple paths. The ... Paths either saved as KML files or copied from ... (5/0) download
KML/KMZ to GPX Converter 1.2 -  Waypoints from KMZ or KML to GPX file format ... waypoints in KMZ or KML format with google earth ... (3/0) download

R/Scilab (D) COM Server 3.0 -  Interface to R and Scilab as well as various ... (10/0) download
Kml Builder 1.1 betaKml Builder makes it easy to create and edit KML files to be viewed ... Places you create with Kml Builder can be emailed ... can open your created KML files with just a mouse click. The Kml Builder 3-D Earth ... (3/0) download
KML Generator 2.5 -  The KML Generator is a useful ... Google Earth (TM) compatible KML files. It is a ... (1/0) download
FFTW Library for scilab-5.1.1 5.3 -  FFTW Library for scilab-5.1.1 provides ... functions. This is a scilab interface for fftw library ... provided (linux and windows). Scilab documentation is also provided ... (3/0) download
KML Color converter 2.0 -  With the help of KML Color Converter you can ... codes in 7 systems: KML, RGB, VB, HTM, CMY ... (2/0) download
Catfood Tracker 1.30.0025 -  a Google Earth compatible KML file and track log ... (11/0) download
TRIANGULATION for AutoCAD 2.1 -  Earth, by generating a KML file type. The DWG ... (0/0) download
TRANSDAT 20.40 -  Text, CSV, SDF, dBase, KML, ArcShape, ArcGenerate), or passed ... (0/0) download
KML Map 5.3 -  Keyhole markup language (KML) is a standard format ... to represent geographical information. KML Map lets you create, display, and store KML map data and attached ... the iPhone/iPod Touch. Use KML Map to view photographs ... (1/0) download
KML Draw 1.0KML Draw for iPhone and ... the results as a kml file. If you need ... GIS data collection tools, KML Draw might be a ... (3/0) download
NMEA Converter 1.0 -  Converter(Reserved) NMEA to KML Converter(Reserved) NMEA to KMZ Converter(Reserved) KML to NMEA Converter(Reserved ... (59/3) download
JMathLib 0.9.3 -  It is intended to be a java version of programs such as MatLab, Octave, FreeMat and Scilab. (835/0) download
LoadMyTracks for Mac OS 1.3.1 -  devices, GPX files, and KML files (for Google Earth ... (3/0) download
Xplage for Mac OS 20071213a -  series of continuously updated KML files that Google EarthA® ... (1/0) download
SuperOverlay 3.0 -  view based regions in KML or KMZ files. Also ... (2/0) download
SciSpeech 1.0 -  toolbox especially designed for Scilab. The SciSpeech toolbox can ... open the help of scilab. In fact it contains ... (14/0) download
KMLCSV Converter 2.2 -  enables you to convert KML file to a formatted ... (1/0) download