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MailBee Message Queue 1.5 -  NT service intercepting "send e-mail" requests from MailBee ... application which can submit e-mails to IIS SMTP ... (1/0) download

Web Voice Mail 2.0 -  Mp3 Web Voice Mail allows to send e-mail voice messages in Mp3 ... site to any existing e-mail software, even to free web based e-mail like Hotmail and Yahoo ... Recepient will receive usual e-mail message with link to ... (72/0) download
SendExpress Pro 1.5 -  mailinglist simply and fast, send e-mail with merging function, import ... your contact list and send them with some delay, mail with attachments, mail in html or text ... (0/0) download
Notification Mail 1.0 -  This program can send E-mail notification message from a ... software. This program can send E-mail notification message from a ... is placed. Using \\Notifycation Mail administrator\\ you can simply ... (13/0) download
Easy SMTP Server 2.9Send e-mail messages easily and securely ... you must reconfigure your e-mail program to be able to send messages via different SMTP ... background that lets you send e-mail messages directly from your ... (5/0) download
Fast ML 1.0 -  a contact list to send e-mail for promote an event ... (13/0) download
U-Net Phone Book v2.06 -  can dial the phone, send faxes, or send e-mail. Quickly look up a ... a button, you can send e-mail or dial their office ... (193/0) download
SENDMAIL for Lotus Notes v1.01 -  utility which lets you send e-mail messages using Lotus Notes ... (85/0) download

Phonebook and Reminders v3.01 -  ability to create reminders, send e-mail messages, open Web pages ... (33/0) download
SMTP Wizard ActiveX 3.0 -  to be able to send E-mail by accessing an SMTP ... to be able to send E-mail by accessing an SMTP ... SMTP server and sending e- mail. The control talks directly ... (19/0) download
psSendMail 1.1 -  Easily send e-mail directly from your custom ... provides the ability to send e-mail messages. The purpose of ... DLL is to make e-mail capability possible for those ... (9/0) download
Alarm++ for Windows v6.03 -  display messages, run applications, send e-mail, and more. You can ... a web page, or send e-mail (with or without attachments ... to run programs unattended (e.g. late-night backups or print jobs), send faxes during the night ... (61/0) download
Ping Alert 4.0 -  This program will send e-mail or send an SMS alert when ... (1/0) download
PC Control Utility PD 1.4 -  specified schedule, and can send e-mail when an error has ... (2/0) download
Attach Plus 2.2 -  improves the way businesses send e-mail attachments by reducing the ... by right clicking, "E-mail" or the Print ... financial advisors who regularly send sensitive personal and financial information as e-mail attachments to their clients ... (8/0) download
SimpleURL 1.4 -  Shortener - Copy to clipboard - Send SMS - Send E-mail Changes: Paste the URL ... (0/0) download
QR Location - Share the meeting place and destination, and notify current location. 1.0.6 -  You can send e-mail with location information which ... Print generated QR codes. -Send e-mail include location info. -Store ... (4/0) download
Contact Saver (Backup/Restore/Export/Import) 1.1 -  address book details by E-Mail to yourself or using ... user & pin & e-mail address) Also, You could send e-mail with your contact informations ... options A) You could send Contact details to someone by attaching with E-Mail (.csv file format) B) You could send Backup file of Contact ... (2/0) download
PicoTracker 1.0.2 -  You can send e-mail with a tracking data ... in sleep mode. - Additional e-mail files are limited to ... ... (2/0) download
Easy Shooting Email Camera 131002 -  Save the captured image, send e-mail without saving, send email the picture that ... (2/0) download
Easy movie email cam 130522 -  quality (192x144) recorded video, send e-mail without saving, send email the movie that ... (1/0) download
ShopSimpler 1.0 -  problem using ShopSimpler, please send e-mail to for ... arrange categories by store - send your lists by text ... (0/0) download
My Slate 1.0 -  and paint image and send e-mail to your friend. . For ... (3/0) download
Dog Breeds Sharing 1.0 -  in Real Time -> Send E-mail of Dog Photo from ... (2/0) download
E-mail Icon Set 2008.1E-mail Icon Set is a ... modern and attractive with E-mail Icon Set. Color formats ... This icon set includes e-mail related icons: message, new message, delete message, send message, reply, forward, address book, mail box and others. (225/0) download